For the Birds….Blue Birds

Since the weather has warmed up (82 here today) My bird feeder has gotten a lot of activity.  This year more variety of birds than in the past.  Yesterday There was a very beautiful Indigo Bunting.  The  quilt above (from the Quilt Index)Is similar to the bird on my feeder.  Is this another quilt I need to make?

If only the birds would sit still and pose for me!  But here are a few other birds

That Woodpecker photo above is not upside down.  I hang the suet feeder that way.  I leave the plastic on the suet and put the open side down, this discourages the birds that I don’t want to feed (starlings, cowbirds, english sparrows, grackles) and allows the birds I want (woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice) to eat away.  They aren’t afraid to hang upside down.

I could not get the Cardinals, Bluejays or Rose-brested Grosbeaks to pose for me, but I keep trying.

I like to have pictures because one of my hobbies is painting. I love to paint birds.  Here are a few watercolor examples.

I don’t think I need to start another bird quilt yet, I do have a vintage top that is on my list to finish.

I don’t know anything about the history of this top, and I have not seen the pattern before.  But it looks like today is a day for blue birds.

April 14th update

I found a pattern on eBay for another bird quilt (have not purchased it yet) I love the simple pattern

And Beth Donaldson has a great free bird pattern on her blog here

Happy Quilting

6 thoughts on “For the Birds….Blue Birds

  1. Ann Champion says:

    You get a nice variety of birds there! Your paintings are wonderful.
    I really like the blue bird quilt. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. Your Goose quilt is fabulous! I hadn’t seen that pattern before either. Once quilted it will have the extra interest of texture to really take it up a notch! 🙂

  2. timquilts says:

    The variety of birds amazes me…I live in walking distance to the State Capital, a very urban area, the houses are so close together I can almost touch the neighbors houses from my windows, and yet the birds find places to live! I guess birds aren’t subject to the MI housing market downturn.

  3. KarenQuilt says:

    What a neat top, Tim! I have never seen this pattern before.

    • timquilts says:

      Hi Karen…Glad you like the top! I am afraid this is one purchase that I went crazy on and spent way to much…But the more I look at it the more I am sure it was worth it.

  4. KarenQuilt says:

    I meant to also comment about the birds. I love to watch birds! I avhe a flowering plum that grows up out of the large deck jsut outside my office window. Robins nested in it ther first two years after we moved here to the island but haven’t been back since. The male constantly fought himself in all the windows surrounding the deck. (Guess he got tired of all the competition and hasn’t returned since.) I have thought about putting a feeder near my window but I am afraid of attracting rats and squirrels to my deck. There are so many critters here in the woods, including rats– who get into my compost from time to time. Do you have problems with your birdfeeder attracting squirrels or rats as well?

    • timquilts says:

      Squirrels are a constant fight at the feeder!! But I am training “Teddy the wonder Dog” to chase them away. Left to himself he would just sit and watch them. Knock wood so far no rats!


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