Thousand Pyramids Complete

After a few days of fast and furious quilting I finished my thousand pyramids quilt


I am so pleased with the finished product. It washed up nicely and is so soft!

here is the back

I used the backing fabric folded to the front and hand stitched as the binding

As with any antique fabric quilt it is somewhat scary to wash….I did lose some color on the geranium leaf fabric which was red

It is still pretty but somewhat coral colored now.

I feel pretty strongly about washing a quilt.  It might not preserve the fabric in pristine condition, but I believe that a quilt is meant to be used and needs to be washable to do that. I also love the look that washing produces, the texture is unbeatable.

It is not a huge quilt, (67″ x 86″) but it will cover a double bed

It was a lot of work, but well worth it!…there is not one machine stitch in the quilt.  here is how I did it (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


35 thoughts on “Thousand Pyramids Complete

  1. Sara says:

    OUTSTANDING! Crazy good!

  2. Kristen says:

    Very scary original piecing indeed. And the entire process documented for your book. I love this one (oh, is there a Tim Latimer quilt I don’t love?).

  3. antarabesque says:

    Fabulous, Well done on an amazing job!

  4. Your output is just amazing. I am so, so impressed.

  5. Gerrie says:

    Love this quilt… one of my favorites! My birthday is coming up soon 🙂

  6. cmosey says:

    It turned out so nicely! So, now that you’ve used Quilter’s Dream Select, would you use it again? How does it needle?

  7. Louise says:

    It is beautiful!! I love it!

  8. Barbara Wells says:

    Another amazing finish! It is stunning! One down for the book! :o)

  9. Jeanette says:

    I love the combination of fabrics. They are beautiful together. A lovely quilt, Tim. Congrats….

  10. Regan Martin says:

    Congrats on a fantastic finish, Tim! This quilt is beautiful, and I love the puckering from the washing…..I agree…..all bed quilts should be washed……..and loved, and used, and lived with! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ann says:

    I can only echo all the other comments here. It turned out SO beautifully.
    …did you mark the seams when you hand pieced it, or are you able to do it by eye now?

    Really, I am so impressed. Well done!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Ann
      I did no marking…but I can keep a pretty even seam by eye now….and the bar for improvement was pretty low!…on a more complex pattern I think marking the seams would probably be a good idea

  12. audrey says:

    Beautiful! Too bad about losing the color on the geranium fabric as it was an outstanding red in the quilt. I do agree with you about the importance of being able to wash and freely use a quilt though. Lovely, lovely finish. Congrats!

  13. Karen says:

    beautiful – you sure do work fast – it came together really well! I love quilters dream batting

  14. sewfrench says:

    This is outstanding and boy are you a fast quilter! I love the looks of a pyramid quilt. These look big. Cut at 5″ it looks like? I love the simplicity of it.

    • timquilts says:

      yes they are cut at the 5 1/2″ line on the triangle ruler…so pretty big, I have seen them at 1/2 the size and that it a really great look …but I think the simplicity works…and it quilts a lot faster!

  15. Amanda Best says:

    Wow, Tim, you are a marvel! I like all of your quilts, this one is just lovely. Great Work!

  16. Rose Marie says:

    Another gorgeous quilt! Bravo!

  17. […] It is in very good condition compared to the one I finished last year. (see that post here […]


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