The next challenge


After I finish the Lilly quilt the next challenge will be this quilt top.


It doesn’t belong to me but I love it!  This belongs to Bill Volkening

His collection of New York Beauty quilts has gained much attention and been recently featured in Quiltmania magazine #100  There is a six-page feature called “Collecting New York Beauty Quilts”  The collection was on exhibition last summer at San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textile…and there is a book due next year as well as an exhibition in France.

This quilt top fits into the category, not exactly a New York Beauty as you find it in a reference book but a variation made up by the quilter.

To see some more traditional New York Beauty Quilts Visit here



Newer quilts are also often called New York Beauty but are set without the sashing …the common thread is the spikey arcs.  Anyway I am going to hand quilt this so It can be included in the show and book.

Why is it a challenge?

It is NOT flat!  I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but it pretty distorted and “bumpy”.





If you look at the sashing you can see that much of it is very curvy



I have to give it a good pressing and then see how to proceed.  My goal here is not to remake it.  I want to keep it true to the original quilters intent. If I do it right it will look like the quilting was done at the same time as the top.

The last few quilts I did in the Baptist fan pattern also had some real issues of distortion and I was able to hide them by distracting the eye with the curved lines….they make the less than straight lines look straight because of the contrast.



I think that I will do the same for this one.

It has some very cool fabrics in it. (click to enlarge)

Teddy says I have to finish this one first


and as you know he is in charge!

I will post all about it when I get started.

Happy Quilting


Back to work on the Basket of Lilies


I got a Keepsake Quilting catalog a few days ago and a Connecting Threads catalog and The latest AQS American Quilter magazine in the mail today.  I have had a hard time not spending all my time with those but I do want to get this done before Spring is over so back to work. ( I started this one last month, you can see that post here )

Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I have a way to go yet, but it is going well.

Happy Quilting


Easter Stripe Quilt Finished


I finished the Easter Stripe Quilt…finished size is 65″ x 78″. I started it Here

I just took it out of the dryer and I love the crinkling that the shrinkage causes.  To me it makes it look more soft and inviting.  I used Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton batting and I like it…easy to quilt and has a good  drape when it is done.

Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

I might just decide to add this to my Etsy store and sell it.  I love how it turned out….but if I sell it I can buy more fabric!…

Happy Quilting


and Teddy says hi


Quick update


I have been working on the border quilting today.  I am doing a floral border that is sort of a combination of a heart and a tulip or crocus.  I wanted something springy and also non linear to contrast with all the straight lines in the quilt.

Here are some pictures of it so far…(click to enlarge)

It is not nearly as fast to do the borders as it is the blocks!  Back to work for me..Teddy got tired and went to bed

Happy Quilting


Quilting Progress


I Finished quilting all of the blocks in the Easter Stripe Quilt.  Now on to the border.  I hope to finish it this week.

Here are some pictures (click to enlarge) Teddy was a big help so he got his picture taken too. :)

As I have been working on this quilt I have been thinking of other fabrics I have in the stash that would work for a quilt like this.  I remembered that I have some 2.5″ strips of Produce fabric that might work.  I got them out and decided they would…so I went to the fabric store and bought some backing fabric and binding fabric.

DSCN1297 DSCN1296

I think it will make a fun quilt.

At the quilt store I have a customer reward card…so the clerk ( who I don’t remember seeing before) asks my name to enter into the computer…she enters it and then asks “are you the Tim Latimer who had the winning quilt in Grand Rapids?  It was so beautiful!   I was sort of shocked that she made the connection between my name and  that quilt…..I guess I am more well-known than I knew.  I always was rather anonymous. I must admit it is rather flattering!

Well enough of fame…back to quilting!


Easter Stripe Quilt Started

easter strip quilting start 007

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I could not wait to start quilting the Easter Stripe quilt.  Once I got the thread I just had to see what it looked like.

First I had to layer the quilt.  For backing I am using unbleached muslin.  It is 90″ wide so I can use just one piece…no seam.

I tack the backing to the floor using thumb tacks…(masking tape is safer for your floor and also works)

easter strip quilting start 001

Many people have commented that there are better ways to do the basting so you don’t have to be on the floor but I find this method works best for me.  I can get the entire job done in about 30 min.

After the backing pinned down I lay out and smooth the batting.  I am trying Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton batting.

easter strip quilting start 002

Next I lay down the top and smooth it out…

easter strip quilting start 003

Next I add the safety pins….I used one pin at the intersection of each block and a few more around the border  Very few pins by some peoples standard ( some people will pin every 6″) but I don’t like to use a lot  The layers are held together the backing was very tight and smooth as was the top and batting so I don’t need a million pins, the layers aren’t going to slip apart;

easter strip quilting start 004

Ready to quilt!  I found *3 Perle cotton thread on line

this n that 002

I am using an embroidery needle and the stitches are at about 6 per inch.  I honestly don’t care how many stitches there are per inch…I care how they look.  My goal is for them to be even and neat.  I only count stitches so I can give you and Idea of scale.

easter strip quilting start 005

The quilting is going well.  I like the is easy to quilt through.

The quilting is going pretty fast.

easter strip quilting start 007 easter strip quilting start 006

The quilting simply follows the piecing..just inside the seam allowances , this way I don’t have to quilt through any seams.

If I stick to it this quilt won’t take very long to finish.

I might get Teddy to help

easter strip quilting start 009

Happy Quilting


I forgot to mention that I added some quilts for sale to my Etsy store

This and That

this n that 010

Last Night I was privileged to be a presenter at the CAMEO quilt guild in Clawson MI….I did my lecture/trunk show “Timespan Quilts..UFO to Heirloom”  Thanks to everyone at CAMEO!!!  What A fun evening of quilt sharing!  I had the best time!

I have been working on the Basket of Lilies quilt again  here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

Teddy was very excited to get his picture taken today….

I am likely going to be unable to resist going back to this quilt

easter top done 006

I have the batting and the backing fabric and I ordered some thread to use…and it arrived!

this n that 002

I am excited to try it out….so I might have yet another quilt in progress soon.

A few days ago I posted this

easter top done 007

I mentioned that I plan to put these trimmings out for the birds to use as nesting material.  I have been advised by my friend Ann (who in addition to being a bird person is also a quilter and gardener) that birds can be harmed by long pieces.  She says “Sherri Smith, bird rehabilitator in Ann Arbor, reports that they routinely get injured birds (hung by a leg, or a wing or claw) from string, etc that kind-hearted people put out. Make the scraps 3″, or less, long.”  So before you but out your scraps please remember to cut them down to size!

If you live in Michigan you might be interested in my next presentation.  I will be doing my trunk show for the Mid Michigan Quilters Guild in Mt. Pleasant MI on April 22.

The Program :Time Span Quilts – UFO to Heirloom will be presented by Tim Latimer.  He is a Certified Florist and a Floral Design instructor at MSU.  He has a degree in horticulture and is an avid gardener.  He also collects antique and vintage quilt tops and finishes them.  His goal is to preserve the fine art of hand quilting.  He has over 200 quilt tops and has decided to share them.

Here is a link to the Quilt Guild for more information Mid Michigan Quilters Guild Programs

Now I have to decide how long I can resist trying out that new thread!

Happy Quilting