Garden Inspection and a Pattern

I need to sniff this!

The weather is beautiful this morning so Teddy and I inspected the garden and  I took some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

The garden is mostly buds at this point but I will post lots of pictures in the future when they bloom.

When ever I go out in the garden I find so much more work that needs doing.   The weeds never stop growing :)     I have given myself a gardening nickname:   Seymour, because I can always see more weeds.

Yesterday I posted some vintage quilt top pictures.    This one got a lot of attention.


When I purchased the top I made a tracing of the design and a PDF file of the pattern.   If you would like to make your own here is a link to the pattern

The other favorite was the cup and saucer


I will do a pattern for that soon.

Happy Quilting and Gardening



Vintage Log Cabins and Butterflies


I bought another log cabin quilt top.  This one is from the 1930’s


It is hand and machine pieced.

DSCN3436 DSCN3435

it is 77″ x 82″ with a great variety of fabrics  (click pictures to enlarge)

Different fabrics and settings can really change the look of a log cabin quilt.  Here are a few examples from my collection of vintage tops and quilts that I have finished. (click pictures to enlarge)

Yesterday between rain showers I took a few butterfly pictures in my garden.


Since I was taking butterfly pictures I also took more flower pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Next time some quilting updates

Happy Quilting


Garden pictures


I have been able to get a bit of garden work done the last few days… are a few pictures I took this morning (click pictures to enlarge)

It sure is good to start seeing color!

Happy Gardening


Plans and Garden

garden update 8-2-13 007

I have been stitching away on my whole cloth quilt. Hand quilting gives me a lot of time to think….and I have been trying to plan what I am going to do with the fabrics I recently purchased.

aqs loot gr 2013 008

I have changed my mind a million times…here are a few of my first thoughts

newnew test  dwr.newdwr

but what about these…..

The Flower Ring Round the Twist Blazing Star CONSTELLATION

I could drive myself crazy trying to make up my mind.  I think I will just keep thinking about it until I finish the one I am working on….and plan another few dozen options.  I will know what to do when I am ready to start.  Part of the process for me is to spend a lot of time thinking about it and not rush or be influenced by what others think….it needs to feel right to me or I just can’t get into it.

Here are some more Garden pictures (click to enlarge)


Happy Quilting


Late summer garden, and an interview

I took some pictures of the garden today.  I  seem to begin to overlook it at this time of year, but it is still full of blooms….and bees!

Click pictures to enlarge

and here are some pictures of demos from floral design class…the first 3 designs are by Cindy Ching

And when I was at AQS in Grand Rapids I was interviewed by Bonnie Browning…here is the interview

Happy Quilting and happy Gardening



Teddy’s Garden

Teddy on guard

Not much new in the quilt category to write about, I am working away on some of the unfinished pile….more about those soon

Meanwhile Teddy wanted to show off his garden….so here are some pictures of the summer flowers coming into bloom. (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Gardening


Another Finish and more garden pictures

Vintage Fan quilt 002

I finished the fan quilt.  I made the top with vintage blocks and new fabrics for the sashing. You can read about that here:

I did not feel like this quilt fit with anything extra fancy in the quilting design. The scrappy nature of it lends itself to a more simple design. This took about 800 yards of quilting thread.

I used Natures Touch cotton batting and just for kicks I measured the quilt before  I washed it.  it finished at 80″ square.  After washing and drying (both in the machine) it is now 76″ square…about 5% shrinkage….I love the look.

Here are a bunch of pictures, the quilt is fresh out of the dryer and still a bit wrinkly but you can get the idea.

click pictures to enlarge

Now back to one of the many other quilts in progress.

It has been hot here in Lansing!…I went outside this morning to take a few garden pictures, and the difference in the temperature between the inside with the AC on and the outside caused my camera lens to fog up…so some of the pictures are a bit foggy looking.

click pictures to enlarge

Stay Cool!