That WON’T quilt out

A few days ago I wrote about “quilting out” the puckers in my house quilt.  Today I got a new quilt top in the mail.  A vintage endless chain/true lover’s knot/lover’s knot/rose dream (take your pick).  As always when a new top arrives I take a few pictures.  Here it is

I love the fabric, I love the vintage look, I hate that it is so poorly made!

The seller said it is 72″ x 90″  I tried to measure it and it looks like it is about 68″ X 86″  but it is so totally not flat or square that there is no way to measure it accurately.

Look at the edges>

and some of the bumps in the center

This is going to need a total re-do.  I will have to separate all the blocks press them and then put it back together in order to make it flat enough to quilt.  This one is too bad to “quilt out”.  But I still think it is going to make a great quilt. It is all hand pieced and that makes it easier to rip out the seams.

I have been busy but made some progress on the house quilt.

Here is the back

There are 42 blocks and I have almost finished 8 lots more work to do!

Last night in Floral Design class I taught about designs with curved lines.

The lambs ear is from my garden.

I love peacock feathers!

The weather is beautiful today!  I should get some yard work done…..or maybe I should quilt?

Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “That WON’T quilt out

  1. Kristen says:

    Wow, I remember you putting up the photo of that top from eBay — and that I seconded your choice, it’s obviously a necessary quilt top — but man, how did the seller get it to look so good in the photo s/he posted?! It looked fairly flat in that one — in real life it’s a bit of a hot mess. But it will make a great quilt.

    • timquilts says:

      The seller must have some magic photography skills to make tops look flat….this one is sure not…but you are right it looked good in the picture… will be lots of work to fix..but it will be great (some day)

      • Kristen says:

        Hmm…unfortunately not the only eBay seller with a magic camera…Andrew bought a set of “vintage French canisters” that looked cool in the photo but arrived with little plastic “made in India” (in the last few years) stickers on their bottoms. At least the True Lover’s Knot has good bones and can be upgraded in quality.

      • timquilts says:

        My quilting friend Karen bought a top from eBay recently and it turned out that the picture posted on eBay was made with a drawing program and not a photo at all…..the top in reality was like this one un-quiltable ….but still worth keeping


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