New Vintage Quilt top

I got another one!  This one is 72″ x 86″ and is both machine and hand stitched.  I love the colors and the fabrics.  I think this one calls for some very simple hand quilting.  I think this will become a quilt that gets used a lot.  It is not anything super special in age or rarity, but it call my name and said “buy me”  and for $15 I could not say no.

Here are some pictures

I also bought a lot of 8 antique quilt blocks, they are 26″ square.  I just ordered them so they have not arrived yet but here is a preview.


I will do a full post about these blocks and some history about the pattern and what my plan for them is when the blocks arrive…..stay tuned

Meanwhile I am back to work on my whole cloth quilt


Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “New Vintage Quilt top

  1. antarabesque says:

    That will be the perfect ‘throw in the car and take to the lake’ quilt. I like it!

  2. Regan Martin says:

    I love that bricks quilt! It’s got quirky placement of fabrics… fun! And I can’t wait to see all the antique blocks you bought……gorgeous!

    • timquilts says:

      it is quirky placement…and and some of it makes sense and some doesnt and that is a part of the appeal to me….the blocks are so exciting…I cant wait for them to be delivered!!


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