Quick update


It has been a crazy week but it isn’t over yet :)    I have still got 11 sashing strips to finish hand quilting on the lily quilt.


I had thought they would take an hour each…..I was wrong…more like 2

Teddy is anxious for me to finish it


I took a few pictures of the snowflake quilt…..which I plan to finish the pattern for this weekend

Back to work….

Happy Quilting


20 to go


I have worked on the lily quilt and have 20 sashing strips left to hand quilt.  That is down from 29 the last time I posted about it.


20 strips translates to about 20 hours of quilting so I think I can get it done this week.

Teddy is testing it out

more progress pictures soon

Happy Quilting


Milestone and Snowfkakes


I have been looking at my blog stats and it has reached a milestone.

million stats

It is hard to see the numbers in this screen shot…..it gets bigger if you click on it…but in summary   my first year of blogging was 2011 , I got a total of 16,705 views and average day was 58 views.    this year so far 426,553 views and an average of 1,337 per day.

All that adds up to this

one million

1,001,571 views to date.

I am just amazed that my blog has had over one million views.    Thank you all for following!!

I think a lot of the credit goes to a very special quilt inspector.


Here he is this morning with the quilt I am working on.

I started the quilt back in march and It is really hard going to get it done!    I foolishly used bad backing fabric. I buy a lot of vintage quilt tops on eBay and one of the came with a backing fabric.    It is a very tightly woven cotton poly blend.   Not the right fabric for quilts but I saved it.    I knew it was a bad Idea when I started and I did it anyway because I wanted to start and I had the fabric on hand.   The backing fabric is so hard to quilt!   I can normally quilt for hours and hours without any problem, but this one is so hard on my hands….they get so tired because the fabric is so much like quilting through cement.

While working on the quilt I find that I need to take breaks.   I have been making snowflakes in between quilting.   Part of what I see from the site stats is that my snowflake posts are among the most popular and since it is getting to be that time of year I am making more….with the aim of making patterns from them.   (how to make a snowflake post here)

Here are a few I made this weekend  (click pictures to enlarge)

my hands are rested now so back to that quilt

Happy Quilting


Back to the lily quilt


Back to work on the lily quilt.   Here is the starting point
basket of lilies basted 001

It is a good-sized quilt 86″ x 86″.

I started hand quilting this vintage top, purchased from eBay a few years ago,  in March with every intention of finishing it quickly but it kept getting pushed back.

Since it has been so long here is the post about how I started it. http://timquilts.com/2014/03/05/now-for-a-little-spring/

And here is the post about how I tackled the bias edge problem that caused all those puckers. http://timquilts.com/2014/04/05/a-fix-for-the-bias-bulge/

These old tops always seem to have at least a few areas that need some work.

I have to finish the sashing and it will finally be done!   here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I plan to use yellow for the binding….which should happen in a few days

Happy Quilting

PS  Teddy didn’t want his picture taken today, his allergy medication makes him very sleepy

Snowflakes and quilts


It is that time of year again.   People are getting ready for winter and the winter holidays.    Every winter I make snowflakes.

Here is a how to post I did a while back.   http://timquilts.com/2013/12/01/how-to-make-a-snowflake-2/

I have had so many people viewing the snowflake posts that I have done that I am planning to make a set of patterns.    I made a new one last night


and I will be making more soon.

I did a bit more piecing.   I have had some questions about how the blocks go together and how I did the design.

First I had the idea in my head.    It is based on a quilt that I made a few years ago.    It was a vintage top that I hand quilted.

finishing-binding 025

Old quilts are great inspiration for new designs.

I made a mock-up on the computer…from there I made a few changes in my head

fall idea

After I decided how I would make it I cut templates from template plastic.   I bought 10 half yards of fabric.  5 light and 5 dark,   I am cutting 2 inch strips of 5 fabrics and sewing them together into sets (light and dark)

Here is a light set with the templates set to trace


I trace the template with a sharpie


and I cut them all out with scissors ( I only use a rotary cutter for straight lines)

here is the layout with both the dark and the light sets cut


then sew them together


I finished 8 so far…here are a few possible layouts.  The color in the first 2 is about right, I am not sure what I did on the next 2  (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy is learning how to get even more attention.   His new trick is to get in my chair.    I sit in this chair when I hand quilt so he sees me there a lot.   It is also where I sit when I am at the computer.

Now it is also where Teddy sits when he thinks he needs some extra attention….which of course he always gets….I think he wants to make sure I don’t forget who is in charge :)

Back to work…..I need to get the pattern made for the snowflake quilt


Finish piecing the batik quilt


Finish repair on the sunflower quilt


Finish hand quilting these


and several more…..I never have to worry about running out of projects

Happy Quilting


Quilted Pillow


The internet is amazing to me.   It brings together so many people and ideas.

A few weeks ago I posted about the Teddy Quilt I made with the bandanas that Teddy gets from his groomer.


It got a lot of interest and led me to meet (on-line) Delse Buss. If not for the internet we would never have connected.     Delse is a quilter who makes the coolest pillows.   A photo of your dog is transformed into a custom-made, hand appliqued and hand quilted pillow .

Here is Teddy

teddy portrait

and here is the Pillow Delse made


It really is fun! (right now I just stuffed it with batting scraps so it is a bit lumpy…..I will buy a 12 inch pillow from to stuff it properly)


Here is a link to the Etsy store so you can see more examples  https://www.etsy.com/shop/GoDotGo

Thanks for the pillow Delse.   Teddy and I both love it!

Here are a few pictures of the floral designs the students made in my class last night.   The snapdragons were a bit curvy from shipping but will straighten up within a day.    (click pictures to enlarge)

It is a very damp and gloomy day here but flowers always brighten things up.

I am pretty pleased with the way the new top is coming together.


Back to work for me

Happy Quilting


More Piecing


I got a few blocks done yesterday.

Sewing 2 inch by 18 inch strips of the darker colors together  and 5 of the light   I can get one block.

here are the prices


here are the templates I cut


when I cut out the pieces I end up with some leftovers


they should be fun to make into another quilt.

the blocks can be arranged in different ways….I need to press them so pretend they are flat :)

DSCN4673 DSCN4672 DSCN4671 DSCN4670

I will make all the blocks and then play with different arrangements ….it will likely end up being a combination of all ….I am in an asymmetrical mood.

I took these pictures and went to the computer to download them and Teddy was jumping up and down and pawing at me.   He was telling me that I forgot to take his picture….so I took a few pictures and he was happy.     He really is a character!

Happy Quilting!