Fan Piecing and stats

I spent some time doing a bit more piecing on the fan top.  I now have 5 rows done and 8 to go

I bought some fabric for the backing at Hancock’s of Paducah for $4.78/yd from the on-line sale section.  I think the blue and white check is perfect.

I think might add a border with the check as well but I will wait until I have it all pieced to decide….but I like the way it looks next to the blocks

I looked at my site stats last night and it really amazes me how may people have taken the time to read my blog.  Here is the summary

13,305 view in July…that is a big increase from July of last year which was 2,061.

Thanks so much for reading!

and the rather disturbing stat is how many spam comments I am getting!….fortunately they don’t ever show up on the blog because the WordPress (my blog service) spam filter picks them off …but look at the graph

1500 spam comments!  that is 3X as many spam as real comments.  I don’t know what the spammers hope to accomplish but I am glad that my blog provider catches them all!

Back to work for me

Happy Quilting


21 thoughts on “Fan Piecing and stats

  1. Karen says:

    I get a lot of spam also – especially the last 3 months or so – like you my wordpress catches most of it, once in awhile one gets through but not many.
    I love this quilt.

  2. Byrd says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Tim. I have a fan quilt rolling around in my head – would love to try that. I don’t get the whole spam thing either. Maybe they should take up quilting instead! Take care, Byrd

  3. Barbara Wells says:

    Love the blue checks-checks always seem to fit right in with different eras of fabric. So glad we are now able to find them again.

  4. Debra says:

    I love your choice of fabric for the backing! I cannot wait to see how this quilt turns out, I think it is gonna be one of my favorites! 🙂 Happy Quilting!

  5. belinda says:

    What a great lay out!! You are soooo smart and crafty creative!!!
    You dun good guy!!!

  6. Jeanette says:

    Your blog is the BEST.
    Cant wait to get it each day….

  7. Chrisanna says:

    Hi Tim,
    I am glad that those spam messages don’t make it into the blog! I am someone who typically doesn’t post comments but i do want you to know how much i enjoy reading your blog . I love to see the progress you make on each quilt and you are always so encouraging.

  8. Sara says:

    It might be that all those people who read your blog are just watching for all those ebay quilts that they were outbid on! 🙂

    (Nice fan quilt progress)

  9. Love to see how the fan quilt is going together. ebay confuses the heck out of me you it’s doubtful I’d ever be bidding against you there. It’s instant information overload, and I find myself saying, “hmm. I can make this…” which, I guess is beside the point. The saddest part, though, is seeing the quilts with squares and other things cut out of them. Hope that doesn’t happen to any of my quilts (at least not until after I’m not around to know any better.)

    (And congrats on your stats. I was just feeling good that more than just my family reads my blog now. I’ve got quite a long way to go.)

    • timquilts says:

      eBay can be a bit of an overload!….and I do find it so sad to see those quilts and tops sold as “cutters” I think I buy so many because I cant stand the thought of them being cut up and ruined….anyway as far as stats go…it took about a year for them to pick up….google searches send a lot of traffic my way but that did not happen until I had lots of posts

  10. Those are amazing stats! You should be very proud of yourself!! You work hard at keeping us all inspired!!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks!…When I started the blog I never imagined that so many people would want to read about my projects….but It is great that they do!…and I really enjoy sharing what I do

  11. Lorij says:

    People who say mean and ugly things are pitiful and I’m glad your company filters spammers. Your doing well and your work is wonderful so, don’t waste time on crazy spammers. Quilt and be happy! Lorij


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