Sometimes I do make new quilts

My main focus is usually vintage and antique quilt blocks and tops that I make into finished quilts, but every once in a while I do make a new quilt.  I recently saw some fabric that I had to buy.  I will make this into a full-sized quilt.

The center of the quilt will be this panel.

this was sold to be a wall hanging

But I will use it as the center of the quilt and build around it with blocks of these fabrics

I will need to spend some time working out a design but that is part of the fun.  I am not a pattern person, I like my quilts to be my own, so I can’t show a picture of what the quilt will look like, but here is one that I made a few years ago with a similar theme.

This one is a smaller (throw sized) quilt.  Hand quilted as always

The new one will be similar, but larger.

I will give some thought to the design in the next few days…and then get to work on the top….this one I will do the piecing on the machine.  updates to follow

Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I do make new quilts

  1. Mike Pearson says:

    I love it! My dad and brother are deer hunters. They would “kill” for this quilt 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    Great quilt for deer lovers. I was admiring Teddy’s collar, did you make it for him, very handsome

    • timquilts says:

      every time he goes to the groomer he gets a new little bandanna…just a square of fabric cut into a triangle and tied on….I dont know where she gets the fabric, but this one is cute


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