Crazy stairs to the studio


I don’t have the studio space set up yet.     I am starting the move but packing it all up takes time and organization is not my strong suit.   These crazy steep stairs lead up to the room that will be the construction room.



The sewing machine will be here, and a cutting table and Ironing table  and supplies and a desk for the computer.

I added the AC unit today… central air and it gets hot in the summer.     When I finish the gardening the view out the window will be great.

The door at the back on the right is the storage closet.  The collection of quilt tops and all the finished quilts will go there .   It is a large closet. You can see less than 1/2 of it in this picture.


One of the rooms on the first floor will be the quilting room…where the actual hand quilting will happen.   The frame will be there and a hoop on a stand, and a comfy chair or 2 and shelves for quilt books.   .

It is an old house (126 years old) and one thing it retains is the old tub.


perfect for soaking old quilts.

Moving and organizing is not something I am good at so it will be a while yet before I can show you pictures of the work spaces all set up.

Happy quilting


More Garden Work and a Happy Dog


Today was perfect garden weather so I spent the day working on that.

I got all the tress and weeds out of the fence along the driveway and at the side of the house.

On the side of the house there were huge overgrown Rose of Sharon plants hiding the large window.    I had to dig those out and I found a window well for one of the basement windows.


at the back corner you can see the rest of what was in that bed.   Bishops Weed ( Aegopodium podagraria) I hate it!    dug it all out and I know it will be back!   it is so hard to get rid of…..but I will persist.   all gone for now. I think Hostas will go here.


The driveway is in serious need of paving.   Here is Teddy taking a stroll on it.


Here is the side yard from the sidewalk.


Once that big tree in the corner is gone there should be plenty of sun and that area behind the rock border will be planted.

Ferns now hang on the front porch.


a few pots as well.


Those Day Lily plants around the porch came from my garden about 10 years ago.   I dug them up and gave them to the lady who was renting the house at the time.   They are about to bloom.  I think they are destined to be moved again.  into the front bed with the rock edge.

Teddy went to the groomer today and he was very happy to be clean again…he gets pretty dirty playing outside in his new yard.  It doesn’t take him long to get a dirty face….he has it in the dirt all the time sniffing. See the dirt in his beard?


He has a new friend…sort of.   The last two days one of the neighbors has walked past with their new dog.   A black Giant Schnauzer.  She is huge and not full grown yet.   They admired each other through the fence. He like being so close to the sidewalk.   so much better than just looking out the window.

I will be posting inside pictures soon but I have spent the time in the garden first because the weather was great.

Happy Gardening




Something New


I have been working on something new.  As you know I love my garden and I add more every year.    I am nearly out of space. There is still a very small amount of grass that I could make into garden but I think some grass is needed in the back.     The little 2 bedroom house next door has as much yard space as my current garden and I have lived next to it for about 12 years thinking how much I would like to work on it.    The house came on the market and I couldn’t resist.


It was built in 1889 so it is just a few years newer than next door.

Houses in the area took a real tumble in the real estate meltdown and are VERY affordable ( I know people who have spent more on a car) ……there was a time a few years ago when it seemed that every other house had a for sale or a foreclosure/auction sign on it.    Those have mostly worked their way out of the system and some of the really bad houses were demolished.   I think it was the right time, just as prices are beginning to go back up (fingers crossed).

So I have been working on 2 yards, keeping up the existing and starting a new one.

The yard is fenced and is really a side yard to the left of the house.  It is a chain link fence which isn’t the most pretty  but it gives teddy a lot more space to run around. There were a million and a half trees growing along the fence and entwined in it. So cutting out branches, digging up stumps, and bagging up weeds and branches has been the major activity.

As is normal I got too excited to start and forget to take before pictures but here are a few from part way.   There is a wide area between the sidewalk (which is also the same antique bricks as next door)  and the fence.   Here it is with about 1/2 of the trees and weeds removed.


Piles and piles of branches.


They were cut up and put in bags and the city picks them up.


45 bags so far and I imagine there will be 10 – 15 more.

Here are some of the stumps from the saplings that I dug out.


and some smaller branches


There is a huge old tree that needs to come down.   It is hard to tell in the picture but it is ready to fall down on its own.


There is also a tree in the front of the house that really needs trimming, some of its branches actually nearly touch the ground when it rains and the water adds weight to the leaves.


I have a tree service coming to take care of that, hopefully in the next few weeks.

here is a part of the back yard cleared (you can see some stumps that still need to be dug out along the back fence).  See that pile of rocks in the back corner?


I used it to edge the bed next to the sidewalk.   The soil level is over a foot higher than the walk so the rocks should help hold it in place.


This area will be replanted after the big tree comes down and I see how much sun I have.   I should have enough sun in the fenced area to even grow some vegetables.

As much as I enjoy garden work I am even more looking forward to getting the new quilt studio set up (that is the quilting secret I talked about in an  earlier post)   No more calling the dining room table and living room floor a studio.  I will have space for the full-sized frame, and plenty of space for cutting table, sewing machine table, shelves, storage, etc.  It is going to be so much fun and I will post pictures when I get it done.  All the yard work has kept me from spending my normal 6 hours a day of hand quilting but I will be back to it soon and post pictures of that as well.

I took some garden pictures today just as it was starting to rain……(click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Gardening and Quilting






AQS Quilt Week


My hand quilted reindeer snowflake quilt will be at a few AQS Quilt Week events soon.

First it will be in Syracuse NY July 29 – Aug I

next in Grand Rapids MI August 12 – 15

I probably will not make it to the NY show but I do plan to be in Grand Rapids (only about an hour drive)  unfortunately AQS shows do not allow dogs :)

Teddy will not be able to attend,


but he did spend some time relaxing on the quilt.

I am still working on my other project so I don’t have any quilt updates…..but I will soon.

I always have garden pictures this time of year. Here are pictures I took this evening. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy quilting


Quilt Alliance Animals we Love quilts

Remember the Teddy quilts?

2 teddys

I made them for the Quilt Alliance and they have posted the winners (Teddy didn’t win but that is not why we entered)

here are the winners

Here are all of the quilts

All of the “Animals We Love” contest quilts were donated by their makers. After a national exhibition tour that begins at the Utah headquarters of Handi Quilter, Inc, and includes stops at American Quilter’s Society and Original Sewing & Quilt Expo shows, the quilts will be sold via an online auction in November 2015. The auction is one of the Alliance’s most important annual fundraisers and provides crucial funds that support the operation of projects like Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Individual quilts will be assigned auction periods in October and I will post the information about how to bid as soon as it is available.  Teddy is looking forward to seeing if he gets any bids :)


I took more garden pictures yesterday… they are

I have been working on a new project but it is not a quilt…. it is quilt related….and it does take time away from quilting …..for now It will be a secret and I will post pictures some time in the next few weeks.

Happy Quilting


Rain in the forecast


Looks like rain any time now.    I took some pictures before the rain knocks the flowers flat.   I exaggerate but sometimes the rain does do a bit of damage.

Something quilty next time


Some hand quilting


Since it is summer I have been spending less time hand quilting and more time gardening. It really is great to be able to spend some time in the garden but it does mean I get less quilting done.

I have made some progress on this one


It is hard to see in the picture but the 3 blocks in the center are done.

here it is in the hoop.


and under Teddy


And here are more garden pictures.

Happy Quilting