Colorful blocks


I made up a few more of the blocks with the Luxury Essentials Fabrics (the fabric is part of the give away…see that here

I now have 24 blocks done…..there will be 24 more , I have only used half of the fabrics so far.


I love all the colors , I do need to shift around the blocks a bit to keep 2 of the same fabrics from being next to each other….perhaps a bit over-obsessive but it would drive me crazy if I sewed them together like that. (see the lower left with the blue fabric)

I was thinking that I might also like this if it were monochromatic.    I converted a picture to  gray-scale

DSCN4866 (2)

I think it has real potential that way too.

Teddy gave the blocks an initial test.


He sure does look good with all those colors.


Today I plan to get the pattern finished for the Snowflake quilt


made from this snowflake


And I want to finish the Batik top


and I would like to finish the orange quilt top


I think I need at least a few days :)

Happy Quilting


Hand Quilting and Piecing


I have been so busy the last few days that I haven’t gotten a lot of quilting done.

I worked for a bit last night on the Luxury Essentials blocks. (see the post about the fabric give away here

here is a block ready to sew


With 6 blocks you can start to see how the design will look


When I have it finished I will hand quilt it.

My hand quilting project for now is still the antique applique quilt.

DSCN4854 DSCN4853 DSCN4852

Teddy is still concerned that someone is going to steal his bone…he keeps checking on it and keeping it in his sight.


It is still snowy and cold and perfect weather for hand quilting……Even with the hoop on a stand the quilt covers you up nicely as you work.

Happy quilting


Hand Quilting again…and snow


I am focusing my hand quilting attention on a great quilt.    It has a lot of quilting so it won’t be done quickly.


The more blocks I finish the more I am deciding that I will stuff (trapunto) the feathers between the blocks.  It will really make them special.

It has been snowing here.   Nothing like in some parts of the country!  but snow enough to make it look like December rather than November.

Teddy hates the snow, he wasn’t built for it and after a walk he likes to sit on my lap to warm up is cold toes.   He does like to look out the window.


Not much to see there, but there are some neighborhood cats that like to hide in the garden.

DSCN4847 DSCN4846

He is always on the lookout for someone who is coming to steal his bone….he is very protective of it and if he sees anyone coming down the street he goes to guard it.


This is the time of year where time seems to disappear and I wonder if I am really getting anything done.   Probably because I have so many things going on at once.

look at my work table (OK let’s be honest it is the dining room table)


organized chaos

I worked on snowflake patterns/instructions and made a file of them available on my Etsy site see the link for that on the sidebar to the right of this page.  I also made a snowflake and pattern that I am posting here for you as a free download.


Here is the pattern snowflake 11-19-14

I am working to get the Snowflake quilt pattern done and up on the site soon…this week I hope

Back to work for me

Stay warm!

and Happy Quilting





I started hand quilting this quilt on March 5 (see that post here

I worked on it off and on since then.   The vintage top had some problems and you can see how I fixed that here

I quilted vines in the sashing and here is how I marked those


I washed it after It was finished to get out the pencil marks and the dirt from years of storage.    I washed it on the gentle cycle in the machine with hot water, I used Tide and a cup of Oxiclean and a few tablespoons of Dawn dish washing liquid.   The dawn prevents any stray dyes from reabsorbing into the fabrics.     I then dried it in the dryer at regular temperature.


All the dirt and markings came out.

Here are pictures of all the blocks (click pictures to enlarge)

Here is the back….that horrible backing fabric that was the biggest quilting mistake I ever made.


Teddy had to make his final inspection… is is looking closely at the stitching


He decided that it will do

DSCN4805 DSCN4804

I still need to steam out some wrinkles that always happen in the washing and drying and then it is on to other quilts.

This morning I looked out the window to see this.


looks like a not so good day to work in the garden :)

My friends at P&B Textiles are generously providing fabrics for a give away……here is a preview of 2 of the lines

DSCN4774 DSCN4773

Check back next time for details on how to enter and see more pictures of all the fabrics.


Happy Quilting!





Quick update


It has been a crazy week but it isn’t over yet :)    I have still got 11 sashing strips to finish hand quilting on the lily quilt.


I had thought they would take an hour each…..I was wrong…more like 2

Teddy is anxious for me to finish it


I took a few pictures of the snowflake quilt…..which I plan to finish the pattern for this weekend

Back to work….

Happy Quilting


20 to go


I have worked on the lily quilt and have 20 sashing strips left to hand quilt.  That is down from 29 the last time I posted about it.


20 strips translates to about 20 hours of quilting so I think I can get it done this week.

Teddy is testing it out

more progress pictures soon

Happy Quilting


Milestone and Snowfkakes


I have been looking at my blog stats and it has reached a milestone.

million stats

It is hard to see the numbers in this screen shot… gets bigger if you click on it…but in summary   my first year of blogging was 2011 , I got a total of 16,705 views and average day was 58 views.    this year so far 426,553 views and an average of 1,337 per day.

All that adds up to this

one million

1,001,571 views to date.

I am just amazed that my blog has had over one million views.    Thank you all for following!!

I think a lot of the credit goes to a very special quilt inspector.


Here he is this morning with the quilt I am working on.

I started the quilt back in march and It is really hard going to get it done!    I foolishly used bad backing fabric. I buy a lot of vintage quilt tops on eBay and one of the came with a backing fabric.    It is a very tightly woven cotton poly blend.   Not the right fabric for quilts but I saved it.    I knew it was a bad Idea when I started and I did it anyway because I wanted to start and I had the fabric on hand.   The backing fabric is so hard to quilt!   I can normally quilt for hours and hours without any problem, but this one is so hard on my hands….they get so tired because the fabric is so much like quilting through cement.

While working on the quilt I find that I need to take breaks.   I have been making snowflakes in between quilting.   Part of what I see from the site stats is that my snowflake posts are among the most popular and since it is getting to be that time of year I am making more….with the aim of making patterns from them.   (how to make a snowflake post here)

Here are a few I made this weekend  (click pictures to enlarge)

my hands are rested now so back to that quilt

Happy Quilting