Finished Applique and a new antique


I finished the Applique  on the kit quilt

here is the package it came in.

DSCN5261 DSCN5260

I will quilt it with #8 perle cotton thread

blue perle

This is an enlarged picture….the real thing is much thinner.

I want to make it my own so the colored thread will set it apart, and I will likely do much more quilting than the pattern calls for.

I got a new Antique quilt top.

As with most quilt patterns it has many names.   Sterns and Foster (Mountain Mist) called it Homespun in their pattern (Pattern #34 in the Mountain mist Series)

It is often called Burgoyne Surrounded, The design commemorated the Battle of Saratoga.  Where British General John Burgoyne was surrounded and surrendered on October 17, 1777.

Here is an example from about 1900.


Mine is a bit of a mess.


As you can see it needs pressing.  I will see if that does the trick to flatten it out.

It was unfortunately machine washed, and that is always a bad idea for an unquilted top.  It causes a lot of distortion and it also causes a lot of fabric loss at the seam allowances


The fabrics are white with blue dots, and pale orange with a small pattern



after I trim off all the extra threads, and give it a good pressing I will decide what to do next.   If it doesn’t have any major problems like opening seams , or very large bumps, I can probably hand quilt it as it is.   It was made to fit around bed posts, see the cut out corners at the foot. .


I think I will keep it that way.   If I do need to make any repairs I could remove the extra at the foot and use those blocks to repair the others since I know I would not be able to match the fabric any other way.   If I took the foot piece off the finished quilt would be 75 inches square, with an added border I could make it larger.

I plan to finish a few of the works in progress before I start anything new……will see if I can stick to that ;)

Happy Quilting




I have been working on a few quilts for the last few days.

I have 2 more corners to applique on this


here is a corner


I bought backing fabric for this


The brown matches better than the picture shows.


I am near the end on the Fantasy Garden

DSCN5506 DSCN5504

I have made progress on the Bella Suede

DSCN5513 DSCN5510 DSCN5508 DSCN5507

I will hopefully have one of them finished soon :)

Teddy had a busy day.   He had to supervise me while I chopped and shoveled ice off of the driveway and sidewalks.   He mostly ran up and down the drive and barked ….that tires a dog out.

DSCN5519 DSCN5518

Happy Quilting


Double Irish Chain


I have a new antique quilt top.    I date it to about 1900 based on the fabrics.   It is mostly machine pieced.

Here are 4 different ways to piece a double Irish chain.

double irish chain

The second example is how this one was done.   The 25 patch was machine pieced


and in the alternating blocks the 4 corner squares are hand appliqued as you can see here from the back.


It is mostly brown and blue. (click pictures to enlarge)

It is 74″ x 90″  and in pretty good shape, I should have no repair work to do.   I think I will use white for the backing.

Here is the Fantasy Garden progress

And the Log Cabin

I bought thread for hand quilting the applique quilt.

blue perleDSCN5433

The top is almost done and I have a white backing and cotton batting for it.

Teddy is watching with anticipation to see which I work on next.


Happy Quilting



Fantasy Garden


I worked on hand quilting the Fantasy Garden quilt a bit yesterday.    It is a small quilt so it wont take long to finish it.   (click pictures to enlarge)

The more quilting I add the more I like it.   It is hard to see the quilting in pictures but it does show up well in person.

More about a few other projects next time

Happy Quilting


Measure, cut, pin, sew


I am working on the log cabin variation top.    It deceivingly looks simple. If you look at the vintage inspiration tops you can see what can happen.


How did they get so off?  They did not measure.    It seems like a little thing but it is so important.   The temptation is to cut your strip and take it to the machine sew it on and then cut off the extra.

Here is a strip as an example, it is long enough with a bit extra on the right.


The temptation would be to take it to the machine, sew it on and then cut off the extra bit . We like to think we are very good and have no need to pin, we can easily keep the edges together and lined up as we go.     This is not a good idea because no matter how careful you think you are when you are sewing that much length there will be some fabric shifting, the feed dogs pull the fabric forward into the needle, but no matter what you do there will be just a tiny bit more pulling on the bottom piece of fabric than the top so the top will always end up just a tiny bit longer than the bottom and if you multiply that little bit row after row you end up with a very wavy top like the ones above.

To prevent this measure and pin.

I lay the fabric strip next to the top and mark where to cut it.


I could do a ton of math and figure out the exact measurements for every piece but yikes that sure sounds painfully tedious.   So I measure as I go.

Then I pin the strip in place


This prevents any slipping of the fabric across all that length.   Then sew and press.


Press carefully!   It is very easy to distort the fabric if you pull or stretch as you press.

It is also not a bad idea to be sure that the top remains square as you go.   I have had a few spots where I needed to trim a sliver off of the edge to square up and keep straight lines.   The bigger it gets the harder it is to keep it on track and flat.   I do not want a top that is a bumpy mess so I am taking my time on this.

I did decide to mix up the fabrics a bit.   In a previous post I talked about separating the fabrics into dark and light (   using a black and white photo.    I decided to mix a few lights into my darks and a few darks into my lights.


here it is in black and white where the value differences show better.


I think it makes it more interesting to have a bit more variety.

Teddy is enjoying watching

DSCN5473 DSCN5474

But has not yet mastered the sewing machine.    (he can’t reach the pedal )

Happy Quilting




Log Cabin Inspiration


I often use vintage and antique quilts as inspiration for new.   I had a plan for my next quilt using these fabrics.


But I changed my mind.  I was looking through files of my other quilts and I remembered two quilts that I finished a few years ago, and I was inspired to change my plan and do a variation on them.

Most quilters are familiar with the Log Cabin Block
log cabin

Here is a post about several of the log cabin quilt tops in my vintage collection.

The block is simple.   Usually a square in the center surrounded by “logs” of increasing size, and usually light fabrics on one side and dark on the other.

Here is one of the quilts That inspired my new quilt.


It might not be easy to see the log cabin connection here because I had to add the large X to fix this quilt.   Here it was before


It was made with a few strips in the center rather than a square but the “logs” were added around the center like you would a log cabin, in this case light and dark were mixed together.

I had to cut it apart to get all the extra fullness out of the center, and then add the dark blue sashing to make it work.


Here is a post about how I did that

The next quilt is similar


This was a real wonky mess and I did not try to fix it, I worked with the wonkiness,   Here it is before quilting.

strip before

Here is a post about how I did the quilting

The was done like a log cabin but the logs were done with 3 strips sewn together


I am doing the new one with the traditional division of light and dark fabric.   First I cut the 20 fat quarters into 2 inch wide strips and kept them in 2 groups, light and dark.


I started with a 12 inch strip for the center rather than a square and then pieced as you would a standard log cabin.


I have only a small bit done, I will keep adding row after row and make a whole quilt top with one large block.

I will post more pictures as it grows.

Happy Quilting


More Hand Quilting





I have a bit more of the Fantasy Garden quilt finished.  As I said yesterday it is hard to see the hand quilting.


I am outlining the flowers in the large squares and also outlining each triangle just inside the seams.


here it is on the back  where it shows better

DSCN5449 DSCN5451

I think the hand quilting shows in this picture


Any time the camera comes out Teddy wants to pose




The Bella Suede quilt is also coming along.


Teddy approves


here is the back


I hope to start piecing a new one tonight and I am in the planning stage for a new whole cloth quilt.  More about those soon.
Happy Quilting