Wheel of Fortune

I have my computer screen saver set to display photos in my picture files.  Today while working on piecing the Thousand Pyramids quilt top I looked up at the computer and saw this top. ( I had forgotten I had it)

I am not sure how old the top is but it is vintage, and all hand pieced. One of the pattern names is Wheel of Fortune.  Every time I see this top I think of kay Starr.  I  might be the only one who remembers her singing that song but here it is.


I don’t know why I know all the old songs from before I was born but I enjoy them so much more than anything current!

I plan to hand quilt this top some day.  here are a few examples from the Quilt Index

It is a great pattern!  I can only imagine that it takes a lot of effort to piece.

Happy Quilting