Upcycling quilt project underway

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

SO I guess I am Upcycling a vintage table cloth.  I got it layered and basted yesterday and got started on the quilting.  Here are the pictures so far. (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


15 thoughts on “Upcycling quilt project underway

  1. ginny says:

    Well, I’ll be duped .. Who da thunk! Looks great!!

  2. Sara says:

    Looks great!

  3. Angie says:

    Such a neat idea! I love vintage linens but had never thought of doing this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Miriam says:

    What a great idea! Looking beautiful already!

  5. myrosesindecember says:

    Tim, I would never have thought to use a table cloth as part of a quilt but this is just perfect and I love the red and white stitching. Just wonderful!

    • timquilts says:

      thanks…I am glad I decided on the red thread….set it off nicely. for people like me who were children in the 60’s these old tablecloths are full of memories….I think everyone’s Grandmother had a similar one

  6. antarabesque says:

    Fabulous! What a (another) great idea.

  7. […] not finish my Christmas Table cloth quilt yet so I need to start working hard to get that done. (see more here, and […]


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