Back to whole cloth

I have been working on the Christmas Table cloth quilt for the last few days.

I am using an 18″ hoop on this one, I have all sizes but for hand held hoops I like 18″ and 14″ because larger than that becomes difficult to hold.

The stitching and needle on this one are hard on the hands (love the look but it is hard work).  So I decided to take a short break for that and get back to some “normal” quilting on the whole cloth quilt.

For this quilt I am using my hoop stand…the hoop is 22″ and I find that to be a good size (every quilter is different so what works for me might not work for you)

My plan for this is to get all of the quilting done that is marked and then I will go back and do a lot more quilting detail.   The feathers will all get a second line of quilting around them, there will be some very tight stippling in the center in the spaces between the feathers, and I will add a lot more lines of quilting in the overall grid bringing the grid to 1/4″ squares.

My reasoning for not doing all that quilting right away is that for me it will be easier to go back and add the more detailed quilting after the quilt is all done with the basic pattern.  all the pins will be gone…the 3 layers will be flat and smooth, and I will be able to get a look at the entire pattern and evaluate then entire quilt to see how I want to make the additions.
Here are some progress pictures (click to enlarge)

I think I will do one more day on this and then go back to the Christmas quilt.  It might be nice to have it done by Thanksgiving.

Happy Quilting


10 thoughts on “Back to whole cloth

  1. Out of curiosity, on the average, how many hours a day do you get to quilt. I ask because you are very prolific, I’m nowhere near you. All tour work is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. You give me encouragement

  2. stjamespcdc says:

    Lovely. 6 hours! I wish. Right now I am going through withdrawl, the sewing machine is getting serviced… AAAARRRGG!

  3. I love hearing about the progress on your quilts! I especially like hearing about the details like the size of thread and needle, kind of batting, etc. You mentioned doing stippling on your whole quilt later in the process. I’ve never heard of a hand quilter doing stippling. Some time could you please speak more on this topic (e.g., what it would look like, do you mark it)? Thank you.

    • timquilts says:

      JoAnne Thanks for reading

      I will be sure to do a full post about stippling when I get there on this quilt….it is a bit different than a machine quilter would do. (but rether time consuming)

  4. Tim, I am currently quilting my peony quilt and I too am doing the outlining and a feathered wreath on the alternate blogs than going back to do the background quilting. I was contemplating doing some stippling in the center of the feathered wreaths. I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I guess one doesn’t know unless one gives it a go. Both of the quilts you are working on are wonderful.

  5. Sharon says:

    What kind of light do you use to be able to see that well at night? I would love to quilt at night ( after all are in bed) but I have trouble with lighting.Any suggestions?


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