Technology is not always fun

I have been dealing with a slowly dying computer for weeks. I decided to break down and get a new one (a new to me used-reformatted computer from eBay).  So now I have 2 laptops and 2 desktops running trying to get all the old files that I need transferred to the new one.  Getting all the drivers installed so the printer works and the camera can download and save picture is not fun…but it is necessary.

Today’s post is more of a test, posting from the new computer.  I took some pictures of the garden.  The garden is in somewhat of a lull…the spring flowers are mostly gone and the summer flowers are not in bloom yet but there are still spots of color.  Click the pictures to enlarge.

Happy Gardening


2 thoughts on “Technology is not always fun

  1. Ahhh, computer problems. The bane of our existence here on the island bc at least three people who used to do tech work are no longer in business. Yikes! But a new quilter moved to the island. And guess what! Her husband is a tech expert. After hearing so many cries for help from her friends, he has decided to create his Tech Dude biz. Yippee! He has already been over to help me.

    • timquilts says:

      how lucky to have someone to help!
      I guess I am like the man who needs directions…I wont stop and ask…just keep driving and driving…..that is how I do computer problems until I finally give in and buy a new one


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