A few more garden pictures


The weather forecast never seems to cooperate with my plans.    As the saying goes “If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans” .  I had planned to work in the garden today.   I started by taking a few pictures.  It was sunny and beautiful and got darker and darker  then the wind picked up and now it is raining.    So much for the plans :(      I guess I was meant to work on quilty things today.    At any rate here are today’s garden pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

The grass in the new side yard, in the fenced area is doing great.  I need to do some work on the grass between the drive and the brick walk.


Teddy had to go to the vet yesterday.   He has an ongoing allergy problem that causes him to get very itchy and scratch himself raw.   When it gets bad he has to have steroids and antibiotics ….which make him very tired .   He didn’t feel like posing for pictures today.  But he is doing well.   I can tell he is already feeling better … no scratching, just sleepy , but also very relieved

Happy Gardening and Quilting


Another Batik Top Finished.


I Finished up the next Batik Top.     I posted a few days ago about how I made the center blocks ( http://timquilts.com/2015/07/14/using-up-the-extras/)


I liked the center so much that I decided to add a wide border and make it full-sized. I made the border blocks much the same way but different sized and with different fabrics.

Here is how I did the border.   I stacked up 5 different batiks (they were about 22″ x 18″)  and I cut them up and then arranged them like this.


Then sewed them together and re-cut them the opposite direction and rearranged the pieces again like this.


then sewed them together


I trimmed the finished blocks to straighten up the edges to 14″ X 17″.

Here they are partially arranged with the center.


Teddy says OK sew them on……


I made the sides wider than the top and bottom border to get a better finished size.

one more side to go and a last strip of purple and here it is.


Finished size is 80″ x 90″.

I really like it :)

Happy Quilting



Center finished


I finished up what will be the center of the quilt that I started yesterday. (see that post here)

It is 40 x 60 now.  I have more planned.  There will be a wide border , also pieced, that will make it much larger.

I had planned to make it a simple little quilt, but when I got the center done I had some more ideas and some more batik fabric that I hadn’t used in the last quilt so really not leftovers but they will be perfect.

Here are some more pics (click to enlarge)

I have the borders planned and cut ….more on that next time.

Earlier today Teddy was outside supervising some garden work.    The sun was shining and he looked extra spiffy because he has just been to the groomer.

DSCN7567 DSCN7566

He enjoys supervising both quilting and gardening.  He is a good boss ;)
Happy Quilting


Using up the extras


Rather than put away the extras from the batik quilt top


I decided to make another top.

I cut the extra yardage into pieces 11″ x 12.5″


I stacked up 3 and cut the stack like this. (the cutting is random and different on every stack)

Then rearrange the pieces into 3 blocks like this


Then sew them together …..here are 3 blocks ready to sew and 3 blocks done


The finished blocks are not ever going to be perfect with all the corners matching because of the angles of the cuts.   I am not bothered by that at all.   This is meant to be a quick project and very random.  When I finish the sewing and pressing I trim the blocks to 10 inch squares.

I didn’t work on it long and I have 9 blocks done


I have enough fabric to make 24 blocks.    That makes a quilt about 40 x 60 …..I think I will add a border to that to make a larger quilt.

It is a quick way to make a quilt top and a really great change of pace for the very fussy accurate paper piecing I just finished
Happy Quilting


Batik top finished


I finished the Batik top today.    I am really pleased with it  and glad I made the changes I did.   The additional color really adds a lot.

It took some time to remove all the paper.


And longer than I thought at the sewing machine.


100 blocks and a border.   It finished at 86 inches square.


Teddy approves.


DSCN7554 DSCN7552
Now back to hand quilting before I start another top.

Happy Quilting


Paper Foundation Piecing Finished


I finished all of the piecing and now the blocks are ready to be joined.


Here is a step by step of how I do paper foundation piecing.

I use June Taylor foundation sheets.

june taylor paper

They are see through so I can see the lines on both sides and that makes it so much easier.

I print the pattern on my computer printer.   Here is the pattern for the border.


The paper is transparent enough to be able to easily see the lines from the back.


If I use regular paper I trace the lines on the back so I can see them ( I hold the paper up to the window to see the lines to trace)

The fabric goes on the back side of the paper.  The pieces are all numbered so they are added in order.    Here is the first piece.


The next piece .


The purple piece goes on the blue one flipped over like this.


Then I pin the pieces in place.


now they are sewn on from the other side (the front of the paper) On the line between A1 and A2


I use a very short stitch length.  It make it easier to tear away the paper after the block is finished.


Here is the seam on the other side.


Now I press it open

Next I do some trimming. Flip it back over so I can see the line between A2 and A3


Fold on that line


The fabric that is exposed I trim to 1/4 inch.


Now open the paper up again to add the next piece of fabric.


With this pattern I found that if I cut the fabric in 2.5 inch wide strips I have very little fabric waste.


It looks like there will be a lot of waste but it will be used.   Sew the piece on the same as before.


Then flip it over and press.


Now turn it over again so I can trim it.


Fold the paper back against the next line (between A3 and A4) and trim off the excess leaving 1/4 inch.

DSCN7516 DSCN7517DSCN7518

That piece I cut off is big enough to be used as one of the pieces in another block.

Now repeat the steps with a piece of purple fabric.


And continue adding and trimming the same way.

DSCN7524 DSCN7525 DSCN7526 DSCN7527 DSCN7528 DSCN7529 DSCN7530 DSCN7531 DSCN7532

Now it looks pretty crazy but it looks better when it is trimmed.


Now flip again and fold back the bottom section



DSCN7535 DSCN7536 DSCN7537

Add the last piece and trim

DSCN7538 DSCN7539 DSCN7540 DSCN7541
This is all the trimming from one block.


after all that the paper is torn away….it comes off pretty easily because the stitching perforates the paper and makes it tear along the stitch line.

Here is what the pattern for the palm blocks looks like.


This is done the same way as the border blocks .

It really is not hard once you get a few blocks done it becomes a lot clearer.The paper gives you the exact line to stitch on so the piecing is very accurate!    and for long point like these it keeps the fabric from stretching.   It really is worth learning to do.

I had hoped to get all the blocks joined tonight but I decided to wait until tomorrow because someone needed attention.


Happy Quilting


Slow Progress


Last time I had 2 sides finished.


Now I have 3.

It seems to be taking forever….but I should be able to finish the piecing tomorrow.

It has been a great luxury to have the space on the floor to lay out the blocks and still have room to work.

The garden is starting to bloom more. (click pictures to enlarge)

The grass in the new fenced in yard is starting to fill in.   I had to have some grass for Teddy.  I thought about doing sod but grass seed is a lot less expensive :)


I will be planting the space around the edges with flowers and shrubs.  Most of that will have to wait for spring.

Happy Quilting