2012 in review

As the Year draws to a close it is interesting to look back at the year in blogging.

When I compare 2012 to 2011 I am amazed!   Take December for example…2011 I had 3,445 views and 2012 I had 30,000+


I had no Idea when I started the blog that so many people would want to read about what I do.   Thanks to everyone for visiting and Happy New Year to all!!

The WordPress.com  prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 160,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy Quilting


18 thoughts on “2012 in review

  1. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Thank you for sharing and Happy, Happy New Year!

  2. Tim,
    I am just one of those 30,000 views. I am thrilled that I stumbled upon your blog and that I “see” you in other forums as well. I am new to quilting and the work that you do inspires me greatly! I really want to thank you for sharing your art and passion. I hope you have a fantastic 2013. Keep on Quilting. 😀

  3. Sara says:

    I’d rather go to a Tim concert of quilts than a Jay-Z concert anytime!
    Congrats! I’m constantly telling my customers to check out your site!

  4. Regan Martin says:

    Jay-Z who? Now, if the headline read “Tim Latimer gives lecture with trunk show”……Yep….I’d be there! :o)

    • timquilts says:

      I have no Idea who Jay-Z is either, but that it what the word press people who make the report thought people could relate to….they missed the mark
      be that as it may I will be doing some lectures/trunk shows in 2013….I will make up a schedule to post

  5. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    I love your blog, what you have to share and show, and for me, Teddy is a plus! I look forward to following you in 2013.

  6. audrey says:

    You have had an amazing year! It says a lot about you and your work as a hand quilter that your stats have continued to grow so quickly. Thanks for sharing your quilts with us and Happy New Year!

  7. Jeanette says:

    Happy New Year, Tim. Thanks for stimulating me even more in the quilt world. Your artistry is awe inspiring. Your flower arrangements are wonderful and your Christmas trees were so special Best wishes to you for the future.

  8. Lorid says:

    What a fun report! Happy new year Tim! It has been a pleasure seeing all your quilting progress this past year!

  9. Kristen says:

    Phew, I’m still in the top five this year — I thought my getting a job would knock me out of contention. Doesn’t seem all that long ago since I was sending you quilts on eBay to look at and critique, about 30-45 minutes every weekday.. Geesh, the time spent on that probably kept you from producing at least one quilt in 2010 or so. You’ve come a long way, my man; let’s see what happens in 2013. You do need to do a roadshow to meet your fans. I’m sure people will host you in various cities for parties. I have dibs for New York City.

    • timquilts says:

      All that eBay time really helped to make me almost memorize the quilt encyclopedia!….one of the best ways to learn about any subject is to study it a lot!!
      If I am ever in New York you get the first quilt show


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