Why I Hate to Have My Picture Taken

I have never liked to have my picture taken.  I can’t ever seem to not make a weird face!  I thought that it would make a difference if someone took a candid shot…It might be a picture that represents me better.

Sometimes people will send me pictures when I do a program or a class.  This is me doing a presentation about vintage quilts tops/quilts

I don’t look too goofy….but wait there is more

A student in one of my floral design classes sent me some pictures

Here I am demonstrating a hand-tied bouquet


I love to teach and I get very involved in the flowers


Here is a comparison between 2 different construction methods.

Sometimes I get so involved that I make some pretty  funny faces


I guess the candid shots are not always the most flattering either!  Mostly just goofy!!  But fun!


Sometimes they aren’t as bad as others…but I think overall I still don’t like to have my picture taken.

My next floral design class starts tonight….I wonder if anyone has a camera?







22 thoughts on “Why I Hate to Have My Picture Taken

  1. Very entertaining.. I think Hollywood is calling your name! PS I love your quilts.

  2. Great pictures! You obviously love what you do!!

  3. belinda says:

    Well, the glasses are good……you’re just missing that ponytail!! HA!

  4. hélène says:

    Just forget about the “Paparazzi” 🙂 !!
    I understand, feeling just the same; no pictures please. But when we forget about it, I think it will becoming better (our feelings and the pictures).
    I like the pictures shown!

  5. DakotaEssence says:

    Not goofy to me, just expressive! I love that you DON’T have a poker face, especially teaching. An involved teacher makes for involved students.

  6. Regan Martin says:

    I hate candid shots of me…..I always looked pissed off…..and I never am! But posed shots aren’t much better….I look like I’m trying really hard to look poised! Oh well……guess that’s why I like having the camera in MY hands! :o)

  7. Karen says:

    Tim nice to see you – you are not the only one who doesn’t always take good photos – you should see some of mine!! I always have the most weird expression. My best photos are when I have on big sunglasses and a hat! then I’m all covered up 🙂

  8. Gerrie says:

    My favorite photo of you is the second from last. There’s a rule, you know: When the eyes are closed, the mouth has to be opened! (I look awful in photos. Much worse than you!)

  9. cmosey says:

    Too funny! I hate having my picture taken as well, and am pretty fussy about what photos I’ll let the entire world see. But then if you don’t let people take pictures of you, there will be none to leave the next generations to come. People some day will wonder who that fabulous quilter was named Tim Latimer… and have no photos to remember him by! Some days you just gotta smile and laugh at yourself! Great post, great pics!

  10. Louise says:

    Your pics show you love what you do! I try to stay behind the camera not in front of it. By the way thanks for your tips. My quilt is now basted together and it went unexpectedly well! (you can see it on my blog)

  11. Hi Tim,

    Are you perchance the Tim Latimer who went to Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin in the l950s? From your picture, you look too young to be him, but when I read the “smile” comment it took me back to a card I once got from a young Tim Latimer with that very word at the bottom.
    If you didn’t go to Northland College, perhaps your father did?

    Your dog is adorable and your quilts are fantastic!

    All Best,

    Carolyn Stark Chambers Clark


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