Layout adjustments and a new treasure

I spent some time adjusting the layout of the fans.  Here is the starting point from yesterday.

I felt that I had to do some re-arranging because if you look at the blocks, some are pieced with a solid-print-solid-print…etc  and some are the opposite.  when 2 blocks come together there can be 2 solids together or 2 prints together.  That would drive me crazy!  I circled them here so you can see what I mean (click to enlarge)

I had to do a lot of shuffling of blocks to solve that problem. I had to pay attention to the solids and not so much the prints.  Here is the final layout…still not perfect but it works for me.

Now to sew them together.  Perhaps I am the only one who can’t seem to keep the blocks in order to sew them together but here is my solution.

Each row gets taped together and the blocks come off of the tape one at a time as I sew them together….If I don’t do it this way I am sure I would mess it up and turn one of the blocks in the wrong direction. One other method that I often use is pinning the blocks in order on a bed sheet…but I did not have 156 extra safety pins this time.

I got a new treasure in the mail today.  You guessed it eBay got me again.

I got 20 of these blocks for $18.25.  I believe they are made from an Anne Orr pattern.   Pattern designer Anne Orr is known for the grid-work designs of her needlework.  She was a needlework columnist for Good Housekeeping in the 1930s. As an entrepreneur she employed dozens of women to produce her designs and directing a successful mail order business from her home.

Here is a quilt design that I know she did.  I see quilts in this pattern for sale on eBay often.

My blocks aren’t a single rose like these…to me they look like bouquets or nosegays with 3 roses.

they are all hand pieced with tiny little pieces (the blocks are 10 1/2 inches)

The group of blocks also came with a border of leaves and rosebuds

The border is 65″ x 75″ but the blocks will need some sashing to fill them out to fit the border

But I can not find an example of this pattern to see how it was intended to be finished.  For this one I did a lot of looking on the internet. I checked the Quilt Index and came up with nothing.  So I decided I need to think about for a while….I sat back down and picked up my current quilt to do some hand quilting got through one thread and then it came to me…the aha moment!

Set them on point

Now I get plenty of room for some quilting in the setting squares and once pressed the blocks will fill the space provided by the border.

I think I will add an additional border to the outside to make it a full-sized quilt (65″ x 75″” is a bit small for me) likely with white fabric and then binding with perhaps a matching green.

I think this will be a great quilt!

And this just in…here is a picture and info about the quilt….so I was not right about setting on point….but I might do it anyway….being the quilt rebel that I am….anyway thanks for the Info Ann-Mari

Happy quilting


22 thoughts on “Layout adjustments and a new treasure

  1. Hi Tim. Looking at those blocks of bouquets I knew I had seen them before. The pattern is called Summer Bouquet, it is from the collection of International Quilt Study Senter & Museum, try this number on their website: 1997.007.0771 . Fons and Porter magazine July/August 2008 had a pattern of how to make the quilt. It is a beautiful quilt, and on my very long to do list:-)

    Also love the way you are putting the fan blocks together.

  2. Kristen says:

    How very cool! The abstraction looks slightly…Art Modern? Arts and Crafts?

    • timquilts says:

      I just found out that it was a kit…and from 1932….and I added a link to the bottom of the post to a picture of how it was intended to look….but it does look art modern

  3. Karen says:

    great idea on the tape – I would have never thought to do that and I have the problem of keeping them in order also and at times turn them the wrong way or out of order.

  4. That tape trick is BRILLIANT!! And for the new blocks, I like the on point setting.

  5. Barbara Wells says:

    I like your layout on point-of course if i found one already done i would not take it apart. And I think the scallop border is a great idea-they are so vintage looking. Lots of room for quilting! Great find!

    • timquilts says:

      I was so surprised that this didn’t sell for more….but they did not show pictures of the layout of the blocks and border so I think a lot of people just passed over it…and I got lucky

  6. Sara says:

    You have the best “finds” on ebay! I think you have a lock on them!

    On point if we are voting!

    • timquilts says:

      I wish I had a lock….lots of great ones get away from me…I don’t bid until the last min and then only if the price has not gone over what I consider a good deal I always have lots on my watch list

  7. Tim, these are gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see them finished. Right before I saw your comment about a white border, I was thinking how lovely one of those purple shades would be as sashing and maybe a border. These colors remind me of crocuse (croci?). Just wonderful! Nancy

    • timquilts says:

      they are great…I think I will need to take one with me to the fabric store to find the right color for the border….any of the colors in the blocks would work I think…just need to get a good match

  8. Janet says:

    The fan quilt setting looks great, there are so many possibilities. Good find on Ebay, I had to squint and then I saw the flowers, I love the on point setting for them.

  9. What a fabulous blogpost! I enjoyed reading about how you are deciding on a layout, and how to organize your blocks for sewing.
    Another great quilt in the making that you found!

  10. Cathi says:

    I love the layout you’ve decided on for the fan blocks. That is going to be a fabulous quilt.
    You really do fine some of the most amazing treasures in eBay!

  11. What a great find, Tim! I’d love to find an example of each TQHF Honoree’s work. This certainly does look like an Anne Orr pattern.
    Here is another one.


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