Quilts brighten the space


I decided it was time to hang some quilts.     I wanted to hand some in the sewing room….but there is not a wall in there that would fit one….those angles doors and windows don’t allow that.  I might need to make some small quilts for that.


I hung this one in the living room.


also this one over the sofa.


And this one over the Victrola.


In the quilting room (where my quilting frame is) I hung this one


and this one over the radio


I have a few more to hang.   I need to get more hardware.

I got more of the piecing done on the new quilt.

DSCN8291 DSCN8290 DSCN8289

It takes a while to put these blocks together …there are ten million match points .

Happy Quilting



Easily Distracted


Sometimes (often) I start to do one thing and end up doing something totally different.

I realized on Friday that I almost missed the deadline to enter a quilt in the Phoenix American Quilters Society show in February.   I read through the categories and decided to enter my Rose Quilt.    I needed to get a picture of it hanging to use for the entry and one close up picture.   In order to do that I needed to do some unpacking that has been waiting for me (more about that later).    It was wrinkled so I had to steam it to get pictures.    Anyway here is the full pic and the close up.

AQS mackintosh fullAQS mackintosh close up

So that being done it was back to unpacking.   I still have a ton of stuff in boxes that needs organizing in the studio.  I started on a tub of fabric and didn’t even get it unpacked before I got distracted by a new plan and started working on a new quilt top.


I have a lot more fabric than I realized.


and nothing in the tub has made it to the shelf yet :(

I did take a few picture of the garden

most of the flowers in the older part are done for the year.


There are a few things in bloom, Celosia Argentea and Toad lilies are looking good.

DSCN8232 DSCN8231

The Rudbeckia hirta I planted in the new bed by the drive is blooming

DSCN8227 DSCN8226 DSCN8225

My new grass is looking great.  The beds around the edges are filling in with plants as I have time to divide and move things.


So much to do before the end of fall!

But now it is back to work hand quilting.  I have a lot to catch up on!

Happy Quilting


I forgot how to do nothing


I have a very sore back which is really slowing me down and over the last few days it has gotten worse :(

I think it might be time to see the doctor.   That is if I can get an appointment in this century   …..

I have not been able to do any quilting in the frame because I have to bend slightly to do it and it pulls my back just enough to make it hurt.     I have however found that it is impossible for me to sit and do nothing.    I have forgotten how to just watch TV.    So I decided to start the hex strip quilt.    The quilting is very simple and I can do it in my hand held hoop and hold the hoop way up so I don’t have to bend forward at all….but it is very slow.


I am using assorted colors of perle cotton thread.


I like how it is looking.

DSCN8119 DSCN8118 DSCN8116

Here is the back.


And of course Teddy


Happy Quilting


Supervisor Teddy


I made a backing for this top.


I used the leftover light fabrics from the top


Supervisor Teddy tested it out.


Once he said it was OK I taped the backing to the floor .   I have carpet in the studio so I taped the backing down with masking tape rather than tack it to the wood floor like I did in the old space.


I am using Hobb’s Tuscany cotton wool blend batting.


I spread out and smooth the batting on the backing then put on the top and smooth that out.   Here it is layered and pinned.


It is hard to see the pins.   I don’t use many.

I have a bag full of perle cotton thread leftover from several quilts and I plan to do the hand quilting with it.


It wont happen tomorrow.   I have a lot of hand quilting to do first but It is good to have it set to go.

Happy Quilting



one thousand posts

1000 anniversary monument

This is post number 1000.    I had no idea when I started blogging in 2011 that I would even make it to 100 posts but here I am at 1000 posts and over 1,650,000 views from 156 countries.    I didn’t  realize I had so much to say :)   or that anyone would want to read it.    Thanks to everyone for following what I do!

Now back to quilting.

I finished my crazy hex quilt top (click pictures to enlarge)

I think it looks better when I erase the background


I have enough of the lighter fabrics left to piece together for a backing


This isn’t exactly how I will do it but just a test to see if I have enough, they will need to be rearranged to distribute the colors better.    I do not like to piece backing because it makes it so much harder to hand quilt.    It becomes harder because I can’t see the seams on the back and they are much harder to quilt when you can’t really plan the stitches around them.     These pieces are pretty big so there wont be that many seams and I think it will look nice.

I posted this picture a few days ago.


The fabrics for this are part of a kit.   They are all precut and in little bundles.


Being precuts you might imagine that they are pretty accurate.     That however is not the case.   I taped off an area on my mat to show the correct size of one piece.    The red one is the correct size and the blue pieces show how much variation in size there is. (click pictures to enlarge)

The kit is intended to make this


I have some vintage star quilt tops, made from kits,  that are so distorted that they are unquiltable and will need remaking. I have always assumed the distortion was all due to inaccurate piecing.    Now I know that is not entirely the case.    With all the pieces different sizes it is unrealistic to think that the quilt will be flat and accurate.   I do plan to finish it…..but I am not going to make it a star…I will post what I make soon.

Happy quilting
and thank you for reading!


My Supervisor


The time flies when there is so much to do!  The garden has been taking time because I am thinning and transplanting.

Teddy has been supervising transplanting.


He has to stay in the fenced yard while I go and dig up the plants…he can watch from the deck.


I (we) moved a few more shrubs today and several perennials.


here are a few pictures from the studio window.

DSCN7958 DSCN7956

speaking of the studio  here it is….I already need to clean up but love the space


The garden has taken up a lot of time so I haven’t finished piecing the top.


I have an idea for a new quilt so I started to play with that …..I couldn’t help myself.


I did a lot of hand quilting …..here is one of the quilts…still 4 blocks to go.

DSCN7972 DSCN7974

I will post more soon….when the light is better

Happy Quilting



transplanting and a bit of piecing


I did a bit of gardening this weekend.   The forecast is for much cooler weather the next week or more  (in the 50’s at night and 70 day) so it is great for transplanting.  Almost as soon as I finished we got an inch of rain which is a lot for Lansing , the average for the entire month of Aug is 3.25 inches.

The old garden is so jam-packed that I plan to buy very little for the new one.   I will move most over from the old.    I moved 11 roses yesterday.  They were tucked in between so many other plants that they were hardly visible and actually suffering from lack of space and sun so they were pretty small.  I pruned them a lot too so that they had less foliage to support while they grow new roots.


They don’t look like much now but I have high hopes for next year.

When fighting with roses it is probably a good idea to wear long sleeves.   I really didn’t notice the damage I did to myself until I was sewing later.

DSCN7948 DSCN7947

I also transplanted a viburnum, a hydrangea, some hostas, ferns, A nine bark, and a few seedling perennials around the few shrubs I left from the previous mess.    I have a lot more to go but here is the start of that area. and no noticeable holes left in the old garden.


Remember what that looked like in July?


What a difference some green grass makes.    The seed grew fast even though it really wasn’t the right time of year to plant it.

I did get some hand quilting done….I’ll try to spread out the quilts for pictures soon.    I also did some piecing on my hex quilt.


Teddy is glad that the gardening is done for the day


Happy quilting