Courthouse Steps

Sometimes a vintage/antique quilt top turns out to be a lot of work!  I got a great looking Courthouse Steps top recently but it is going to need a total re-make in order to be usable.

The seller was very upfront about the condition and even sent me a note before shipping it saying that she would be happy to refund the price and not send it because she was concerned that the condition was so bad.  I couldn’t resist and had her send it anyway. (I just love the 2 color layout)  The problem is that at some point someone decided to wash it.  when an un-quilted top gets put in the washing machine the seam allowances fray and the seams start to open.

That in itself is relatively easy to fix.  It is not so easy to fix when someone else tried to fix it.  I have to take out all the fixing they did (which made it all bunched up or reduced some of the logs to almost nothing) and see what I have to work with.  here are a few of the “fixes”.

I think what I will need to do is take it apart into individual blocks and see where it goes from there.  I am pretty sure I can make it into a great looking quilt, but it will not be as easy as some.

This quilt top reminds me of a double wedding ring that I got about a year ago

Very similar fabric…double pink and brownish green (or is that greenish brown?)

This one doesn’t need any repair so finishing it should be relatively easy.  More pictures of both below (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Courthouse Steps

  1. Sara says:

    Nice colors, too bad someone messed with it. But I would put that one on the back burner and keep going! I have a couple like that where the seams are barely there and I have used that thin iron on tape sort of like” wonder under” that will hold the seam together (iron it on the back of the area and scrunch it together to look good, if there isn’t any way to re-sew the seam). Good luck with that one! Maybe you could have a little online auction on your blog to get rid of some of the backlog of quilts you have there and take the stress off!

  2. audrey says:

    The courthouse step quilt is quite lovely, but the double wedding ring quilt is extremely striking! I know after you get done with the both of them we will all be jealous!

    • timquilts says:

      The wedding ring is different than what you normally see….with just 2 fabrics in the arcs it takes on a different look….I have several tops in the wedding ring pattern but this is the only one with just 2 fabrics

  3. Mandy Currie says:

    Tim your courthouse steps looks like a job for only the very brave. Good for you deciding to take it on. The double wedding ring is really beautiful, in those blank squares you could really have fun with hand quilting. Kind Regards Mandy


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