Diamond Quilt Top Finished


I finished the diamond quilt top.   The finished size is 74″ x 92″.    I was planning to make it larger but I like the look of it at the size it is.


Quilting will have to wait for a while.    Teddy and I have a lot of quilting already in progress.


We had a nice rainstorm this afternoon.    Here are a few garden pictures from this morning.

No back to hand quilting

Happy Quilting




I finished all the blocks so it is time for assembly.


Here is the layout.  I decided to leave the 2 long edges jagged.

I start in a corner and piece the blocks together on the diagonal. Here it is with 3 diagonal rows done and the next one ready to add.


and the next row.


and the next


keep doing row at a time



It will be done soon :)

Happy quilting


More Piecing


Yesterday I posted this picture.


It is the leftover pieces from the ends of the strip sets.   I sewed it together today …..I rearranged the pieces first.


Tons of pieces come together in the center and it is not perfect ….but I like it. I plan to add it to a quilt made from all the leftover fabric.

The main quilt top has grown.


I think I will leave the sides jagged.   It will be a bit more work to bind it that way but I like the way it looks.    I could add 1/2 blocks to the edges to make a straight line.

It might seem like I could use those 1/2 triangles for the edges rather than make the hexagon blocks.    The problem with that is they aren’t the correct angle.

2 of them looks like this.


but to fit the rest of the pattern it needs to be a 1/2 block cut down the center like this.


The other option would be to use a solid piece.   I have a lot of piecing yet to do before I need to decide.

Or maybe I will ask Teddy


Happy quilting


More Diamond Piecing


I started a new quilt top about a week ago.


I did a tutorial on making the diamonds here http://timquilts.com/2015/07/20/diamond-tutorial/

I worked on it for a bit more today (the forecast was for rain so I decided to not work in the garden….It didn’t rain)  A reader asked what I will do with the extra pieces from the ends of the strip sets.    The way I am cutting them there is an extra bit on each end. See the half triangle on the left of the ruler.


I thought about it and decided on a way to use them.    When you piece the strips they never come out even.   different fabrics vary quilt a bit in width.  Here is one end of a strip set.


and here is the other


If I cut the first edge even I can cut on 1/2 triangle from that end before I cut the full triangles.


Then after all the full triangles are cut I have a piece at the end to cut another half triangle.


If I put the half triangles together in a hexagon I get this


That hole in the center will go away when it is stitched together because the seam allowances will take that space up. and I will arrange the wedges better to distribute the color better.  I don’t know what I will make with the hexagons, It might be added to another project …..it might need to be another quilt?

After I have them cut I match the triangles into pairs.


I pin them to match the seams


and then stitch and press


I have a bunch of them done.  They are adding up.    It is about 60 inches square at this point (it will be smaller when the diamonds are sewn together)


My plan is to make it something like 90 x100.

When I sit at the sewing machine I can look out into the yard and watch the activity at the bird feeder.

They need to be refilled but there were still a few birds and the squirrels wanted to be sure they got some too.

Teddy says hi


Happy Quilting



Watching the grass grow


I have posted pictures in the past weeks about the new yard and garden.   Lately I have been enjoying watching the grass grow.

You may remember that when I took over the yard in June it was very overgrown.


After I got all the weed tress removed I had a huge amount of trash to get rid of

DSCN7207 DSCN7206 DSCN7203

And tons of rocks to use up

DSCN7215 DSCN7214

and finally after it was all removed and the weeds attacked, and the ground raked smooth It looked like this.


Here it is today. (a blank canvas)


See that gray garage that backs up on the yard.    Here is was before I cleaned up the yard


Now It is to the point where I can start planting and make it match my “old” garden.   Much of that will have to wait for fall.   The hot days of August aren’t the best for transplanting.


I was able to get some more butterfly pictures

and here are some more garden pictures

Happy Gardening




Is it a sign of old age when you buy a rocking chair?

I went to an estate sale about a month ago and even though they had dozens of vintage quilt tops I ended up buying a rocking chair.


It is hard to tell in the picture how bad the condition of the upholstery is.    The springs in the seat are all sprung and it is very uncomfortable.

I decided to recover it.  Here is the seat once I got the old fabric off.


My initial plan was to re-tie the springs and put it back together but once I got a closer look I saw that the wood was in terrible shape.   The reason the springs were popped is because the wood was so worn out it could not hold on to the nails.   It had several cracks as well.  It looks like it had been recovered at least a dozen time and all those tacks in an out over all those years just wore it out.

I decided to make a new seat with plywood.    Perhaps not historically correct but it sure is easier than trying to rebuild the old one.


I also ditched the springs and used a high density upholstery foam.


The back was not bad so I was able to recover it as it was.


The seat got covered with muslin first so I could get the shape right before I cut into the velvet.


I think Teddy wanted to try sitting on it.


After a little more adjustment of the seat I was ready for the velvet.


I have no Idea what this might have originally been covered with but I like the way it looks with now.

and Teddy did get to try it out


Here are some of the supplies I used.


The electric carving knife is the best tool for cutting upholstery foam.

Now back to work on a few quilts.

Happy Quilting