Watching the grass grow


I have posted pictures in the past weeks about the new yard and garden.   Lately I have been enjoying watching the grass grow.

You may remember that when I took over the yard in June it was very overgrown.


After I got all the weed tress removed I had a huge amount of trash to get rid of

DSCN7207 DSCN7206 DSCN7203

And tons of rocks to use up

DSCN7215 DSCN7214

and finally after it was all removed and the weeds attacked, and the ground raked smooth It looked like this.


Here it is today. (a blank canvas)


See that gray garage that backs up on the yard.    Here is was before I cleaned up the yard


Now It is to the point where I can start planting and make it match my “old” garden.   Much of that will have to wait for fall.   The hot days of August aren’t the best for transplanting.


I was able to get some more butterfly pictures

and here are some more garden pictures

Happy Gardening


Garden Pictures


It was a beautiful day today so I got a bit of garden work done.   Here was the yard a few weeks ago.


Today I worked on one of the beds along the fence.   Getting it ready to plant but turning over the soil, raking out the rocks, and digging out tons of roots and weeds.   I added edging along the fence to keep the neighbors weedy grass from growing in.   Here is that bed.


I transplanted a few more fens and hosta around the few shrubs that I was able to salvage. .


They look pretty bad now but next year they will be looking great.

The hosta along the drive look pretty good


Teddy supervised the transplanting. For some reason he didn’t want to have his picture taken today.


The real stars of the “old” garden this week are the lilies.

here are a bunch more pictures of the other flowers in bloom today.

Some quilt updates next time

Happy Summer


A few more garden pictures


The weather forecast never seems to cooperate with my plans.    As the saying goes “If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans” .  I had planned to work in the garden today.   I started by taking a few pictures.  It was sunny and beautiful and got darker and darker  then the wind picked up and now it is raining.    So much for the plans :(      I guess I was meant to work on quilty things today.    At any rate here are today’s garden pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

The grass in the new side yard, in the fenced area is doing great.  I need to do some work on the grass between the drive and the brick walk.


Teddy had to go to the vet yesterday.   He has an ongoing allergy problem that causes him to get very itchy and scratch himself raw.   When it gets bad he has to have steroids and antibiotics ….which make him very tired .   He didn’t feel like posing for pictures today.  But he is doing well.   I can tell he is already feeling better … no scratching, just sleepy , but also very relieved

Happy Gardening and Quilting


Slow Progress


Last time I had 2 sides finished.


Now I have 3.

It seems to be taking forever….but I should be able to finish the piecing tomorrow.

It has been a great luxury to have the space on the floor to lay out the blocks and still have room to work.

The garden is starting to bloom more. (click pictures to enlarge)

The grass in the new fenced in yard is starting to fill in.   I had to have some grass for Teddy.  I thought about doing sod but grass seed is a lot less expensive :)


I will be planting the space around the edges with flowers and shrubs.  Most of that will have to wait for spring.

Happy Quilting




Finished quilt top


I decided it was time to do some piecing.    I started this quilt over a year ago and while packing and moving to the new studio I found the blocks and decided to put them together.


It finished at 78″ square.   I never use a pattern , I just make it up as I go, so it is fun to see how they are going to turn out.  I will need to buy backing and batting for it but at least the top is finished.

Teddy got to test it out.

DSCN7453 DSCN7452

Here is one I made a year ago with a different layout but the same block.

The hand quilting in circles really worked well on this one.   I imagine I will do something similar for the new one.

Teddy was a bit upset this morning.   There was a lot of noise because there was a crew of workers paving the drive.

Here is was a few weeks ago.


They started the paving this morning. Here it the view from the studio window.


Here is the finished pavement.


And a few more garden pictures

DSCN7456 DSCN7455 DSCN7454

Happy quilting


More moving today

Spending time moving more of the quilting stuff to the new studio today.    I continue to be amazed at how much I have….and how many projects are partially finished.

I will post pictures of the studio soon.  It is almost full and I am really looking forward to getting back to business.

Teddy got a new outside bed.  The deck gets pretty hot when the sun shines on it  so he got an elevated bed with a canopy.

DSCN7442 DSCN7443

Here are a few more garden pictures. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting and gardening


Gardening and prep for grass


The garden is taking up much of my time lately so no quilting to show you.   The new garden in the side yard will have grass in the center.    Teddy will appreciate the space to play.   I spent time the last few days moving soil around taking the excess from the high spots and adding it to the low spots.  It was so lumpy and full of  little dents that it was hard to even walk across.

I edged around what will be the planting beds so you can see the area that will be grass in the center.


That little bit of green is all that is left of the grass that was there.

Here is a view from the second floor that shows the space better.


That tent in the corner is a temporary storage shed.   Some day there will be nicer one .

All the time I was digging there was a robin following right behind me picking up the worms I dug up.

DSCN7413 DSCN7412 DSCN7411

The bird feeders have been covered with sparrows and are nearly empty.


The existing garden is doing well.

Here is a view of it from the back deck at the new house.


Here are more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Now I need to spend at least a little while hand quilting.