AQS in Grand Rapids

My Reindeer quilt

I made it to the AQS show in Grand Rapids today.   Here are a few pictures (click pictures to enlarge) I only took a few pictures.

I know it might seem odd to some but I get excited about batting!  Hobb’s is my favorite.   Here is what I got today. (I will be  posting about how the work out as soon as I start quilting )

2015-08-13 03.33.37 2015-08-13 03.33.15

I love the wool but I am excited to try the wool cotton blend.

And here is a handy chart

2015-08-13 03.34.08

There are over 300 quilts there so if you have the time in the next 2 days it is worth the trip.

Happy Quilting


a finish


I finished the hand quilting on this yesterday.


I added the binding today .   I used 2.5″ strips of matching fabric, machine stitched to the top, folded to the back and hand stitched.

I have read about many different ways that people deal with all the length of the binding strips.   Some people roll the binding on a tube or spool, they even sell gadgets to keep it together.    I don’t understand the problem myself.      I throw the binding on the floor to the right side of my chair and the quilt is on the left and I have never had any problem with it twisting or tangling.


Here it is with the binding sewn on before turning it under and stitching.


While I stitch I often feel as if I am being watched.

I marked the corners with crayola markers


I washed the quilt in the machine on the delicate cycle and dried it in the dryer……all the marking washed out fine.

DSCN7878 DSCN7877

Finished size is 79″ square.


Happy Quilting



August Snow


My Snowflake quilt (which I started last August…. see post here:  will be at AQS quilt week Aug 12-15 in Grand Rapids , and at Des Moines  Sept 30 – Oct 3. here is the link for details


In Grand Rapids there will also be a special exhibit from The Quilt Alliance “Animals We Love”

Quilt Alliance presents Animals We Love, the result of their 9th Annual Quilt Contest. The 89 small quilts honor an amazing array of animals including a giraffe, bees, goldfish, and a bighorn sheep. All of the quilts, representing many styles and techniques, are donated. After a summer and fall of touring, the quilts will be sold at an online auction in November 2015, one of the most important annual fundraisers for the Alliance for American Quilts. The 2 Teddy quilts are a part of that exhibit.

And I Have a snowflake and pattern featured in the current issue of Holiday Crafts magazine.


I do plan some day to make that snowflake into a quilt.      The magazine is in stores now.

I made some progress on the red white and black quilt .

DSCN7860 DSCN7859 DSCN7858 DSCN7857

Teddy didn’t feel like posing today, he was more interested in relaxing.


I think he might have the right idea :)

Happy quilting




I most often use a #2 pencil to mark quilts but I have heard good things about these markers from quilters I respect.  I decided to give them a try.


I am using the markers to mark the once inch square grid on the corners.


I am using the gray marker so it is hard to see in the pictures.


After all the quilting is finished the quilt will be washed and the marker should wash out.

Two of the corners are finished.   Here are a few more pictures (click to enlarge)

Teddy is holding it down well


Here is the pile of extra fabric  that I am using in the leftover quilt.


Leftovers from this top


If the weather is good I hope to get some gardening done tomorrow.  The weeds don’t ever take a break

Happy Quilting



X’s and O’s


I finished this top in the spring and I started the hand quilting and have worked on it off and on since.     I decided to spread it out today and see how much I have done.


As cute as Teddy looks posing on it I had to ask him to move to get a better picture.


The center is done and I have the corners to finish.  I don’t know if you can see the marking in the picture but there is a one inch grid marked for quilting.


I have more done than I thought :)   It will still be a while before it is done….but nice to know it is over 1/2 done

Happy Quilting


Rain …. it does a garden good

front garden

Yesterday it was hot and windy!  Plants were wiling and curling up before my eyes as the hot wind blew across them.     Finally at about 11 pm it rained.   Less than 1/2 an inch but it sure has made a difference.    The flowers have perked up and everything is greener.  There were dozens of Monarch butterflies in the garden today but none wanted to sit still long enough for me to get a picture.    But here are some of the flowers today. (click pictures to enlarge)

I have been hand quilting ….. I’ll post more pictures of that soon…..this is in the hoop now.


I added a bit more to the leftovers top.


Teddy has been learning to chase squirrels away from the bird feeder so he is tired but he woke up to say hi.


Happy Quilting


Teddy is a designer


When I am upstairs sewing Teddy likes to look out “his” window.    It is in the hall and he can see out into the yard easily because it is so low.    Here he is by his window….posing rather than looking out.


he did spend some time helping design the layout of the next quilt top.


I think it is going to be very cool!

Happy quilting