I think this will be the next one to be finished.

I finished the Bella Suede top Dec 28 (

I am working on the hand quilting again (along with several others), but I am pretty far along on it.

Here are some progress pictures. click pictures to enlarge.

Teddy is very supportive but he sometimes prefers napping to watching me quilt.


but as soon as he hears the camera he wakes up


“I’m ready for my close up Mr Tim”


Happy quilting


Another Finish


In January I started work on a vintage Applique Kit quilt that I purchased from eBay.


See that post here

I did the hand quilting with size 8 perle cotton thread.

blue perle

I have been asked how much thread it takes to do a quilt.   This quilt is 72″ x 90″ and I used 4 1/2 balls of thread.

When using perle cotton thread for hand quilting most people call it big stitch quilting.   In this case the stitches are not really all that big.  They are larger than I do with standard hand quilting thread but not as “Big” as I would call big stitch.   I have said before that I prefer to call it “Big Thread” quilting.

I used a size 5 embroidery needle to do the hand quilting.
I used cotton batting (Natures Touch) and white backing fabric.

If you have been following the progress you will remember that I spilled coffee on it while I was working on it.


I always wash quilts when I finish hand quilting.   I do get them dirty when I work on them, and I also love the look of a washed quilt.   The shrinkage caused a puckered look and I think makes the quilt look softer, more inviting, more vintage, and adds a lot of texture.

I put a pin in the quilt to mark where that coffee stain was.   I did not do anything to remove the stain before washing. I Washed the quilt in warm water on the gentle cycle.   I used Tide and added a few tablespoons of Dawn to the wash.  The dawn helps to prevent any stray dye from reabsorbing into the white fabric.  Those applique pieces, particularly the red pieces, could bleed into the white.  After washing it went into the drier and dried on the regular cycle.

Here it the spot where the coffee was.


Teddy Had to try it out.


Here are a bunch of picture of the finished quilt (click to enlarge)

Back to work on the next one in the long line :)

Happy Quilting



Finished Melon Patch Top


Yesterday I posted pictures of the finished blocks for the melon patch quilt.


Teddy and I decided to add a border to make it a better size.


It was 60″ x80′

Here it is after I placed the side borders .


I know that red looks like plain dots but it really has more of a pattern


To get the proportions I wanted I made the top and bottom border narrower


It is Now 80″ x 88″

I think Teddy likes it


It really looks a lot better once I erase the background.


Now it is time to find a backing.   I will look for something to match all the fabrics


Or maybe I will just use white :)

Happy Quilting



Melons Pieced


I started setting these vintage melons in black fabric a few days ago.


Here was the plan for the finished quilt


I got 6 blocks done. (you can see I am getting quilt top buildup on my design floor)


I decided to change my plan.   I just needed to make it different, and everything is better with red, so I did the next blocks in red.

Teddy is testing them out. (the log cabin tops are sort of distracting under it but he didn’t mind)


He likes it.   There is plenty of room for him and his bone in the circles.


Here it is with all 12 blocks


I still need to join the blocks and then maybe add a border.  The finished size will be about 60″ 80″ so I might add a border to make it bed sized. I have more of the red and the black fabric and I have some idea for the border.

Happy Quilting



Vintage Log Cabin


Yesterday I posted pictures of the log cabin variation top I made.


Today I have a vintage top to share.   This one is made in what is sometimes call the courthouse steps setting


The fabrics are from about 1900.  It is machine pieced and the strips are cut at 1.25 inches and finish at 3/4 inch.


Here are some more pictures (click to enlarge)

It is in great shape and will look great once I get it quilted.

I have mentioned before that I always wash a quilt once I have it finished.   Many people ask why.   I get them dirty when I work on them.   Here is a good example.


I spilled coffee :(

Teddy says no problem I will just sit on that spot.


I will still wash it :)

Happy Quilting



Log Cabin Variation


I finished another top today. I started making the log cabin variation top about a month ago (see the post here .   I used Color weave 3 Fabrics From P&B Textiles. Here are some process pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I got sidetracked by lots of other things but I decided it was time to finish it. I decided to add a border of strip pieces and that used up just about every last bit of the 20 fat quarters I started with.

It is 65″ x 75″ and I might add a border.   Teddy and I are pretty happy with how it turned out.

I will hand quilt it soon :)

Happy Quilting


Hand quilting update


I am making hand quilting progress on several quilts.   Here is the applique kit quilt.    (click pictures to enlarge)

I will post pictures of some of the others soon :)