Applique and flowers

I Needed to give my hands a break from quilting so I decided to start working on the tree applique kit.

Since I plan to change the tree into a pear tree and add a partridge I figured I could forget the directions and do it my way.  I decided to do blanket stitch applique.

since I am not a fan of raw edge applique I am turning under the edges and basting and pressing before I stitch them down

I even bought a new toy to do the pressing.

I have not tried it yet, but I hate to use the big iron to press such small things (I always manage to burn myself)

I think the applique is working out fine….I need practice to even up my stitches but not bad for the first few.

We finally got some rain!  1/2″ on Thursday

If we could get that once a week for a month or so we might get back to normal!

I did take some garden pictures this evening….some things are doing great….some suffered in the heat and drought.  (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


7 thoughts on “Applique and flowers

  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! Would love to hear a review on the iron. I have been thinking about getting a small iron for applique.

  2. antarabesque says:

    Your poor hostas! I thought we had it bad. The garden is still lovely.

  3. njquilter24 says:

    love seeing the garden pictures I wish we had the land to plant a garden like this, just beautiful
    looking forward to seeing more of your pear tree, what a fun project!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Kathie
      looks can be deceiving….my entire property is 40″ x 120″…when you take away the space that the house and driveway takes up it really is a small garden.
      I will do some more pear tree pictures soon…I bought some backing fabric yesterday

  4. […] have an applique project that I started a while back  (partridge in a pear tree). I started the applique and then set it aside for some other projects.  I was sure that I would have plenty of time to […]


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