11 quilts so far

I just realized that  Tomorrow is the first day of October.

I have set myself a goal of 12 quilts hand quilted per year.    so I thought with only 3 months to go I should see how I am doing.

Here are those I finished so far this year….I think I got them all….click pictures to enlarge

Teddy went to the groomer today so he is looking nice and clean and dressed for fall…here is what I sometimes see when I look up from a quilt I am working on.


see the bone on the floor on the right….his new favorite toy.   Whenever he hears a noise or a car drives down the street he gets his bone to “protect it” then he spends some time chewing on it once he knows it is safe

Back to work….

Happy Quilting


Wonky Nine Patch Quilted


I finished hand quilting the wonky nine patch last night.    Now don’t say I can’t believe how fast you quilt….I worked on it almost non stop since I started, (about 60 hours), and it is a small quilt and the quilting is very simple.

I used Hobb’s Tuscany Silk batting on this one and it quilts like a dream.

Here it is with the quilting finished before the binding is done


I trimmed the backing and batting leaving 2 inches of backing beyond the top


I fold the backing over 2 times and then sew to the top to make the binding.

after that was done I put it in the wash (delicate setting).   I wanted to get the crinkled look that is caused by the shrinkage of the batting.    The silk batting shrinks quite a bit.    Before washing the quilt was 50″ x 60″  now it is 45″ x 55″  I love the look and now that it is washed, and dried in the dryer on low temp, it is soft and has the most amazing drape.


The quilting is simple wavy lines using red perle cotton thread #8 and a size 5 embroidery needle.

DSCN4177 DSCN4174

The backing is a plaid flannel


I might add a hanging sleeve and use it as a wall hanging….

a few more pictures

DSCN4180 DSCN4179 DSCN4178
Happy Quilting


Teddy the Quilt Model


Teddy is a real character.   Whenever I take the quilt out of the hoop he thinks I am going to take pictures and he gets excited.   If he sees me with the camera he really gets excited and wants to pose.

Last night I started work on hand quilting the wonky nine patch quilt.

Here it is pin basted….I use very few pins…..the hoop holds the layers together the pins just keep it in place until it is in the hoop


I am doing wavy lines for the quilting…no marking , just wavy lines with #8 perle cotton thread and a size 5 embroidery needle.


Today when I took it out of the hoop to move to the next spot Teddy decided it was time for him to pose.  here are the pictures from his photo shoot

He really does model like a pro ;)

Happy Quilting


Update on snowflake


No new projects today so here are a few pictures of the hand quilting on the snowflake quilt. (click pictures to enlarge)


and since people sometimes ask here is the back


Happy Quilting


Sunday Update

I have made a few more of the Batik Blocks…..only 91 to go now :)


Working on some more hand quilting

DSCN3905 DSCN3904 DSCN3903

I plan to make a pattern for this one as soon as I finish it.   I want to fine tune some of the details before I do that.


Now I need to get to work in the garden…..fall is starting and I need to start some clean up …pictures of the garden next time

Happy Quilting


Big Thread Throw Quilt Finished


I made the top on Aug 31…..see that post here http://timquilts.com/2014/08/31/quilt-top-in-an-afternoon/ and I spent the last 4 days hand quilting it.   Sounds really fast (and it was fast to make the top)  but it actually took about 60 hours total to make this quilt.    At an hour a day that would be 2 months.

I used Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Batting.   It was the first time I have used it and I love it!    Easy to quilt, soft, great drape, I will definitely use it again.

The had quilting was done with #8 perle cotton thread.  I used black because I wanted it to show.

DSCN3862 DSCN3860

This would not be my choice for every quilt but for this one I think it was the right choice.    I did big overlapping circles because I wanted a contrast with the linear look of the top, I think it adds movement.

I did not do any marking ….I quilted it by eye….and it is NOT perfect…..and that was intentional.  I didn’t think perfect/uniform/symmetrical would fit with the free form piecing of the top.

I am calling this “Big Thread” quilting because I think it more accurately describes it.    The Term “Big Stitch” implies that there needs to be a specific size of stitch to qualify as “Big” and I honestly believe that the size of the stitch or stitches per inch is not what is important.   As long as the stitches look the way you want them to look they are the right size.   I used perle cotton thread and it is much thicker/bigger than normal hand quilting thread so “Big Thread” describes it.

For comparison here is a quilt I made using #8 perle cotton thread

321 quilt

the stitches aren’t necessarily big

321 AGS 027

but the thread is.

here is one with much less quilting and larger stitches


but the same size thread.

and another

tie dye quilting 005

all different stitch density and stitch size but all with “Big Thread”

Here is the quilt before binding

DSCN3876 DSCN3877

And the finished quilt after binding and washing and drying (in the machine)


The angle of the picture distorts the shape a bit.   it is actually square ( about 56″ x 56″) after washing a drying.

here is the back


and some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)


Now back to work on one (or many) of the other projects.    But I have some ideas for a variation on this design……..I might need to do that soon

Happy Quilting