New Hoop


I am a frequent visitor to eBay.   I have been trying to be conservative and not buy every quilt top I see.   Last week I looked at Quilting hoops.
I have a very nice one already.


It came from Ydoer Department Store.   They had a booth at AQS in Grand Rapids MI a few years ago and I couldn’t pass it up.

It took a few days of steady quilting to get used to it.    I had been quilting in a hand-held hoop and It is a bit different to use a hoop on a stand.

I really love it, I like the large size of the hoop (22 inches) and I like to have the weight of the quilt supported by the stand. The only drawback is that the stand is a bit short for me and I tend to get a stiff back after several hours.

So back to eBay…..I looked at several different brands and saw some great options.   The one I decided on was a Grace Hoop2   Not an inexpensive item when purchased new ($300 for the stand and $100 for the hoop) but this one was a real deal at $150 for both and free shipping.


It is adjustable in height and folds up flat, you can see all the features on the Grace website  (I am not affiliated with Grace ….just and FYI link)

Teddy was very interested in what I was doing.


Mine is unfinished so I think I will stain and varnish it…..some day ;)    and I do like a larger hoop so I might buy the larger size (24″) but I think I am going to like it.   I can have 2 quilts going at once and not have to keep switching back and forth in the same hoop.


once I had a quilt in it Teddy understood what was happening and decided he needed another picture.


I have 9 blocks quilted in the Luxury Essentials quilt.


It is hard to see in the picture …here is the back


Only 40 blocks to go ….

Back to work for me

Happy Quilting



Block Layout/Measurements


I have had a lot of requests for the block layout for the luxury essentials quilt.  It is an easy block.

Here are what the pieces look like cut out


Here are the measurements I used to make one 12 inch block

luxury essential block

I am working on the hand quilting


It will be a while before I finish… seems like December is so full of other things that come up.

I did spend some time over the last few days making more snowflakes for another pattern set

The patterns are available in my Etsy store

some day I would like to make them all into quilts……as soon as I catch up on the others ;)

Happy Quilting


and Teddy


Quilting Begins


I started to hand quilt the Luxury Essentials quilt.

I started by layering and pin basting


It might be hard to see in the picture but I placed a pin at the corner of each block. This is many less pins than most would recommend.  I find that a lot of pins just get in the way and the hoop will keep the layers together and smooth.

I am using perle cotton thread.


And keeping the quilting very simple


I didn’t want an elaborate quilting design to compete with the fabrics and the lines of the top

Teddy likes the colors


I have a bunch of other projects going which I will be posting about soon but I wanted to get the quilting on this one started.

Back to work

Happy Quilting




I finished up the quilted tree skirt last night.


I used black size 8 perle cotton thread to hand quilt it.   I did a very narrow white binding .   Bias strips cut 1 1/2 inches wide and folded in half


Teddy will not be able to sit in it.    I have very high ceilings so even though the tree is 6 1/2 feet it fits on top of my quilt case/table with room to spare.

A few more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Now back to work on “regular” quilting

Happy Quilting


Tree Skirt Project


Yesterday I posted about a tree skirt that I started.
after I got the top finished I realized that I needed batting to finish it…and there was NO WAY I would go to the store on Black Friday.   I put up the tree instead.   I will add the skirt when it is finished.

The tree is all white…..Icicles and birds


I lost count of the number of icicles , there are 4 different kinds and I think the total number is something like a bazillion.

It is hard to get a good picture of a tree.  Low light photography is not my thing, but here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I decided to forget going to the store for batting.  I had a package of batting that I cut down (I should be able to get 3 more tree skirts out of it and I have the fabric to do it).   I was planning to machine quilt it but decided to hand quilt it with perle cotton thread.

I am a bit past the half way point.

I hope to finish the quilting today ….and maybe also do the binding.    When it is all done I will write-up the instructions….and perhaps make a few more.

next time I hope to have finished product pictures….and have the Luxury Essentials  quilt started

Happy Quilting





I started the morning with the intention of having my Tree up and decorated by now.    Then I remembered some fabric I bought in the spring.    Holiday Jelly roll.    20 strips.    So I say to myself….self you can whip up a new tree shirt in a few hours.   Self is always over confident ;)

Well I started by arranging the strips in groups of 10 alternating light and dark


sew them together and repeat with the other 10 strips


cut into wedges and arrange


sew together the wedges


The open end will close together with ties when it is done

Teddy wanted to give it the sit test


I am going to stop now and put up the tree.   I will get the skirt layered and quilted after that.

Happy Quilting


The Winners


The fabric bundle giveaway winners are in!

I had 419 entries.  Each comment on the giveaway post was one entry.  The first comment posted was number one, second number two and so on.

There are 5 Fabric Bundles so I needed 5 numbers.   I used a random number generator which took the numbers 1 – 419 and made them into a random sequence. The winners are the first 5 numbers in the sequence.

nov drawing

The first bundle is Luxury Essentials. (click on the picture to see the full line)


And The winner is Lilian Hedley

Next is Bella Suede (click on the picture to see the full line)

And the Winner is Brenda

Next is Island Breeze (click on the picture to see the full line)

And the winner is Karin Pierce

Next is Fontaine (click on the picture to see the full line)

and the winner is Mary Jo Olson

And last Blissful Moments (click on the picture to see the full line)


and the winner is Dawn Cooper


A big Thank you to P&B Textiles for generously providing the fabrics!!

I will send the winners an email tomorrow to get  shipping information.   So check your Email

Happy Thanksgiving!