Look Through my Window


I was looking at some quilt blocks on the floor (my design area is the floor) and it occurred to me that I never remember to look out the window. (the window is on the second floor  and I have to look out and down to see the garden)   Earlier today we had a bit of a hail storm so when I looked out I was afraid that I might see all my flowers flattened.   Fortunately flowers a tough!

DSCN3514 DSCN3512

When I typed Look Through My Window the song by the Mamas and the Papas came to mind.


The blocks I was looking at are the blocks with the Interplay Fabrics

I have 8 of the 12 fabrics done and I should be done with the last 4 and ready to piece all the blocks together in a day or so.

DSCN3521 DSCN3520 DSCN3519 DSCN3517 DSCN3516 DSCN3511

For now back to hand quilting

Happy Quilting











Flowers and quilts


I am working on the border of the star quilt.


in the picture you can see the pencil I use to do the marking.  The pencil washes out pretty easily so when the quilt is done it goes into the washing machine and then the dryer.

I took a quilt break to go look at the garden….here are pictures of the garden today (click pictures to enlarge)

I made a few more blocks from the Interplay fabrics (see yesterdays post) and I decided to set 4 like blocks together



If I were to make a quilt with just these two fabrics it would look like this (I put this picture together by copying and pasting the block several times just to see what it would look like)


Back to work for me

Happy Quilting/Gardening



I recently received a bundle of fat quarters from P&B Textiles.   It is from a new line of 12 fabrics called Interplay, a fabric collection by Nancy Heffron.


They have some really great fabrics, here are some of the other coming soon lines at P&B.

I really love the colors and the scale of the prints….not too big.   For what I have in mind the smaller scale is perfect.


Almost immediately I knew what I wanted to make with them. Even though these are contemporary fabrics I like to take inspiration from traditional blocks.

melon patch

The design is called Mellon Patch and It has always been a favorite of mine.   The fabric collection has a nice assortment of lights and darks and I think it will be perfect for this design.

I cut out some templates after figuring out the size (I want to be able to get 4 blocks out of each fat quarter) and cut out some pieces.


Many people cut out all the pieces first and then start to sew but I couldn’t wait to get sewing so I only cut out enough for 4 blocks.

I did make a change to the pattern.  I cut each melon in half and sewed two halves of contrasting fabrics together.


Don’t be afraid of curved piecing!  I did a post about it back in 2011 that you can see here .

They go together pretty fast


The block looks like a leaf to me which I think goes well with the birds and branches in the fabric


here are the 4 blocks I have finished


Once I get all the blocks made I will play with arranging them in various ways before I sew them together.

I have divided all the fat quarters into sets of two so that each block will have 2 fabrics


I will hand quilt this after I get it pieced and I will post some progress pictures as I work on it.

It really is fun to work on a new project!

Happy quilting



another vintage top

I have another vintage top to share today.


The top measures 80″ x 104″ and is in pretty good shape.    The red is really not a true red  it is more orange-red, sort of the color of a tomato.

The pattern is a version of “Carpenters Square”  but there are likely other names for the pattern as well.

Here is one single block


It is a mix of machine and hand piecing


and it needs a good pressing!  other than that it really doesn’t need much work to be ready for hand quilting.

More pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I have made some more progress on hand quilting the star quilt


I have had a few questions about how I did the marking for the center quilting.    The marking was done in a clam shell pattern using half circles.  I started in the center with one half circle and worked out in all directions.  I did not pre mark i marked the arcs as I quilted.    I marked the largest arc and then the subsequent lines under that arc were quilted by eye….which is why they are not uniform.   I don’t mind that variation at all.  This is not intended to be a perfect show quilt.

Here is a diagram of the way  I did the marking

clam shell marking

Baptist Fan quilting is a bit different , here is an example of that


Here are some more pictures of the star quilt

Happy Quilting!


and Teddy


Double Irish Chain


I have another antique top to share.    The pattern is Double Irish Chain.


It was made in Pennsylvania.   The Fabrics are beautiful and in great shape for its age (circa 1870)

DSCN3420 DSCN3419

The wide border and large blue squares leave me a lot of room for hand quilting.

Here are some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Vintage Log Cabins and Butterflies


I bought another log cabin quilt top.  This one is from the 1930’s


It is hand and machine pieced.

DSCN3436 DSCN3435

it is 77″ x 82″ with a great variety of fabrics  (click pictures to enlarge)

Different fabrics and settings can really change the look of a log cabin quilt.  Here are a few examples from my collection of vintage tops and quilts that I have finished. (click pictures to enlarge)

Yesterday between rain showers I took a few butterfly pictures in my garden.


Since I was taking butterfly pictures I also took more flower pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Next time some quilting updates

Happy Quilting


Sunday update


I made some more progress on the wonky quilt…..

here is the before


Here is the bowl I am using as a template


and there it is today


I have a way to go but it is going pretty fast….so back into the hoop and more hand quilting..

here are a few more pictures of the back and the front (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Vintage Log Cabin


Today I have a vintage log cabin top to share.   the top is in strips but will just need a few long seams to finish it.


all the blocks are the same with the exception of the center squares which alternate between 2 fabrics

DSCN3335 DSCN3337

I grew up in the 1970’s and I think I remember some of these fabrics in my Mother’s fabric stash.

Here are pictures of each fabric (click pictures to enlarge)

when the strips are sewn together it will be approximately 85″ x 104″ .   I love the bright colors….it will be a pretty cool quilt once I hand quilt it.

Teddy is testing it out with his sit test


Happy Quilting


More Flower Pictures


I took some pictures of the garden this afternoon.   Here they are (click pictures to enlarge)

Quilty things next time :)



Star Progress and a crib quilt top


I am making progress on the star top.   here is the before picture


after fixing it I started hand quilting it

here it is today.


I will finish up the center  and then do something different on the border

I love the clam-shell fan design but want to add some variety


I will post more about that soon.

It might not be easy to see in the pictures but the diamonds that make up the star are made up of many pieces.   I imagine that the maker used up a lot of scrap pieces to make it .

here is a close up of one diamond before I trimmed it.

one pieced

The quilting helps to hide all that messy piecing.

Here is a look at the back.



I got a new partially completed crib quilt today


it is missing the border on the left side So I will probably make a new border for the entire top.

I have some embroidery to do to finish it (click pictures to enlarge)

I love old quilt tops and I love to finish them.   I write about these old tops very often and people forget that I do make new quilts as well. Here are a few that I have made

my quilts

I have several more planned both old and new….stay tuned ;)

Happy Quilting