More vintage tops


I have a few more vintage top to share today.  I plan to get to these soon, but as you know I change plans frequently ….

This lone star is really great!   I love 2 color quilts.


As is often the case with these it has a few issues.


the center is rather mountainous.


and the setting triangles are on the bias and very puckered.


I think the easiest solution will be to take it apart into the 8 main pieces/star points and trim them to the correct size and replace the bias cut triangles.  When I get to work on it I will post all about how I do the fix.

Next is a spool top.


A very simple design but I really like it.   It is a bit less than well made


not really flat and not very precise in the piecing


and some of those vertical stripes would be much better if they were horizontal…more like thread on a spool.

but I really like it as it is.

I think I will just press this one well and quilt it as it is.

Teddy likes it the way it is


Remember this quilt?


I made it with a line of fabric from P&B Textiles called Interplay


P&B Textiles now has my pattern (as well as many others) available as a free download on their website here

It is an easy one to make…and could easily be made larger with the addition of borders.

If you are going to be at the Houston Quilt Market visit P&B at booths 1356 & 1361


I have a Floral Design Class to teach Saturday Morning …pictures of that soon


Happy Quilting



Some Hand Quilting

Last time I posted about basting this quilt.

I put the quilt in the hoop and listened to what it had to say (quilts talk if you listen).   It said it wants simple quilting.    I am using #12 black perle cotton thread and a size 5 embroidery needle.  All straight lines….or straightish because I am not doing any marking or even trying to be perfect.

DSCN4385 DSCN4383
The spacing between the lines is somewhat random…whatever feels right.

Here are some more pictures (click picture to enlarge)

Here are a few pictures from the basic floral design class I teach

Happy Quilting




The next on the pile to be quilted is this one


I added a border using the pale green ombre that I used in the top.   The top measures 83″ x 73″

I used silk Batting.


Here is the top ready to baste (the color on the picture is sort of off)


I baste with safety pins and use very few, one in the corner of each block.


Sometimes people get worried when they see one of my quilts basted because it doesn’t look perfectly flat.  I adjust the layers as I quilt and I have never had a pucker.   It takes me about 30 minutes to pin baste a quilt this way.  I think I use less pins with every new quilt.   Once the quilt is in the hoop I adjust if needed and the hoop is what holds the layers together and smooth.

I used a really great rayon Batik for the backing (the same used in the top)


I plan to use black thread, size 12 perle cotton, for the quilting.

It is nice to do larger quilting for a break from some of the others with regular quilting thread.

Here are some pictures of the snowflake quilt with a zillion small stitches (click pictures to enlarge)

More updates on the other quilts in progress coming soon

Happy Quilting



Another Finish


I worked on the quilt for Teddy over the weekend and I finished it Sunday night.

see the post about the quilting here.

Since the hand quilting was very simple It went pretty fast.  Teddy has a favorite toy, a fake dog bone, so I used that for the border design.


Here it is all quilted and before binding.  It is made from the bandanas he gets from the groomer and I kept the piecing simple so they would still look like what they are.    I also kept the quilting on the bandanas very simple, just outlining the pieces .


Here it is after binding.


I used the same fabric for the binding and the backing


here he is trying it out


He seems to like it


Here are a bunch of pictures ….

Finished it just in time for the cold fall weather… has been going down to the 30’s and 40’s at night.

Now back to work on my pile of UFO’s

Happy Quilting



Teddy quilt started


I started hand quilting the Teddy quilt.

Teddy is an on top of the quilt guy so I wanted the quilt to be very thick and puffy.   I used an extra loft poly batting.


The backing is a dog bone pattern


As always I pin basted the layers together (very few pins works best for me)


I am hand quilting it with black perle cotton thread #12 and a size 5 embroidery needle. A note about perle cotton thread; it is different than embroidery floss.    Embroidery floss is not a good choice for hand quilting.  The individual strands are not as strong and are not twisted together like they are in perle cotton thread.


I am not marking this.  I am just quilting around the pieces and then adding 3 more rows by eye .


You can see Teddy on the far left checking my work.


He asked if he could sit on it yet


I got his approval.

I did make a few more border pieces for the Batik Quilt.


It wont be too much longer before I get the top finished (I hope)

As promised here are a few pictures from the Basic floral design class I teach. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting