Single Wedding Ring 70’s Quilt top

I have been enjoying hand piecing more than I ever thought that I would.  I had so much fun re-doing the last few fan quilts that I felt like another one was in order.  I didn’t find a fan quilt top that interested me but I did find the start of a single wedding ring quilt top.


I can see why she didn’t finish it, those red pieces were giving her fits, they didn’t fit…at least not flat.

I can envision it finished and I think It could be great…here is one from the quilt index


Mine is much newer….I do have templates for the small pieces


Funny thing to use for a template….a check register


from 1970.

So I can assume that the top was started some time in the 70’s or there about.

I have a few stacks of  pieces


and a few of the large pieces


It doesn’t show in the picture but one of those red circles was sewn in and taken out a few times based on the holes in the edges and the threads let in.

I also have some more rings

They are quite a mix of fabric, cotton, poly, blends, but I think they are great.

They stand out great against the red


It will be a challenge to match that tomato-red fabric exactly, I may need to replace it all (they need to come out anyway to fit them better)

I don’t have enough of the vintage fabric to make a large quilt (48″ x 64″ with what I have)….but I do have lots and lots of mismatched blocks from the same era…I might try to combine them in a creative way….This requires some thought…hmmmmm…I will let you know what I come up with

Happy Quilting



21 thoughts on “Single Wedding Ring 70’s Quilt top

  1. Sara says:

    If we are voting, which we aren’t but I will anyway, get rid of the red! I think it spoils the rings and draws attention away from them, but then again, it is a unique look! 🙂

    • timquilts says:

      Sorry Sara…..I plan to use red…that may not be your favorite….but that is what the original maker wanted, a very bold bright look…and that is what I will do

  2. Barbara Wells says:

    I had no idea there was a single wedding ring pattern. Interesting. I vote with the previous comment-but then I am not a fan of red. I am sure whatever you decide it will be spectacular, even if it is red! ;o)

  3. Gerrie says:

    I bet something along the lines of that small blue check you used on the border or back of—was it the newest fan quilt?—would look interesting in place of the red. Different than the usual, but it would compliment the rings nicely.

  4. Sara says:

    Are you sure you like red? LOL

  5. Vicki says:

    OK, everybody, I think it’s safe to say he’s using red! (LOL!!!)

  6. audrey says:

    Love the stripey look with the red. It was and still is a very bold vintage look and your hand quilting style will only compliment it further!

  7. Cathi says:

    This is going to be fun to watch come to life — and with the red! I think it adds to the quirky charm!

  8. […] I started this project last August and it got put aside for several other things but it came back out today.  Here is the original post about it […]

  9. Heidi Selig says:

    I love this!bold, happy.Yeah you..feel better soon.

  10. Nancy says:

    I’m in the minority (from your commenters above, but I like red. Really, I love red! And I think the red is perfect for this quilt!

  11. Leigh says:

    Hope your recovery is a speedy one. Rock on, Red!


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