Another finish!

I finished hand quilting the Japanese Fan Quilt today!!

It just came out of the dryer so it is still a bit wrinkled

The quilt was made from vintage fan blocks.  See the post here.  I hand pieced the top together and finished that on March 28 and started hand quilting on March 31.

here is the back

The top was 82″ square before I did the hand quilting.  I measured it again after quilting and binding and it measured at 80 inches square and again after washing and it is now 79 inches square.  The quilting itself does “shrink” the quilt as the fabric is drawn into the batting.

Please do not call the quilt police on me but I washed it in Hot water with a lot of Oxyclean and dried it in the dryer.  The fabric came out nice and bright and stain free, and nothing scary happened at all.  Sometimes I think was assume that vintage fabric is a lot more delicate than it really is.

I did the binding by bringing the backing forward to the front.

At 79″ square it is not the perfect size for a bed, but not bad.

and I think it is just as pretty from the back

and here are a few close-ups.

And here is what I used:

Warm and Natural batting

wide muslin backing (Robert Kaufman)

Roxanne #10 between needles

750 yards of Americana Fjord blue quilting thread

and a 14″ quilting hoop.

I still need to embroider my name on it (I was so excited to get it washed and done that I forgot to do that first).

My stack of eBay vintage blocks is now a finished quilt. I hope the original maker would approve.

now back to some other WIP quilts…and maybe start yet another?

Happy Quilting


29 thoughts on “Another finish!

  1. audrey says:

    this quilt is gorgeous. i love what you did with the quilting and how it so perfectly fits with the quilt blocks. congrats on another wonderful finish!

  2. Ann Hancock says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I think this is my favorite so far…until you do another!

    If you run out of room to display your treasures, I know a bed that would be perfect for this one, LOL

    Congratulations on another fantastic finished project!

  3. Kathie says:

    Oh Tim I am sitting here in awe looks awesome. Congrats on another great finish I would hang this on the wall if it was my quilt. I would want to admire that hand quilting everyday.

  4. Kathie says:

    By the way add me to the loan list. Lol

  5. Jeanette says:

    i didn’t think i cared for this pattern when you were getting started. But-WOW- didnt it finish up nice. Very unusual setting you came up with. One I havent seen before. Thanks for sharing with us and also getting your yard work done. Mine isint done…..

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Jeannette
      I wanted to do a setting that was not traditional. to contrast with the very traditional block and fabric…I am glad that you like the finished product!…..
      Good luck with the yard work…Im off to the nursery to get a few more plants tonight

  6. Your “rescue” is just beautiful. You did it proud. Congratulations on an exquisite job of block placement and the hand quilting.

  7. Beautiful!!! Love the layout and the quilting is fabulous!

  8. karen says:

    I always wash quilts too – what is the sense of doing all that work and then it not being clean enough to use!

  9. Gerrie says:

    Beautiful! This has been such an enjoyable project to follow. Your quilting is truly lovely!

  10. antarabesque says:

    It turned out absolutely gorgeous. Fabulous job, thanks for sharing the journey with us.

  11. Mandy Currie says:

    Tim, your quilt came out beautifully. I’m still hand quilting my first quilt and it’s going to be mostly crosshatched. You have certainly inspired me to try something more adventurous on my next quilt. Well done, I sure the original maker of the blocks would be thrilled.

  12. Michele Gailey says:

    Wow Tim, the quilt is gorgeous. I can’t believe you used Warm and Natural. You must have very strong hands…all those quilting lines. I made the “mistake” of using Warm and Natural for a small wall hanging and it’s still not done. It always gets put aside when something else catches my eye to do. I am out to the border, so I should finish it. Your quilt is gorgeous. I am envious of your talent and speed!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Michele
      I use warm and natural for most of my quilts. I like the loft and weight…it can be hard to quilt through but I guess I do have strong hands…my next quilt will have wool batting which is so easy to quilt!!

      I also have some of those put aside projects when something else catches my eye….some day they will be done as will yours

  13. Cathi says:

    It is fabulous — I bet the maker of those blocks would be thrilled to see the beautiful quilt they have become!

    • timquilts says:

      thanks Cathi!
      I think the 30’s fabrics make it so cheerful…I am loving the little Drunkard’s path blocks you are making with 30’s fabric…it is going to make a great quilt


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