New Quilt top and some quilts for sale

I got another quilt top today.

30’s era, all solid pastel fabrics.  a combination of hand and machine piecing.  it is 67′ x  88′ and it comes from Lancaster County  PA.

I love the simplicity of the roman stripe pattern, and I think I will do simple hand quilting on this one.  it is in great shape with only one area on the border that has a small missing chunk that I can easily work around.

I have also opened a store on Etsy where I will be listing some quilts for sale

color-contrast-full 2010_072607-26-10owinja0002

these two are currently listed and I will be adding more soon.  see my Etsy store here or on click the button on the right side of the page. And keep updated with new items for sale by checking back in the Quilts for Sale page on the right.

Happy Quilting


6 thoughts on “New Quilt top and some quilts for sale

  1. Anne Kasten says:

    beautiful top, tim. lovely colors congratulations on your etsy. I will bookmark it you are very inspiring!

    anne kasten south of san francisco

  2. Good luck with your etsy store. I had trouble attracting the attention of buyers, but that just might be because there is so much competition with other jewelry makers.

    Is that top really called Roman Stripe? I thought it was something Coins and the the Roman Strip was diagonals with a plain HST.

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks! I dont know what to expect but I thought it was worth a try……it is called roman stripe….it is Brackman # 477a….
      Chinese coins #476 is similar but the stripes vary in width.
      there are so many names for some that they become interchangeable

  3. Wow! They are really beautiful! I am interested in knowing how well your etsy store is going to do. I am also thinking of listing some quilts! Would you mind sharing your opinion on why you decided to sell on Etsy?


    • timquilts says:


      In the past I have sold a few quilts on eBay, I have not had any luck recently because eBay buyers want to get a great deal…(I know I do when I buy on eBay)…I can afford to take the risk of starting a quilt out at low price and let bidding happen because there are so many hours involved in hand quilting a quilt….when I start the bidding at a price I can live with I get no activity….If I do a buy it now price the listing cost is very expensive… I thought I would give etsy a try….listing fees are very low …I dont know how much traffic they get but it is worth a try.


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