I have made some progress on a few projects.

I have been having fun on the treadle machine

Here is what I have so far


Five more rows to do then it will also get a few borders.

Making some progress on the rose Applique


The remaining applique pieces are going on today ….here they are ready for stitching


It will be a while yet…..but I am really looking forward to hand quilting it!

Teddy got a new bone……..he can hardly contain himself

Happy Quilting


Signature quilt


Back in August of 2014 I started a signature quilt. (see that post here http://timquilts.com/2014/08/15/signature-block-piecing/)

and here is another old post about signature blocks from 2011 http://timquilts.com/2011/05/05/signature-blocks/

Here is the top that I finished in Sept of 2014


I decided that it needed to be finished so I added borders and then (I don’t know why) decided to try to machine quilt it, which for a hand quilter is unusual.  There is a school of thought that says “better done than perfect” but that was really not the reasoning here.  I did want to finish it but I also wanted to give my treadle machine a try.    I found a copy of the original manual for the machine and there was a short section about machine quilting and since reading it I have wondered how that would go.

here is the machine

DSCN8664DSCN8666Well I learned that it can be done….but I also learned that with this machine and the feet that I have, it really in not the best choice.     The Free machines have feet that attach to the machine differently than Singers.  That being the case I have not been able to locate a walking foot that will fit the machine.    Here is how the feet attach for this machine. (the machines listed all had this style but have all changed for the newer models)


I have been unable to locate a walking foot or a darning/free motion foot that attaches this way. I am still looking ….there are many available for the side clamping machines .


So lacking a walking foot or a quilting foot and not being able to lower the feed dogs (they can be covered or removed) makes for a challenging quilting experience.   It was hard!   really hard!!    I used the foot the manual for the machine said to use but the result was much less than perfect.   There is no reason that a treadle machine wouldn’t be a good machine to do machine quilting as long as you can find the right feet to do the job correctly.   I will try it again when I find the right foot or figure how to modify one to fit the machine.

I think I’ll mainly stick to hand quilting but it was good to try ….. next time I might try the Singer 301…..I have the correct feet for that and it might be fun.

Here is the quilt


Teddy says HI


Happy  Quilting




More embroidery


I added some more embroidery to the rose applique quilt top.


I have to get the rest of the applique finished now before I can do the remaining embroidery.    It might take a while ….
Here are some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy says HI

Happy Quilting


More on the roses


I decided to take a break from the needle turn applique and do a bit of the next part of the rose quilt.    I am using #8 perle cotton thread to do the chain stitching


I was going to make a template to mark the design but I decided to do it by eye.   I am using a yellow Crayola washable marker so the yellow tint you see is that.   It will wash out.

Here are a bunch of pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I have a few more additions planned after I finish this and then I can get to the hand quilting.

Happy Quilting


More Applique


I have been working on the rose applique quilt top.     It should finish at about 84″ Square.    (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy got a new bandanna at the groomer.   International Harvester fabric …. I will definitely save it to add to a quilt


I have a lot of applique left to do.   Some parts of the design will be done with the hand quilting so it might be hart to envision at this point but getting close so hopefully I’ll be posting quilting pictures soon

Happy Quilting



2015 Quilts


When I am hand quilting I am also thinking.   Today I was thinking about what I will finish this year.    I went through my pictures from last year and I think these are most of the quilts I finished last year.    (click pictures to enlarge)

I am not sure yet what the new year plan is…..but I have lots of ideas…stay tuned :)

Happy Quilting


Alphabet Quilt


I am just back from the eye doctor and my eyes are dilated and it is a bit hard to see so forgive any typos. ( I get an exam every year to check for any damage related to diabetes … they didn’t find any problems)

I finished the hand quilting and binding on the Alphabet Quilt today.


I bought the fabric locally but you can find the fabric here http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/SHOP-BY-THEME/Timeless-Treasures-Novelty-Prints/Quilting-Treasures-Janet-Wecker-Frisch-Hungry-Animal-Alphabet-Fabric-Book-Panel

or do a google search for:  Quilting Treasures Janet Wecker Frisch Hungry Animal Alphabet Fabric- 35″ Alphabet Panel


It went pretty fast….maybe I should only make baby quilts….. I could do about 50 in a year  ;)

Here are some pictures (click the pictures to enlarge)

Once My eyes clear up I’ll get back to work on one of the many other works in progress

Happy Quilting