Lilies blooming

Even with the drought and extra hot temps the lilies are looking great.  I took some pictures this morning and they are beautiful.  What the pictures can’t show is the fragrance, which is amazing.

Scheherazade lily


These lilies remind me that I have a vintage lily applique quilt kit (I will have to dig it out and get some pictures and perhaps work on it?…because I don’t have anything else to work on?)  Here is a finished one from the Quilt Index

see the full record of the quilt here

and here are some pictures of the rest of the garden today (click to enlarge)

happy quilting/gardening


4 thoughts on “Lilies blooming

  1. Tim, your lilies are beautiful, esp the Scheherazade. Whenever I travel, I try to pick up some of them at a florist and put them in my room for the wonderful fragrance. It’s like a special treat! Also, I had never seen a lily applique quilt. So lovely! Thanks for posting.

  2. cindy Ching says:

    Tim, Your Garden is Beautiful!!! You do such a great job at it.
    Love it.!!!!


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