Tree of Temptation Pattern

I recently purchased a vintage  pattern and some fabric for a tree of Temptation quilt.

The pattern was published in 1929 by Capper’s Weekly Quilt Block service.

The first paragraph reads as follows:

I know you remember the “forbidden fruit tree” in the garden of Eden.  This is a block designed to represent that tree.  the original block was designed 85 years ago, and is made up of small, brightly colored pieces which represent the tempting fruit. When I look at this pattern I have visions of one made up in browns and yellows to fit into the color scheme of my room, and I envy you women with the leisure to make your dreams come true.

The pattern was published in 1929 (83 years ago) and they say it was designed 85 years before that…so by my math that makes the pattern 168 years old (designed in 1844).

The pattern came with the templates cut from cardboard

and the printed pattern

and a bag of pieces cut to make the blocks

they are small!

I think that after cutting them out she decided that it might be too much work to finish….there are a lot of pieces in each block!

267 to be exact…and the block finished at 16 inches square.

Here is a pdf of the pattern  Click here tree of temptation

I have not been able to find a finished example of this quilt but I did find a few tree pattern quilts on the quilt index that are similar

these are similar but don’t have nearly as many pieces.

I don’t know if I will ever have the ambition to finish this project that was started so long ago…all those pieces are pretty intimidating.  If I do I think it will need to be a long-term project

for now I am going back to hand quilting

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Tree of Temptation Pattern

  1. Willy Wonky says:

    I’ve got another great tree quilt, which was in “Why Quilts Matter”…will send you a pic if you’d like to see…

  2. antarabesque says:

    Yikes, the Tree of Life pattern is intimidating enough.

  3. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Love your pattern. Wait for a snowstorm. Then there will be time.

    • timquilts says:

      It seems like I could make an entire quilt in the time it would take to make one of these blocks….I figure i need at least 16 to make a a quilt……I think I will need several snow storms!

  4. Yes, snowstorms are wonderful opportunities to focus and learn something difficult or new! That’s how I learned to blog….because we were snow in for 5 days over Xmas 2005 and couldn’t get off island to visit the kids. But by golly I overcame my resistance to learning that software and am so glad I did!


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