Foxtail Lily

When I was in school I couldn’t wait for the lazy days of summer.   It seemed like there was nothing to do and plenty of time to do it.   I really didn’t appreciate it at the time. Now it seems like there is always a list of dozens of things to do  and when I look at the clock I always ask myself where the day went.

I have been doing a lot of outdoor work and the list is growing.     But I did make a dent in it. It rained almost all day yesterday.   That is really a good thing for the garden because I don’t have to water but it did add a day to the deck project.   I cleaned the deck on Thursday and got a coat of paint on it on Friday , rain on Saturday, but got the second coat on today after it dried.   I think it looks great.

Here it is before cleaning and staining.

and after.


I have to give it a few days to totally dry , Teddy is very upset with me for not letting him on the deck.   He thinks it is his personal space.

Another item on the to do list was the front steps.    They were really scary.   The rise and run were all wrong.    The rise from step to step was all different with the space between the top step and the porch deck at about 2 inches.   So I ripped them out (which really was not a big task since they were so poorly made) and replaced them .   I Still need to stain to match, but they are safe to use now.


I transplanted some Hostas in the side bed


Those are the old steps in the bottom left corner of the pic.

I put in some bird feeders.   I can see them from the quilting frame on the first floor and from the sewing machine on the second.


They were both full to the top on Friday.    One holds 5 pounds and one holds 8.   Hungry birds!   And fun to watch squirrels try to get into them.

Here are some more garden pics (click pictures to enlarge)

There is a lot left to do!   I think I will make another list….LOL
Quilting stuff next time





Moving stuff into the studio today and I also got some stuff moved into the Living room (or break room ) I like quilts on chairs.   I will hang quilts on the walls a bit later.  I need to make some drapes for the windows…I am not a fan of just blinds.

I have the important part of the kitchen set….the coffee pot. Coffee is needed all day long.

And I found a spot for my old radio…which still works.   I am a big fan of high tech LOL


The garden is pretty green…..but everything is getting ready to bloom if I get a bit of sun. When you look close there are lots of blooms just starting and hiding .

And it needs weeding so I know what I will be doing tomorrow if it doesn’t rain again.

Happy quilting and gardening


Garden pictures again


A very sunny day today.   Here are a few garden pictures.   (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy needs sunglasses…he squints in the sun
DSCN7080 DSCN7079

Happy Gardening


Gardening and quilting


I have the trapunto in the center of the Reindeer quilt finished.


One corner to finish.


Teddy thought if he covered it up I would not need to finish it.


It has rained a bit so it is wet and cloudy.   could use a lot more rain but the garden is growing.    There is not a lot blooming right now but here is another batch of pictures  (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


More Trapunto and some garden pictures

DSCN6900 (2)

I finished some more of the trapunto.    The quilt looks a bit bumpy in the picture but that is because I have had it sort of wadded up in my hands to get the stuffing in.    It really is still flat.     Here are some more pictures (click to enlarge)

It did rain last night and it looks like more today.   It is very cloudy so the color of the pictures is not the best but you can still see how things are growing.

The grass is still wet from the rain so Teddy decided to stay inside …..he doesn’t like to get his feet wet.  Here he is in his “I’m bored” pose ( he thinks it is my fault that it is wet outside)


Happy Quilting


Deer Quilting


I have made some progress hand quilting the deer snowflake quilt.


when I finish this pair of deer I will have 5 more pair to go


and then I will have all the outside edges …you can see the edges drawn in this picture


here is the finished center


here is the snowflake the quilt is based on


lots more stitching to go!!


It rained pretty hard yesterday and a lot of the garden got a bit flattened but the sun is out and there is still a lot of color so I took some pictures.

Click on pictures to enlarge

I carefully avoided taking pictures that show the weeds! ….I have to get out there and do some work!!

Happy Gardening/Quilting



More Garden Picturtes


Hard to believe it is already Aug 9!  The summer is flying by….but the garden continues to grow.   here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

here is the back garden

and the front

I got a bit more done on the snowflake quilt, many stitches to go :)

DSCN3653 DSCN3652

This post shows how I started 

More pictures soon

Happy Quilting