Bandannas and Levis

Yes I got another quilt top….and I have no remorse.  This one is so bold!…It is made with bandannas and Levis.

It is 85″ x 102″ and I will hand quilt it.


Teddy was not sure why those bandannas were in the quilt and not around his neck.




He could not sit still for long.

The bandannas look like they were new when the top was made but the jeans were clearly recycled.


The quilting will be simple.  I will keep my eyes out for a backing fabric that goes with the top…something denim looking but lighter weight….or a crazy bold print with lots of colors…I will know it when I see it.

Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “Bandannas and Levis

  1. Barbara Wells says:

    LOVE your new purchase. I was able to see an exhibit of Gees Bend quilts when they were in Tacoma and there was a quilt made out of old levis-they had taken the pockets off and the hems out of the bottoms and used every bit of the fabric. It was wonderful! The variations in the sashing of your quilt reminds me of that one. Looks like a good quilt for the 4th of July fireworks watching.

    • timquilts says:

      I love to see those jeans recycled like that…this will be very much a utility quilt…so fireworks watching is perfect….the colors of the bandannas even look like fireworks

  2. Dolores says:

    Oh gosh, brings me back to days of the hippies.


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