Nap Time?


What does a quilt inspector dog do when he gets tired of watching quilting?   He takes a nap.


Before he settles down to nap he spends a good bit of time making his nest.

He used his quilt


and one that I made several years ago


I have been talking about making a pattern for my Reindeer Snowflake quilt for months


I finally got it done (working on the pattern was not interesting to Teddy hence the napping)

I have listed it on my Etsy page.   you can see that here:  Snowflake Quilt Pattern

Now it is time for a bit of Teddy time   then back to work

Happy Quilting



Colorful blocks


I made up a few more of the blocks with the Luxury Essentials Fabrics (the fabric is part of the give away…see that here

I now have 24 blocks done…..there will be 24 more , I have only used half of the fabrics so far.


I love all the colors , I do need to shift around the blocks a bit to keep 2 of the same fabrics from being next to each other….perhaps a bit over-obsessive but it would drive me crazy if I sewed them together like that. (see the lower left with the blue fabric)

I was thinking that I might also like this if it were monochromatic.    I converted a picture to  gray-scale

DSCN4866 (2)

I think it has real potential that way too.

Teddy gave the blocks an initial test.


He sure does look good with all those colors.


Today I plan to get the pattern finished for the Snowflake quilt


made from this snowflake


And I want to finish the Batik top


and I would like to finish the orange quilt top


I think I need at least a few days :)

Happy Quilting


Fabric Give Away


My friends at P&B Textiles have generously offered fabrics for a give away.   There are 5 fat quarter bundles!

First is a line called Luxury Essentials


Next is Bella Suede


Also Island Breeze (click picture to see the whole line)


And Fontaine (click picture to see the entire line)


And last Blissful Moments (click picture to see entire line)


Each bundle will have one fat quarter of each fabric in the line and will be sent to you directly from P&B Textiles.

To enter the give away add a comment to this post stating that you would like to be entered.  I will do a random number pick of the entries (first comment will be number one, second comment 2, etc).  I will select the winning 5 numbers on Nov 27, Thanksgiving day.  The winners will have their fabrics in time for a holiday project.

(I normally try to respond to every comment but for this post I will not be able to respond or it will throw off my number system and if you have not commented on this blog before it might take a while for the comment to appear because I need to approve them before they appear )

They sent me 2 bundles and I am starting to piece a quilt top with the Luxury Essentials line.


I am becoming more and more a solid fan.   This line is solid but not.   The pictures don’t do justice to the gold accent print on the fabric but it really feels like the holidays to me.

I wanted to make something simple with all easy cuts and all straight line seams and use all 30 fabrics. A bonus of this design is that there are no points to match up.

Here is a block layout of the pieces.


Here are a few completed blocks they are 12 inches square.

DSCN4836 DSCN4837

Every block will be a bit different.

I will post more pictures as I get more done.  (you know I have at least a dozen projects going at once so it wont be done tomorrow ;) )  I plan for it to be a full-sized quilt so there will be a lot of blocks!

Happy Quilting and good luck in the drawing!





Snowflakes and quilts


It is that time of year again.   People are getting ready for winter and the winter holidays.    Every winter I make snowflakes.

Here is a how to post I did a while back.

I have had so many people viewing the snowflake posts that I have done that I am planning to make a set of patterns.    I made a new one last night


and I will be making more soon.

I did a bit more piecing.   I have had some questions about how the blocks go together and how I did the design.

First I had the idea in my head.    It is based on a quilt that I made a few years ago.    It was a vintage top that I hand quilted.

finishing-binding 025

Old quilts are great inspiration for new designs.

I made a mock-up on the computer…from there I made a few changes in my head

fall idea

After I decided how I would make it I cut templates from template plastic.   I bought 10 half yards of fabric.  5 light and 5 dark,   I am cutting 2 inch strips of 5 fabrics and sewing them together into sets (light and dark)

Here is a light set with the templates set to trace


I trace the template with a sharpie


and I cut them all out with scissors ( I only use a rotary cutter for straight lines)

here is the layout with both the dark and the light sets cut


then sew them together


I finished 8 so far…here are a few possible layouts.  The color in the first 2 is about right, I am not sure what I did on the next 2  (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy is learning how to get even more attention.   His new trick is to get in my chair.    I sit in this chair when I hand quilt so he sees me there a lot.   It is also where I sit when I am at the computer.

Now it is also where Teddy sits when he thinks he needs some extra attention….which of course he always gets….I think he wants to make sure I don’t forget who is in charge :)

Back to work…..I need to get the pattern made for the snowflake quilt


Finish piecing the batik quilt


Finish repair on the sunflower quilt


Finish hand quilting these


and several more…..I never have to worry about running out of projects

Happy Quilting


Quilted Pillow


The internet is amazing to me.   It brings together so many people and ideas.

A few weeks ago I posted about the Teddy Quilt I made with the bandanas that Teddy gets from his groomer.


It got a lot of interest and led me to meet (on-line) Delse Buss. If not for the internet we would never have connected.     Delse is a quilter who makes the coolest pillows.   A photo of your dog is transformed into a custom-made, hand appliqued and hand quilted pillow .

Here is Teddy

teddy portrait

and here is the Pillow Delse made


It really is fun! (right now I just stuffed it with batting scraps so it is a bit lumpy…..I will buy a 12 inch pillow from to stuff it properly)


Here is a link to the Etsy store so you can see more examples

Thanks for the pillow Delse.   Teddy and I both love it!

Here are a few pictures of the floral designs the students made in my class last night.   The snapdragons were a bit curvy from shipping but will straighten up within a day.    (click pictures to enlarge)

It is a very damp and gloomy day here but flowers always brighten things up.

I am pretty pleased with the way the new top is coming together.


Back to work for me

Happy Quilting


More Piecing


I got a few blocks done yesterday.

Sewing 2 inch by 18 inch strips of the darker colors together  and 5 of the light   I can get one block.

here are the prices


here are the templates I cut


when I cut out the pieces I end up with some leftovers


they should be fun to make into another quilt.

the blocks can be arranged in different ways….I need to press them so pretend they are flat :)

DSCN4673 DSCN4672 DSCN4671 DSCN4670

I will make all the blocks and then play with different arrangements ….it will likely end up being a combination of all ….I am in an asymmetrical mood.

I took these pictures and went to the computer to download them and Teddy was jumping up and down and pawing at me.   He was telling me that I forgot to take his picture….so I took a few pictures and he was happy.     He really is a character!

Happy Quilting!


Piecing with strips


Yesterday I took a day off from hand quilting.    I decided to do some piecing.

I got started on the fall colored quilt that I planned.    here is the computer drawing

fall idea

I have 10 different fabrics.   I cut 2 inch strips and sewed them together and then cut out the pieces


here is a finished block (14 inch finished size)


Each block has 10 fabrics.   I have 1/2 yard of each and one block takes 10 strips 2 inches x 18 inches so I should have enough for 20 blocks which makes the quilt 56″ x 70″.  I think I will add some borders to bring it up to a full size ……

Teddy went to see the groomer so he was anxious to show off

back to the machine


I do so much hand work It takes me a while to get back to the comfort zone with the machine.

Happy quilting