Bird quilts and log cabins

I started to work on my log cabin variation antique.  I am doing some simple outline quilting in the pieced blocks, I have not decided what I will do in the red bands, but I will know when I get there. Nothing traditional  or uniform or fussy will do…so I will make something up as I go.

the backing is actually dark gray but the picture looks rather brown

My first quilt was a bird quilt, and I have always been drawn to quilts with embroidered blocks of  birds.

I am working on some small quilts for AAQI with birds that I painted

I have the butterfly finished

I need to get the birds done and get these in the mail.

I recently purchased a group of blocks from the Ruby McKim Bird life/Audubon pattern.  The patterns are available again at the Mckim Studios web site.

The were first published in 1928

There were 24 designs, but I only got 18.  They are very well done and I know they will make the basis for a great quilt.

here are the blocks (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Bird quilts and log cabins

  1. Barbara Wells says:

    I have been a fan of Ruby Short McKim’s work for years. Started by buying the flower blocks in an antique store years ago. Love that Merrily is reintroducing the patterns. Love what you are doing with the log cabin, I was hoping that was next in line-such an interesting setting.

  2. I think McKim also did the Roly-poly Circus Quilt (which I have as a reprint.) She was very talented, and I love those blocks you have! As for the log cabin, that strip down between rows cries out for some kind of cable, I think (if it were me, I’d probably do a feathered cable, but that might be too fussy for the rest of the quilt which is much more rustic!)

    Also love your butterfly block. I think your mini quilts from your paintings will do well for AAQI. Good luck!

  3. Dixie says:

    Love your bird blocks! Have you seen the free blocks on Martha Stewart’s site? I have them all printed, and they were done in blue and white. Just discovered your blog today, and I really love it! Hand quilting rocks!

    • timquilts says:

      the first quilt I made was the martha stewart birds. If you click on the quilt gallery on the right…you can see it there…I did mine in lots of greens….they are great patterns

  4. Cathi says:

    Those Ruby McKim blocks are making me want to get out the embroidery floss and stitch a few! Those birds are fabulous.

    • timquilts says:

      I love embroidered blocks, and love them even more when someone else did them!
      the embroidery in the blocks is so well done and in such a strange contrast to the writing ….some of the blocks even have backward letters…looks like two different people made them


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