Boots Finished


I finished hand quilting the boots quilt today.


I started it in mid November.   Please don’t say I am fast :(

It might seem like it went fast but I have worked on it night and day …..over 150 hours.

Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

My hands need a break.    I think I’ll play with the machine for a day or 2

I forgot to post that my rose quilt will be at AQS Quilt Week in Phoenix Feb 11-14


Happy Quilting


Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum


One of my quilts was accepted for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum exhibit “No Girls Allowed”. The show runs January 29th through April 26th.

whole cloth finished 020-9



This is the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum’s Thirteenth Biennial Exhibit of Quilts Made by Men. and the third that I have had a quilt in.

This one was in 2012


and this 2014

I put together a storage shed for tools etc.

DSCN8569 DSCN8568

It is so nice to have storage space.    The assembly required exactly 2 million 87 screws.

Remember the boots Quilt top?


I got started on quilting it.   12 weight Aurifil cotton thread (equivalent to size 12 perle cotton ) and a big needle .   Easy to see thread because of the contrast so it is going pretty good.

DSCN8570 DSCN8572 DSCN8571

several others in progress too……more pictures soon

Happy Quilting



Log Cabin Variation Finished


I bought this antique (circa 1900) quilt top in 2012


It might be hard to tell from the picture how wonky and puckered it is.     It required a remake to get it flat enough to quilt.    You can read how I did that here

I  started the hand quilting and got half done but it got set aside for another project and was forgotten.    I got back to it and finished it .    The batting is Hobb’s Heirloom Wool.  I used YLI black hand quilting thread.  Finished size is 75″ x 90″

I washed it and dried it as soon as I finished the hand quilting.   Machine washed in a top load washer on gently cycle with warm water and regular detergent with the addition of 2 Tablespoons of Dawn dish washing liquid (the dawn keeps stray dye from bleeding).  Dried in the dryer on low temp.
Here it is fresh out of the dryer.


It is hard to see the hand quilting in this light (daylight is best so I’ll take more pics in the morning) but here are more pictures (click to enlarge)

My new light really helped. I can get it very close to the quilt and it helps my vision a lot.   I can get back to quilting small stitches again now.   It is hard to see the stitching here but it is only about 7 stitches per inch .


I have a bunch of other projects in progress to get done…..

happy quilting


and Teddy


Quilting the Star


I finished piecing the second star top this afternoon. I pieced it in rows.


then joined the rows in 2 groups


Then joined the 2


Then I pin basted it.

DSCN8471 (2)

And now I am Hand quilting it.


After that is finished I plan to write up a pattern.

Piecing took a little longer than I planned because I kept watching the squirrels out the studio window.

DSCN8466 DSCN8465

They can’t get into the bird feeders but it sure doesn’t stop them from trying.

Happy Quilting


A Room With A View


Teddy appreciates the view from his chair by the window.


Of course when he realizes I have the camera he gets distracted.

I had enough of the old antique blocks to make a set of valances for the studio window.   I decided to use roller shades here .They roll up easy and give me a better view of the garden than looking through sheers.

I spread out the stripy log cabin today to see how much hand quilting is done so Teddy had to pose.


Here are a few more pictures (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Still here


It has been a while since I have posted.    I feel like I have been slacking …   but I did make some progress on the new top

last time it looked like this.


I added more and did some rearranging.


and more.


filled in the last of the holes and added a border.


Teddy decided to do his rabbit impression.


He really had just heard a noise and that is his “I hear something” pose.

Here he is in his normal quilt pose


I got started on piecing the blocks together

DSCN8275 DSCN8276DSCN8281

I think I am going to write up a pattern for this one.

I haven’t done much hand quilting…..back and eyes ( one of my medications causes blurry vision) aren’t cooperating.  But I will be back to it soon.  I can do big stitches but tiny little stitching is tough…going to look into a magnifier.

I added a hanging rod in the living room to hang this quilt.


A few more to add and I will post pictures of that.

Happy quilting




Easily Distracted


Sometimes (often) I start to do one thing and end up doing something totally different.

I realized on Friday that I almost missed the deadline to enter a quilt in the Phoenix American Quilters Society show in February.   I read through the categories and decided to enter my Rose Quilt.    I needed to get a picture of it hanging to use for the entry and one close up picture.   In order to do that I needed to do some unpacking that has been waiting for me (more about that later).    It was wrinkled so I had to steam it to get pictures.    Anyway here is the full pic and the close up.

AQS mackintosh fullAQS mackintosh close up

So that being done it was back to unpacking.   I still have a ton of stuff in boxes that needs organizing in the studio.  I started on a tub of fabric and didn’t even get it unpacked before I got distracted by a new plan and started working on a new quilt top.


I have a lot more fabric than I realized.


and nothing in the tub has made it to the shelf yet :(

I did take a few picture of the garden

most of the flowers in the older part are done for the year.


There are a few things in bloom, Celosia Argentea and Toad lilies are looking good.

DSCN8232 DSCN8231

The Rudbeckia hirta I planted in the new bed by the drive is blooming

DSCN8227 DSCN8226 DSCN8225

My new grass is looking great.  The beds around the edges are filling in with plants as I have time to divide and move things.


So much to do before the end of fall!

But now it is back to work hand quilting.  I have a lot to catch up on!

Happy Quilting