Quilts for sale


I make a lot of quilts.   I have lost count of how many I have made since I started in 2006 but I have plans for many many more.  I have decided that it is time to let go of some to make room (and money) for more. I get sort of attached to them after putting all the hours of work into them but  I have listed several for sale on my Etsy site.      I have priced them far below what I really should.    If I were to add up the cost of materials and add the hours of work to hand quilt them the price would be much higher.

Here are the quilt currently listed for sale

2012_0821vintage-strip-quilt0002 dscn2866 fruit-basket-finished-007 tumbling-blocks-full il_570xN.410030426_wcwf il_570xN.584658750_4n5p il_570xN.584780907_2kbm il_570xN.919559437_3tkz

For more information go to my Etsy store here  https://www.etsy.com/shop/timquilts

I may add more soon

Happy Quilting




I have made some progress on a few projects.

I have been having fun on the treadle machine

Here is what I have so far


Five more rows to do then it will also get a few borders.

Making some progress on the rose Applique


The remaining applique pieces are going on today ….here they are ready for stitching


It will be a while yet…..but I am really looking forward to hand quilting it!

Teddy got a new bone……..he can hardly contain himself

Happy Quilting


2015 Quilts


When I am hand quilting I am also thinking.   Today I was thinking about what I will finish this year.    I went through my pictures from last year and I think these are most of the quilts I finished last year.    (click pictures to enlarge)

I am not sure yet what the new year plan is…..but I have lots of ideas…stay tuned :)

Happy Quilting


Alphabet Quilt


I am just back from the eye doctor and my eyes are dilated and it is a bit hard to see so forgive any typos. ( I get an exam every year to check for any damage related to diabetes … they didn’t find any problems)

I finished the hand quilting and binding on the Alphabet Quilt today.


I bought the fabric locally but you can find the fabric here http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/SHOP-BY-THEME/Timeless-Treasures-Novelty-Prints/Quilting-Treasures-Janet-Wecker-Frisch-Hungry-Animal-Alphabet-Fabric-Book-Panel

or do a google search for:  Quilting Treasures Janet Wecker Frisch Hungry Animal Alphabet Fabric- 35″ Alphabet Panel


It went pretty fast….maybe I should only make baby quilts….. I could do about 50 in a year  ;)

Here are some pictures (click the pictures to enlarge)

Once My eyes clear up I’ll get back to work on one of the many other works in progress

Happy Quilting


First hand quilting of the new year


Yesterday I wrote about not being afraid to make mistakes or try something new.    Today I made a mistake.   I started the hand quilting on the Alphabet quit top.


I recently bought a baptist fan stencil that I wanted to try.     I ordered it on line and when I got it I knew it was not right for me. I never use stencils so I am not even sure why I bought it.   The arcs are too small for my liking but I felt like I should use it since I bought it so I started to mark the top and hating it even more the more I marked.    I should not have talked myself into using it.   The mistake here was ignoring my own judgment.  I made myself stop after marking about 1/2 of the top.

The lesson here is to trust you instincts.   In the end it saves a lot of time and effort.

Instead of re marking I just basted the layers together and got it in the hoop.   I am hand quilting big circles….following the size of the hoop and working in to the center .


You  can see the quilting better on the back


You will notice that it is not perfect…..just doing it by eye.  I like it :)  it feels right to me and that is what is important.

I am just quilting over the marking I did and ignoring it…I’ll wash it out when the quilting is finished


Here are some more pictures (click picture to enlarge)

Happy New Year and Happy Quilting




Boots Finished


I finished hand quilting the boots quilt today.


I started it in mid November.   Please don’t say I am fast :(

It might seem like it went fast but I have worked on it night and day …..over 150 hours.

Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

My hands need a break.    I think I’ll play with the machine for a day or 2

I forgot to post that my rose quilt will be at AQS Quilt Week in Phoenix Feb 11-14


Happy Quilting