Teddy’s Garden

Teddy on guard

Not much new in the quilt category to write about, I am working away on some of the unfinished pile….more about those soon

Meanwhile Teddy wanted to show off his garden….so here are some pictures of the summer flowers coming into bloom. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Gardening


Sunny Saturday

7-20-13 024

Another sunny day…..last night I had high hopes for rain, (the forecast was for thunderstorms) but the rain passed by with less than 10 drops.  Looks like I will need to water some more.  At least the temperature is lower and the heat index warning has expired.   Here are a few garden pictures (click to enlarge)

I taught the students to make bouquets in class on Thursday

7-20-13 001 7-20-13 002 7-20-13 004

And I got back to work on one of the many hand quilting projects then are in line to be finished

7-20-13 005 7-20-13 006

Have a great Weekend



garden 7-4-13 004

Today Is mulch day. I like to mulch my flower beds.  Mulch helps to keep down the weeds and hold in the moisture and it looks good.

I had 4 yards of mulch delivered yesterday for the back yard.  A yard of mulch is one cubic yard 3′x3′x3′.  Most big box stores sell mulch in 2 cubic foot bags so a yard of mulch is 13.5 bags,  so I got 52 bags worth.

garden 7-4-13 001

I am using Red Pine bark mulch.  It is much more finely ground than hardwood, and I like the look better.  I also like it better because it decomposes more rapidly and works to add organic matter to the soil.  It is also acidic and the soil in my area is alkaline and I am always happy to lower the pH.  I would like it to be about 6.8 but it always seems to get up to 7.5 or more.

I got the back yard finished and here is the leftover pile that will be used up in the front yard.

garden 7-4-13 005

Here are some pictures of the garden (click to enlarge)

Something Quilts next time

Happy 4th!


Good News, updates, garden


I got my acceptance letter today From AQS for my Tree of Life Whole Cloth Quilt.   It will be in the Grand Rapids Michigan AQS show Aug 14 – 17

This quilt was also at AQS in Lancaster PA earlier this year.  I hope for a better result this time :)

Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

I have been working on the scrappy bow tie/ snowball quilt.

This is a variation on a pattern called snowball.  here is the original pattern

string snowball

A full quilt would look like this


If you look at one quarter of a unit it looks like this


and several together is like the quilt I am working on

string snowball varr

Here are some update pictures of the quilt (click to enlarge) Teddy was “Helping”

The baby Robins are growing

6-26-13 020

So is the garden

Happy Quilting


More Flowers…and a new Quilt top

garden 6-11-13 017

I have been busy with gardening….both at home and at work ….I don’t have a lot of new quilting to show but I did win an auction on eBay and this one will be arriving soon

and the roses continue to bloom (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Summer!


Beautiful Gardening Weather

garden 5-25-13 011

The Weather is perfect this weekend for gardening.

Several years ago I began the slow process of removing the lawn in the front yard and making it all flower beds.  This weekend I decided to finish the job.

This little curved section was all that was left of the grass (the other side of the sidewalk belongs to the city but I might get rid of all that grass as well since I have to mow it and have taken over a big chunk of it anyway).

(its an old picture but I forgot to take one today before I started digging)


So I dig out the grass and then started to work on the soil.  First I had to get the rocks out…here is what I dug up

garden 5-25-13 001

Next I worked in some organic material  (peat and compost) and raked it out

garden 5-25-13 002 garden 5-25-13 003

Planted a few new things and moved some other things around….in a few weeks you wont even know its new

garden 5-25-13 006

Here is the whole yard (its only 40 feet wide)

garden 5-25-13 007 garden 5-25-13 008

And a few flowers (I love chives and allium)

garden 5-25-13 009 garden 5-25-13 010 garden 5-25-13 011

and the back yard gets some work tomorrow

garden 5-25-13 004

Have a great Holiday Weekend!


gingham quilt top


I love the look of gingham.  I don’t know what it is that draws me to it so much but to me it just looks happy.  Here is another new vintage top in gingham

When I look at it I feel like having a picnic lunch.

I think I will do blue for the binding…and perhaps red and blue quilting thread for the hand quilting.  This one is all cotton so it should be relatively easy to quilt….and the only thing it will need is a good pressing and it is ready to go.  It is machine pieced (not perfect but good enough for me!)  and to me it looks like 1950′s.  The stack of tops is getting pretty high!  I need to organize and pack some more so I have room to work.

I am making good progress on the vintage strip quilt

about 1/4 to go on the right side.

The last week has been beautiful weather in Lansing!  we have had 2″ of rain!!  My grass is green again…..I took a few pictures of the back yard through the window upstairs looking down

A bit of rain sure makes a difference!

Teddy says Hi

Happy Quilting


I am trying to post from my laptop today to see if it works before I head to Grand Rapids for the AQS show on Wednesday….  I want to be sure pictures download from camera to laptop correctly so…….

picutes again…click to enlarge


Lansing MI has been so dry for so long that I thought it would never rain again.  Thursday it started and finished up this afternoon…the best kind of rain….long and gentle.  The result is more rain than we have had all summer.

2.5 inches in my yard.  Prior to that I had .5 inches all summer.

I just got a rain barrel last week and it was full in no time! now I want to get 3 more!

The rain does tend to flatten the flowers but most will spring back as the foliage dries.  Here are some pictures of my now wet garden….I love it!….click pictures to enlarge

Happy Gardening


Technology is not always fun

The flowers in the pots are doing great...the verbena is the star for now

I have been dealing with a slowly dying computer for weeks. I decided to break down and get a new one (a new to me used-reformatted computer from eBay).  So now I have 2 laptops and 2 desktops running trying to get all the old files that I need transferred to the new one.  Getting all the drivers installed so the printer works and the camera can download and save picture is not fun…but it is necessary.

Today’s post is more of a test, posting from the new computer.  I took some pictures of the garden.  The garden is in somewhat of a lull…the spring flowers are mostly gone and the summer flowers are not in bloom yet but there are still spots of color.  Click the pictures to enlarge.

Happy Gardening


This and That

No real big quilting updates for today, But a few pictures to show.

Lansing has its own Peregrine Falcon nest box on the Board of Water and Light plant.  I have shown pictures previously of the nest and the eggs….here are the babies

aren’t they cute!  they grow fast because they get fed a lot

they are entering that “awkward” stage now

I bought another eBay quilt top (don’t laugh I really needed it)

eBay Image Hosting at www.auctiva.com

I will post more about it when it arrives.

and here are the requisite garden pictures. (click to enlarge)

Happy Gardening