I finished the next 1/4 of the hand quilting on the Color Weave Medley log cabin quilt.


Normally I start quilting in the center but for this I am starting in the corners and working in to the center


I think it is looking great….and it is a very simple design so it makes for fast quilting.     I often have people ask how I can quilt so fast.    I think that practice is a big part of it, but I also attribute a lot of it to using a hoop (or frame)    the hoop acts as additional hands, holding the quilt in the perfect position and tension so my hands are free to do the quilting…..I only have to hold the needle , I don’t need to keep readjusting how the quilt is held in my hands.  Without a hoop or frame you can only get a very short segment of quilting done before you need to readjust the entire thing and change your hold on it so you can get the next little segment and so on.   I could not do it without a hoop.

Happy quilting


Log Cabin Quilting


I started working on this quilt in January.   See that post here

The fabrics are P&B Textiles Color Weave Medley


here is the finished top


and here is the post about marking it for quilting

I started the quilting in one corner.


Teddy wanted a hand quilting lesson.


I finished one corner


Teddy is checking our work.


here is the back


3/4 of the quilting to go….

here are more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Finished strip quilt


I finished hand quilting the strip quilt.   I began the piecing in November

After the top was finished I set it aside to work on other quilts and I didn’t start the quilting until March 16.

Here is the post about the start of quilting

Here it is with the quilting finished.


After the quilting is finished I trim off the extra batting and backing.


And add the binding


And as always I wash the finished quilt and dry it.


Here is a close up of the quilting


And here are more pictures of the progress along the way (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy approves.


Happy Quilting


New York Beauty


A Google image search for New York Beauty quilt will show you how popular these quilts are.

My friend Bill Volckening (see his blog here ) has a terrific collection of New York Beauty quilts that spans over 150 years.    He has written a book, due in April, about these great quilts. The coffee table book will have over 300 pages with 70 quilts made between 1850 and present day; all examples and variants of the complicated patchwork design best known as New York Beauty.

I was lucky to have a part in a few of the quilts.   I hand quilted a few of the vintage quilt tops that he collected. remember this quilt?


and this


and this


here is a preview of the contents


I am really looking forward to reading it!   Advanced copies can be ordered here

Happy quilting and reading


Just found out they have more pages to see at this link:



Marking with a helper


I finished this top a while back.  Here is a the post about the top and here is another


I have been letting it sit for a while thinking about the hand quilting and waiting for it to talk to me.  It did so I started to mark it today.

I tied a long piece of perle cotton to a pencil and tacked the end to the corner of the quilt and used it to draw arcs. they aren’t perfect by any means but they will be good enough for me to see where I am going with the quilting, and I promise that the pencil marks will wash out.

DSCN5915  DSCN5916

Next I moved to the next corner and did it again.


I will do that again on the next two corners ….but I need a break :)   doing this on the floor is a bit tiring

Teddy doesn’t understand that being close to the floor doesn’t seem like a problem to him.

DSCN5913 DSCN5912

Happy Quilting


Striped Curves


I started working on a quilt in fall colors back in November (see post here: )

I got started on the quilting last night.

To start I tack the backing fabric to the floor (painters tape is another option if you want to save your floor)


when that is tight and smooth it is time for batting.   I am using Nature’s Touch


open that up and smooth out over the batting


next the top goes on smoothing out any wrinkles


I then pin with safety pins.   I do not use many, one on the corners of each block


Next I trim off the extra batting and backing leaving a good amount on all sides so it is easier to hand quilt in a hoop (the extra on the edges holds the quilt in the hoop when working on the edges).


Now it is ready to hand quilt.   I put it in the hoop and take out the pins in the hooped area


I usually try to avoid quilting over seams because it is much harder to go through the extra layers.   In this case I want to follow the curves so I have lots of seams to quilt over.


I am using size 8 perle cotton again for this.


I am not calling it big stitch quilting.   I counted and have 7 stitches per inch.   It is larger than I do with normal thread, but not what I would call “big”.

The quilting will follow the curves and emphasize them.


here is the back (it really is a dark brown but the pictures do not show that)


Teddy had to give it try


He says it is OK :)

Happy Quilting


Bella Suede Quilt Finished


I finished the Bella Suede quilt last night.   Here it is before binding


I did the binding with the same fabric as the backing.


Hand quilted with size 8 perle cotton thread from Hand Quilting Supplies. I used 6 balls of thread.  I used a size 5 embroidery needle and did the hand quilting in a hoop.

As always I washed and dried it as soon as I was finished.   I like the crinkled look of a washed quilt.

The finished size after washing and drying is 71″ x 80″.   Here it is on a bed.


Here are a bunch of pictures. (click pictures to enlarge)

I am very pleased with it.   30 different fat quarters all in the Bella Suede line made for a lot of variety and at the same time a lot of unity.


Happy Quilting