More moving today

Spending time moving more of the quilting stuff to the new studio today.    I continue to be amazed at how much I have….and how many projects are partially finished.

I will post pictures of the studio soon.  It is almost full and I am really looking forward to getting back to business.

Teddy got a new outside bed.  The deck gets pretty hot when the sun shines on it  so he got an elevated bed with a canopy.

DSCN7442 DSCN7443

Here are a few more garden pictures. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting and gardening


Gardening and prep for grass


The garden is taking up much of my time lately so no quilting to show you.   The new garden in the side yard will have grass in the center.    Teddy will appreciate the space to play.   I spent time the last few days moving soil around taking the excess from the high spots and adding it to the low spots.  It was so lumpy and full of  little dents that it was hard to even walk across.

I edged around what will be the planting beds so you can see the area that will be grass in the center.


That little bit of green is all that is left of the grass that was there.

Here is a view from the second floor that shows the space better.


That tent in the corner is a temporary storage shed.   Some day there will be nicer one .

All the time I was digging there was a robin following right behind me picking up the worms I dug up.

DSCN7413 DSCN7412 DSCN7411

The bird feeders have been covered with sparrows and are nearly empty.


The existing garden is doing well.

Here is a view of it from the back deck at the new house.


Here are more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Now I need to spend at least a little while hand quilting.


These Boots…..


Remember Nancy Sinatra?

This quilt top makes me think of that song every time I see it.

I would guess it is from about 1970 or so.

This one is not mine but I will be hand quilting it when I finish up with the others I have started.   It belongs to Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Fortunately she is not in a rush for it.   Check out her website, she is an amazing quilter, with her travel and teaching schedule I don’t know how she finds the time to make such cool quilts.

It might be hard to tell in the photos but the background and sashing is a very pale blue and the cornerstones are white.

The boots all have some lace added

DSCN7383 DSCN7384

I imagine that the design inspiration was actually Victorian boots/shoes.


I am not ready to start anything new but I had to share this because I think it is really fun.

There is a very similar quilt in the book Unconventional & Unexpected  American Quilts Below the Radar 1950-2000 by Roderick Kiracofe


Not a lot new in the studio.    I got the desktop hooked up.


I need to hide all those cords!   I have a large screen so I can see it without glasses.   I wear bifocals and they work for quilting, and distance, but not the computer…..I’m not ready to try trifocals :)

Most of the desk is filled.


I spent more time in the garden, or more correctly what will be the garden.   There is still so much prep work to do before any planting can happen in the side yard.


The big patches or bare earth are there because I have been moving the soil from the high spots into the low spots.    It was so very uneven it was even hard to walk.    There is still a lot to go and I will have to add some additional soil to fill in all the holes.      Eventually there will be planting around the perimeter which will hide the chain link fence. I have finally got most of the tree stumps dug out and cleared away.

That semi-circle around the bird feeders in the front is rocks.   I have never had any luck growing anything under bird feeders so I used more of the rocks from all over the yard to made an edging and will just keep that area for the birds.

Mostly sparrows so far.


But there was a wren thinking about it.


There really are a lot of  different kinds of birds in the neighborhood …they just haven’t found the feeders yet.

Teddy is ready to take a nap….being outside tires him out.


I have a ton of boxes to unpack so back to it.

Happy Quilting




Foxtail Lily

When I was in school I couldn’t wait for the lazy days of summer.   It seemed like there was nothing to do and plenty of time to do it.   I really didn’t appreciate it at the time. Now it seems like there is always a list of dozens of things to do  and when I look at the clock I always ask myself where the day went.

I have been doing a lot of outdoor work and the list is growing.     But I did make a dent in it. It rained almost all day yesterday.   That is really a good thing for the garden because I don’t have to water but it did add a day to the deck project.   I cleaned the deck on Thursday and got a coat of paint on it on Friday , rain on Saturday, but got the second coat on today after it dried.   I think it looks great.

Here it is before cleaning and staining.

and after.


I have to give it a few days to totally dry , Teddy is very upset with me for not letting him on the deck.   He thinks it is his personal space.

Another item on the to do list was the front steps.    They were really scary.   The rise and run were all wrong.    The rise from step to step was all different with the space between the top step and the porch deck at about 2 inches.   So I ripped them out (which really was not a big task since they were so poorly made) and replaced them .   I Still need to stain to match, but they are safe to use now.


I transplanted some Hostas in the side bed


Those are the old steps in the bottom left corner of the pic.

I put in some bird feeders.   I can see them from the quilting frame on the first floor and from the sewing machine on the second.


They were both full to the top on Friday.    One holds 5 pounds and one holds 8.   Hungry birds!   And fun to watch squirrels try to get into them.

Here are some more garden pics (click pictures to enlarge)

There is a lot left to do!   I think I will make another list….LOL
Quilting stuff next time



Before and after

bafore and after

The tree crew came today to trim up the street tree and get it out of the power lines and remove the dying tree in the cornet of the fenced lot.

Teddy had a really hard time with it….so much noise and activity!   I am so happy with the results …I can see the house so much better and the side yard is so much brighter.





next I will get to work cleaning the back deck and staining it


and then I can start planting the new garden.

Here are some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I plan to get some hand quilting  done too before I forget how!


Happy quilting


Hand quilting at the frame.


It rained last night.   A lot!   Pretty strong thunderstorms here in Lansing but other parts of Michigan were hit harder, hail and tornadoes.  Gardening in  wet soil is never a good thing because it compacts the soil so I decided to work indoors today.

It has been so long since I worked at the quilt frame that I really had to warm up.


The way I guilt I am most comfortable quilting away from myself and to the right (could be because I am left-handed).   In a hoop I simply turn the hoop to change directions but the frame is stationary so I have to change the direction I am quilting.    The result being that I was a bit slower until I got back into the rhythm.    I made my way across the frame once and cranked it up to the next area to quilt.


Teddy likes to sit in my chair when I get up.


It was sunny most of the day so the garden dried and I did some pruning and weeding.   Nothing like the piles of the new garden but it is always amazing to me how fast things grow,


Here are some garden pictures from this evening.  Click pictures to enlarge

Happy quilting


Hand Quilting Frame


I moved some of the stuff into the studio space.    I do not have fancy specialty cabinets as work stations.     I have recycled kitchen cabinet bases with boards on top.


I still have a few door to put back on.   The top on the center table fits the 3 foot by 5 foot cutting mat.     the table with the metal legs is also 3 x 5 feet and that has a pressing surface on it.

My main machine is in a vintage 1950 machine in a vintage 1950 cabinet.


It is a Singer 301A and it is the best machine ever made in my opinion.    Just straight stitches and that really is all I ever need.


The right side of the room gets my desk and bookshelves …..tomorrow I hope. I have so much stuff!!

I set up the quilt frame and look forward to getting to work on the quilt that has been in the frame forever.    I just had so much stuff in the way that I couldn’t work at the frame. but with the new space I have the room for it.

This one is a cool scrappy 1900 quilt that I am free-form arc quilting.



You can see that I also have the Grace hoop ready to go with the antique applique quilt in it.

The living room is full. I need to have that clock repaired but it is nice to have a space for it where it isn’t tucked behind a door and unseen.


I still have to hang quilts and do window treatments.

Teddy is exhausted! he has made so many trips up and down the stairs today.  He is napping on the floor where it is cooler.  But he did decide to have his picture taken first.


Maybe some gardening next time

Happy Quilting