edge work


Last time I posted about the snowflake quilt


and said that I pinned towels to the edges to make quilting the edges easier in the hoop.


Today I put it in the hoop so here is how it looks


The light was perfect so I took a few more pictures …when the light is right it really shows the texture. (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy was ready to pose today so here is his photo shoot

He is such a good model….but I am afraid he really needs a bath :(   but don’t tell him….he hates getting wet!

Happy Quilting


Center Finished


I finally Finished the center of the snowflake quilt.    Here are some pictures  including a few close-ups so you can see the stitching.(click pictures to enlarge)

I am ready to do the borders so I pin towels to the edge of the quilt.    The towel is so that when I put the quilt in the hoop I can work on the edges and the corners.


It won’t be long now!

A few pictures from the floral design class I teach

DSCN4521 DSCN4522

Now to get to work on hand quilting those edges!

Happy Quilting


autumn 2

We had a hard frost so many plants in my garden have bitten the dust :(   but there are still lots of fall colors around.    I have been thinking of a new quilt idea in fall colors so I drew up a plan.

fall idea

I am not sure when I will actually make it….I decided to work on the snowflake quilt and get it finished….


the #11 between needle I use for hand quilting this one sure seems small compared to the size 5 embroidery needle I used on the last one


I also want to finish the batik quilt top


and several others before I start a new one….but thinking about new things keeps me moving along.

Happy Quilting




I finished the hand quilting and binding today.

Here is how the top was made  http://timquilts.com/2014/09/15/new-top/

And here is a post about the prep for quilting http://timquilts.com/2014/10/07/ 

And about the quilting  http://timquilts.com/2014/10/09/

Teddy decided he wanted to model it before I added the binding


Here are a bunch of pictures of the finished quilt.   I need to take some in daylight …the colors are not as accurate as I would like because I used the flash .    (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy quilting



I have had a very busy week so I have not done a lot of hand quilting.   I did make some progress on this one.


I am working on the borders

DSCN4453 DSCN4452

The center is finished

DSCN4456 DSCN4455 DSCN4454

I love the back


I hope to have a lot of time to quilt on Sunday   so more updates coming soon .


Have you seen the Why Quilts Matter series?

“Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics”

is the landmark nine-part documentary series that offers a fresh, relevant exploration of quilts.

This fascinating series explores quilts in fresh new ways by taking you behind the scenes to reveal the unique position of quilts at the center of American culture. You’ll go on an amazing quilt journey from function to art, to women’s empowerment, economic clout, American politics and beyond.

It is a wonderful series and I highly recommend it.

I am honored to be featured in a Q & A on their blog .

Here is a link to the blog  http://www.whyquiltsmatter.org/welcome/discussion-guide-qa-with/quilts-matter-question-answer-tim-latimer/

Happy Quilting!



Teddy says Hi but he didn’t feel like posing today

More Hand Quilting


I am moving along on the hand quilting.   (see the post about making the top here http://timquilts.com/2014/09/15/new-top/ )


2 rows to go (top and bottom) and then the borders.

Here is Teddy testing it out

DSCN4439 DSCN4438

he also needed to test out the back.


And yet another vintage top


here are the blocks

This one feels like it needs a border….I will see if I can find a good match for the blue or the green.

Here are a few pictures from the floral design class I teach.

Happy Quilting


More vintage tops


I have a few more vintage top to share today.  I plan to get to these soon, but as you know I change plans frequently ….

This lone star is really great!   I love 2 color quilts.


As is often the case with these it has a few issues.


the center is rather mountainous.


and the setting triangles are on the bias and very puckered.


I think the easiest solution will be to take it apart into the 8 main pieces/star points and trim them to the correct size and replace the bias cut triangles.  When I get to work on it I will post all about how I do the fix.

Next is a spool top.


A very simple design but I really like it.   It is a bit less than well made


not really flat and not very precise in the piecing


and some of those vertical stripes would be much better if they were horizontal…more like thread on a spool.

but I really like it as it is.

I think I will just press this one well and quilt it as it is.

Teddy likes it the way it is


Remember this quilt?


I made it with a line of fabric from P&B Textiles called Interplay


P&B Textiles now has my pattern (as well as many others) available as a free download on their website here http://www.pbtex.com/free-patterns/

It is an easy one to make…and could easily be made larger with the addition of borders.

If you are going to be at the Houston Quilt Market visit P&B at booths 1356 & 1361


I have a Floral Design Class to teach Saturday Morning …pictures of that soon


Happy Quilting