Vintage Log Cabin top

I got another log cabin top…very retro.  It is a big one, 95″ x 110″ and full of fun fabrics.  Individually I think the fabrics are quite garish but viewed all together I think it makes a great quilt top.

Click pictures to enlarge

Happy Quilting


16 thoughts on “Vintage Log Cabin top

  1. antarabesque says:

    That is some crazy log cabin. Some interesting fabrics there. I think it would have made a more pleasing quilt if the lights and darks were separated. I do like the same colour in the middle as the sashing, adds cohesiveness. Another nice aquisition.

  2. myrosesindecember says:

    Unusual setting for LC but should be wonderful when you are done quilting it, since you do such beautiful work. SO glad to see Teddy again.

  3. Regan Martin says:

    I love all the different striped fabrics they used! Fun!

  4. The Frugal Quilter says:

    VERY pretty!
    I am going to watch bonnie’s “Quiltcam” tonight while I sew. I put the link on my blog. It is fun to watch while you are sewing, if you don’t have anything on TV good.
    I love seeing your quilts! This one is so neat.

  5. LoriD says:

    I think Teddy will warm up to it! lol


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