2 days of Christmas Quilting

Saturday I started my Christmas Quilt/tablecloth upcycling project.  I had the vintage tablecloth from eBay and purchased the fabric and batting on Saturday and got to work. I worked on it Saturday and Sunday and here is what I have so far.

Happy Quilting


13 thoughts on “2 days of Christmas Quilting

  1. Cathi says:

    You are amazing – you get so much done so quickly! Do you have any idea how many hours of quilting you’ve put into that Christmas quilt so far?

  2. quiltmaker1 says:

    I think you must be the first to quilt a tablecloth…do you know of others? I think it’s fun. Will you still use it as a tablecloth now? Put it on the bed – or wall? Not that one needs to DO something with it! Just having it is enough. I have lots of vintage tablecloths but had not thought of quilting one.

  3. Hilda says:

    It is coming along beautifully and your hand quilting is excellent – so even! Great thread colour choice too 🙂 Every Stitch

  4. Loving it! I love the way your are outlining the motifs and what a great idea.

  5. Okay Tim …..that’s it, you really must tell us what secret machine you attach to your fingers to do sooooo much quilting in such a short time!!!
    You are the fastest HAND quilter I know of….WOW. And it is turning out to be a beauty.

  6. antarabesque says:

    That red makes it POP! Excellent choice. It is a beauty.


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