sunday updates…pyramids, wheel of fortune, storage

Yesterday I posted about the Wheel of Fortune quilt top.  I was asked for a close up of the fabric so here it is

The blocks are about 19 inches

the seam allowances are so narrow!  almost non-existent

The printed fabric is not one I have seen before so it is hard for me to take a stab at the date, and solid fabrics are not a big help in dating fabric either.  Id love to hear what you think.  I’m guessing 20’s but could be 30+ years off.

 I had to get the top out of storage to get some close up pictures.  It is not that hard for me to find a top in storage.  I have 15 tops in each storage tub and the outside of the box has a picture of all the tops in the box.

I will have to count the boxes some time to see how many tops there are….more than 10 boxes.

I made some more progress on the Thousand pyramids top…8 rows done

It helps to lay it out on the floor.  I can line it up with the floor boards and see if it is still straight…so far so good.

Yesterday I added a Kay Starr Song for the  Wheel of Fortune top….today Jo Stafford for the Pyramids

Happy Quilting