progress report

I have so many projects going at once I that I think I will need to focus on one or two and get them done rather than going back and forth between many.  I did make some progress on some of them.  I started to hand piece the fan blocks.

3 rows done and 10 to go.

I did some more hand quilting on my  big stitch 70’s top

I am almost 1/2 way done on this one.  here is the back.

Last time I posted about an antique quilt top that needed a soaking to get rid of some bleeding of the dye.  I put some water on a few of the fabrics and then blotted with a tissue….the tissue turned blue so I knew that there was going to be a lot of blue bleeding as well as the red and the green.  I filled the bathtub with hot water and added synthrapol…and soaked for about 15 min.  The water became nearly black.

I drained that water and did it again….this time less dye release and the water was more pinky red

Next a good rinse, and then drying.  Before I even started I knew that the colors of the top would end up being much lighter but I knew I couldn’t use the top as it was, and I like to wash my quilts after I hand quilt them so for this one it was better to get all that excess dye out before the quilting.  I would have hated to spend months quilting and then wash it and potentially ruin all my work.

It did fade quilt a bit….but I don’t mind that…I think it looks pretty good.  look at the before and after here

And individual blocs before and after

Not all of the dye came out, but I am confident that there will be no more dye bleeding and the little bit that is left I can live with.  The blue became much lighter

the black stayed as dark as can be but you can still see some of the discoloration on the white

This one is going to have to wait for a while to be quilted.  I need to finish some of those I have started first.  But not that it is washed I can pack it away and not worry about it bleeding onto any other tops

Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “progress report

  1. Felice says:

    You do really amazing work! I love what you are doing with the fans..maybe it could be called the “slinky” quilt? It now reminds me a bit of that childhood toy. It is looking really incredible!

  2. Karen says:

    it does look like a slinky! I have a feeling I will need to do some bathtub soak on some of my quilts also. I pre-washed my red and green fabrics for the quilt I am currently working on but I have a feeling there will still be some bleed in it when I do to wash it. I will have my color catchers handy.

  3. sewfrench says:

    I hear you on needing to regroup and focus on just one or two things! Scary how much dye that old quilt top released.

    • timquilts says:

      sometimes I think I have more ideas than time….and it does feel good to actually finish a project…so I think less will be more…If I can only stick to it!

  4. That was so interesting to read about how you soaked the old top and to see the difference in both the colours and the bleeding. Just love your hand stitching project! You are really making great progress on it!

  5. Jeanette says:

    Tim, I see a turned fan. cant be turned right. Near the bottom of the strip. Thanks for the great explanations on the bleeding top.

    • timquilts says:

      I see it too….I went back and checked my layout…and it was turned there when I taped the blocks together….so I pieced it in wrong, because that is how I taped the blocks together, fortunately that one is on the edge and will be easy to fix….and all the rest are correct

  6. Barbara Wells says:

    I can certainly identify with sticking with 2 or 3 projects and finishing them and then moving on. I do well sometimes and then it is like something snaps and I start 4 or 5 new things! Your blog certainly is inspiring me to get back to working on some of my vintage projects again-always loved it but something “snapped” and I got off track. I guess everything in it’s time is motto going forward. Love the latest star quilt! At least I am no longer buying-have a big dresser full waiting!

  7. I want to focus, too! (But I can’t new projects keep calling.)

    I think your Synthropol rescue post is timely (for me) since I was just about to take one of my quilts to be in an exhibit and noticed some bleeding. After a consult with some of my fellow Guild members (the quilt is representing our Guild at the Lowell Quilt Festival), I decided to leave it as it for now…too big a risk of more dye running with the due date the first of August! When I get it back, THEN, I’ll probably try it. Does Synthopol “go” when it gets older?

    • timquilts says:

      I think that is a prudent plan!….you just never know how much dye will run and you don’t want to make matters worse. As to the synthrapol..I believe that it has an unlimited shelf life…so it should not matter if it is older


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