Gift Blocks

Barbara Wells, a regular reader, recently asked me if I would like some antique blocks that she had been saving for a number of years.  Of course I wanted them!  And what great blocks they are!  Thank you so much Barbara!!  They came a few days ago  and I got the chance to take some pictures today.

Also included with the blocks was the beautiful blue fabric that the blocks are shown on here.  These blocks are in such great shape and will make a beautiful quilt!…thanks again Barbara….check back for progress.

I also got another project in the mail yesterday…(this one I had to pay for  😦  )

It is a beautiful quilt top…I think about 1900 or so.  The problem with this one is the color bleeding.

I normally do not wash antique tops before I quilt them.  I believe that the quilting actually strengthens the fabric.  The more delicate antique fabric is attached to the new backing and batting….making it stronger and able to stand up to the washing machine.  In this case I think I will soak it and try to get most of the bleeding removed and then quilt.

I will post some pictures of that process soon

(I just realized that this is my 250th post)

Happy Quilting


20 thoughts on “Gift Blocks

  1. Ann Hancock says:

    I love that pattern – “Churn Dash” is the name I know it by. Those blocks will make a great quilt! ….and good luck with the bleeding star quilt; looks like you’ll be using a whole bottle of synthrapol for that one.

    • timquilts says:

      They are great blocks….I love the simplicity of the churn dash pattern…It is just perfect for the fabrics!
      I don’t know if it will take an entire bottle of synthrapol….but It is going take a good amount!

  2. Pat says:

    Hi Tim, before you put that “bleeding” quilt in to soak, you might want to drop in a couple of dye catchers….and “oxi-clean”. Another option instead of the synthrapol…I have tried this and it worked for me. I’d hate to think that it would run even more. Good luck. I am sure it will be a beauty when finished.

    • timquilts says:

      I think the color catchers work pretty well and I add them to the washing machine when I wash a finished quilt….I have had oxi-clean wash out almost all the color in antique fabric so that I will save as a last resort

      • Pat says:

        WHOA! Thanks for the heads up about oxi-clean washing out colour on old fabrics. I will definitely be more careful in the future. Guess I have had pretty good luck in the past. whew…. 🙂

      • timquilts says:

        every old fabric is different….i also have used it and had no problem….but then there are a few fabrics that dont seem to like it

  3. hélène says:

    Oh, wow! That’s what I would call Christmas in July! Beautiful!

  4. Barbara Wells says:

    So glad the blocks arrived and that you are happy with them! And I will watch to see what you do with them- your list is getting longer. In the fall I gather up what I want to work on-gather up supplies-needles spools of quilting threat etc and then hope to get snowed in! Loved your latest purchase!

    • timquilts says:

      I think that is a great idea!….I might need to try get organized like that….(without being snowed in)….The pile of projects is growing….but the blocks from you are near the top

  5. Kristen says:

    Oh dear, people offering quilt blocks to Tim — was there ever any question he would take them? That’s like free crack to an addict!

  6. Martyne says:

    What a lovely gift you received! The blocks are beautiful. So happy you are the recipient of such kindness, you are such an inspiration!

  7. Tim, try soaking with a Shout Color Catcher. I have heard they work very well at removing color that has bled. Good luck. What treasures you are finding! Nancy

  8. audrey says:

    love your churn dash blocks–great gift! congrats on your 250th post too!

  9. Cathi says:

    What a fabulous gift you received — and what a perfect home they’ve come to. I can’t wait to see the quilt they’ll become.
    Your star quilt is beautiful — I hope the bleeding comes out.


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