Old blocks

After hanging quilts I decided that I need to make some window treatments.     I have a lot of old blocks that I know I will never use because they really aren’t the best quality or made well enough to make into a quilt.   The blocks I am using today are from a quilt top that someone decided to wash (and a few mice chewed on years ago).   An antique hand pieced quilt top should never go in the washing machine before it is quilted or it will fall apart.   The fabric frays like crazy.   There are however several blocks that aren’t too far gone.  I decided that I can make them into valances for some windows.


This will go in the living room….one more this size and one twice as wide will go in the bay window.  I’ll post pictures of how they look when I get them done.

You can see how distorted and uneven the blocks are but they will work for the windows.


I haven’t been able to get much hand quilting done  but I did see a magnifier that I think will work for me.  I plan to get it ordered this week.

Teddy is helping to make the backing for the block quilt.   We are using the fabrics from the blocks to make a scrappy back.


He can’t ever decide where to sit when I am sewing so I put his chair in the studio.   Now he spends his time standing and trying to see everything.   I think I will move the chair closer to the window so he can see the yard and the street.

DSCN8296 DSCN8295

Happy Quilting


Quilts brighten the space


I decided it was time to hang some quilts.     I wanted to hand some in the sewing room….but there is not a wall in there that would fit one….those angles doors and windows don’t allow that.  I might need to make some small quilts for that.


I hung this one in the living room.


also this one over the sofa.


And this one over the Victrola.


In the quilting room (where my quilting frame is) I hung this one


and this one over the radio


I have a few more to hang.   I need to get more hardware.

I got more of the piecing done on the new quilt.

DSCN8291 DSCN8290 DSCN8289

It takes a while to put these blocks together …there are ten million match points .

Happy Quilting



Still here


It has been a while since I have posted.    I feel like I have been slacking …   but I did make some progress on the new top

last time it looked like this.


I added more and did some rearranging.


and more.


filled in the last of the holes and added a border.


Teddy decided to do his rabbit impression.


He really had just heard a noise and that is his “I hear something” pose.

Here he is in his normal quilt pose


I got started on piecing the blocks together

DSCN8275 DSCN8276DSCN8281

I think I am going to write up a pattern for this one.

I haven’t done much hand quilting…..back and eyes ( one of my medications causes blurry vision) aren’t cooperating.  But I will be back to it soon.  I can do big stitches but tiny little stitching is tough…going to look into a magnifier.

I added a hanging rod in the living room to hang this quilt.


A few more to add and I will post pictures of that.

Happy quilting




Easily Distracted


Sometimes (often) I start to do one thing and end up doing something totally different.

I realized on Friday that I almost missed the deadline to enter a quilt in the Phoenix American Quilters Society show in February.   I read through the categories and decided to enter my Rose Quilt.    I needed to get a picture of it hanging to use for the entry and one close up picture.   In order to do that I needed to do some unpacking that has been waiting for me (more about that later).    It was wrinkled so I had to steam it to get pictures.    Anyway here is the full pic and the close up.

AQS mackintosh fullAQS mackintosh close up

So that being done it was back to unpacking.   I still have a ton of stuff in boxes that needs organizing in the studio.  I started on a tub of fabric and didn’t even get it unpacked before I got distracted by a new plan and started working on a new quilt top.


I have a lot more fabric than I realized.


and nothing in the tub has made it to the shelf yet :(

I did take a few picture of the garden

most of the flowers in the older part are done for the year.


There are a few things in bloom, Celosia Argentea and Toad lilies are looking good.

DSCN8232 DSCN8231

The Rudbeckia hirta I planted in the new bed by the drive is blooming

DSCN8227 DSCN8226 DSCN8225

My new grass is looking great.  The beds around the edges are filling in with plants as I have time to divide and move things.


So much to do before the end of fall!

But now it is back to work hand quilting.  I have a lot to catch up on!

Happy Quilting




I finished the hex quilt.

Here it is after the quilting was finished.


Next I trim off the extra batting and backing.


I cut the binding on the bias.  I never trust my math so I test the fit before sewing it on.


I sew it on to the front then turn it to the back and hand stitch it. Then Teddy checks it :)


Here it is finished before washing.


I always wash finished quilts.    I get them dirty as I work on them and I like the feel and look of a washed quilt better.  They are softer and drape better and they look more inviting to me.    For this quilt I tried a new (to me) batting.    Hobbs Tuscany Wool cotton blend


I don’t follow the washing instructions (rebel quilter) .


It says to use cold water and to dry flat.   I used warm water and dried in the dryer.   Why?   It is so much easier to use the machine.    I actually don’t mind if they shrink….I like the crinkles that causes.     the quilt finished at 64″ x 84″ before washing and it is 60″ x 80″ after washing and drying, about 5% shrink.

Here it is after washing and drying.


I did the hand quilting with Perle cotton thread in assorted colors.


Here is a post about how I do big stitch quilting http://timquilts.com/2013/05/05/more-on-big-stitch-quilting-and-a-video/

Here are a few closer pics of the quilting.

DSCN8186 DSCN8189 DSCN8188 DSCN8187

I plan to hang this one so I will need to add a hanging sleeve but other than that it is time to go back to some of the other unfinished quilts in the line.

Happy Quilting





Thanks to everyone for your concern about my sore back.  I am feeling much better.     I have been taking it easy and as I said in the previous post I have only been working on an easy quilt.   The big stitch quilting with perle cotton thread and a large needle goes fast and doesn’t need to be as accurate.  I am doing it in a hand held hoop which makes it better for the back.   When I quilt in a frame or a hoop on a stand I tend to lean forward and it puts strain on my lower back.  With the hand held I can pull it up closer to myself and sit straight.   I still prefer the frame/hoop stand but I am looking into a batter chair to use so the height is better

I have made a lot of progress, I should be able to finish in a few days and be back to work on other things.

Teddy has been keeping  an eye on me while I work.


Here is the hoop I am using.   It is a no brand inexpensive 18 inch wooden hoop from a garage sale.


Here is the quilt without the hoop.


And Teddy checking my work


Here is the back….I made the backing with the lighter colored leftovers from the top.


I am close to the end so Next time I hope to have the finished quilt to show.

Happy Quilting



I forgot how to do nothing


I have a very sore back which is really slowing me down and over the last few days it has gotten worse :(

I think it might be time to see the doctor.   That is if I can get an appointment in this century   …..

I have not been able to do any quilting in the frame because I have to bend slightly to do it and it pulls my back just enough to make it hurt.     I have however found that it is impossible for me to sit and do nothing.    I have forgotten how to just watch TV.    So I decided to start the hex strip quilt.    The quilting is very simple and I can do it in my hand held hoop and hold the hoop way up so I don’t have to bend forward at all….but it is very slow.


I am using assorted colors of perle cotton thread.


I like how it is looking.

DSCN8119 DSCN8118 DSCN8116

Here is the back.


And of course Teddy


Happy Quilting