Late summer garden, and an interview

I took some pictures of the garden today.  I  seem to begin to overlook it at this time of year, but it is still full of blooms….and bees!

Click pictures to enlarge

and here are some pictures of demos from floral design class…the first 3 designs are by Cindy Ching

And when I was at AQS in Grand Rapids I was interviewed by Bonnie Browning…here is the interview

Happy Quilting and happy Gardening



Corduroy quilt

cord quilting 013

I have a wide range of interests when it comes to quilt styles.   I like them all, for different reasons.  For me the common factor is hand quilting.  If I can hand quilt it I like it.

A few weeks ago I posted  pictures of a vintage Corduroy quilt top (click pictures to enlarge)

Lots of people thought I was crazy.  But I started hand quilting it anyway!  Tell me something will be difficult and it becomes a challenge for me to prove that it is not.

So to make it even more of a challenge I bought corduroy fabric for the backing

cord quilting 001

I tacked it down to the floor.

cord quilting 002

then layered that batting (this is 80/20 cotton) and top.

cord quilting 003

Pin basted it.

cord quilting 004

And I am hand quilting it with various colors of perle cotton thread and an embroidery needle….Big Stitches

cord quilting 011 cord quilting 012

Here is the back

cord quilting 014 cord quilting 015

I can’t lie…it is not easy…..but It is going to be a really heavy warm quilt!

Since I have shown you a zillion pictures of the garden I decided to try a different approach.  I took these pictures through the windows.  They aren’t the clearest but you can get an Idea of the view out of the second floor. (click pictures to enlarge)

Friday I spend the Day teaching floral design….I didn’t get any pictures but a friend took a few

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Thursday Night was a Gala celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the MSU Horticulture Gardens.  I made the centerpieces.  (hard to tell from the pictures but they were beautiful)

photo 1 photo 2

Back to work

Happy Quilting


Sunny Saturday

7-20-13 024

Another sunny day…..last night I had high hopes for rain, (the forecast was for thunderstorms) but the rain passed by with less than 10 drops.  Looks like I will need to water some more.  At least the temperature is lower and the heat index warning has expired.   Here are a few garden pictures (click to enlarge)

I taught the students to make bouquets in class on Thursday

7-20-13 001 7-20-13 002 7-20-13 004

And I got back to work on one of the many hand quilting projects then are in line to be finished

7-20-13 005 7-20-13 006

Have a great Weekend


Another Finish and more garden pictures

Vintage Fan quilt 002

I finished the fan quilt.  I made the top with vintage blocks and new fabrics for the sashing. You can read about that here:

I did not feel like this quilt fit with anything extra fancy in the quilting design. The scrappy nature of it lends itself to a more simple design. This took about 800 yards of quilting thread.

I used Natures Touch cotton batting and just for kicks I measured the quilt before  I washed it.  it finished at 80″ square.  After washing and drying (both in the machine) it is now 76″ square…about 5% shrinkage….I love the look.

Here are a bunch of pictures, the quilt is fresh out of the dryer and still a bit wrinkly but you can get the idea.

click pictures to enlarge

Now back to one of the many other quilts in progress.

It has been hot here in Lansing!…I went outside this morning to take a few garden pictures, and the difference in the temperature between the inside with the AC on and the outside caused my camera lens to fog up…so some of the pictures are a bit foggy looking.

click pictures to enlarge

Stay Cool!


Good News, updates, garden


I got my acceptance letter today From AQS for my Tree of Life Whole Cloth Quilt.   It will be in the Grand Rapids Michigan AQS show Aug 14 – 17

This quilt was also at AQS in Lancaster PA earlier this year.  I hope for a better result this time :)

Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

I have been working on the scrappy bow tie/ snowball quilt.

This is a variation on a pattern called snowball.  here is the original pattern

string snowball

A full quilt would look like this


If you look at one quarter of a unit it looks like this


and several together is like the quilt I am working on

string snowball varr

Here are some update pictures of the quilt (click to enlarge) Teddy was “Helping”

The baby Robins are growing

6-26-13 020

So is the garden

Happy Quilting


Quilting Weekend

Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 006

It looks like it is going to rain again.  I have so much weeding to do in the garden but the weather is telling me to quilt.

I am still working on hand quilting the vintage fans quilt.  I have 4 of the 9 blocks finished.

Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 003 Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 002 Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 001

Teddy went to the groomer today so he wanted to have his picture taken while he is looking his best

Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 007 Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 008 Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 009 Teddy Haricut 6-15-13 010

I took a few more garden pictures before the rain starts up again (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting/gardening


Hand Quilting Makes the Quilt

I have been working on hand quilting  the top I made from vintage fan blocks.  I hung it up today to get a look at it and I am very pleased.  I never ceases to amaze me what a difference some hand quilting can make.  This is a what I have done so far….1/9th of the total.

6-2-13 024

I always start in the center and quilt out to the edges.  Here is the back.

6-2-13 026

and here are some more pictures (click to enlarge)

I have been doing a bit of applique on the antique blocks that I posted about earlier (  I have finished one

Here it is pinned to the fan quilt. (this one was partially finished before I started and I am surprised to see that the part I did is a lot more uniform and neater than the part the original maker did.)

6-2-13 025

It seems like there is something new every day in the garden so here is another bunch of pictures (click to enlarge)

Happy Sunday


Quilting and Gardening

garden 5-30-13 003

I have been working on quilting the fans quilt that I wrote about yesterday.  I always say to myself that I will keep it simple but then I get going on it and the quilt tell me otherwise.   Sounds strange but the quilt really does talk to me and tell me how to quilt it.

progress 5-29-13 001

gears start of quilting 5-29-13 009

The Garden is growing!  Had lots of rain the last few days and it is going to be in the 80′s today so things will be popping.

The Star today is this Iris!

garden 5-30-13 003 garden 5-30-13 004 garden 5-30-13 005

And the lilac is finally opening…not fully open yet but the yard sure smells good!

garden 5-30-13 001

garden 5-30-13 002

garden 5-30-13 011

Next to the lilac the Weigela (Weigela florida) ‘Wine & Roses’ just starting to bloom

garden 5-30-13 012

There are a few roses opening ( in a few days there will be lots!)

this is Cuthbert Grant

garden 5-30-13 026garden 5-30-13 020 garden 5-30-13 021

This is The Hunter

garden 5-30-13 007

I can not remember the name of this one (it is a David Austin) I will look it up and ID it next time I take a picture

garden 5-30-13 006

The Dogwood still has a few blooms

garden 5-30-13 009

Columbine are wanderers..they self seed everywhere

garden 5-30-13 010garden 5-30-13 008

The climber over the side gate is going to be full of blooms

garden 5-30-13 024

It is so large that it has caused the area below it to be a shade garden

garden 5-30-13 029

The ferns and hosta  are happy in the shade below the rose

garden 5-30-13 027 garden 5-30-13 028

the little puffy flower is a Meadow Rue that self seeded there.

The Peony are showing some color…

garden 5-30-13 014

And the Siberian Iris are bull of buds.

garden 5-30-13 015

There are Lupines in bloom

garden 5-30-13 016

and the Cushion Spurge still looks good

garden 5-30-13 013

The Common Thrift (Armeria maritima) is blooming

garden 5-30-13 025

And the front yard is growing

garden 5-30-13 022

Chives and flax

garden 5-30-13 023

And Teddy is inspecting the garden …smells like someone was here….

garden 5-30-13 017

Happy Gardening and Happy Quilting


Garden Flowers

purple coneflower close up

In Lansing MI we need rain!  This week the temperature is somewhat back to normal but we still have had no rain to speak of.  Nothing in the forecast until next week.  My garden would prefer a nice long gentle soaking rain, but for now it has to make due with what I add with soaker hoses.   The flowers are doing remarkably well  all things considered.  Here are some pictures. (click to enlarge)  The native plants are doing the best which is to be expected.

Next time something quilty

stay cool


Butterfly braves the heat

monarda and swallowtail butterfly

It has been so hot and dry lately that I have had to do a lot of watering to keep the garden alive.  In a normal summer I might only water a few times…this year it is almost daily.  This afternoon while watering I saw a butterfly braving the heat. The butterfly was kind enough to wait for me to go back inside and get the camera.  I took some pictures of other flowers that are surviving and even thriving.  (click to enlarge) and stay cool!