Quilting Frame learning

I got a quilt on the new frame.  I decided on one of my smaller tops.  I bought this one from Bill Volckening  At Wonkyworld.

It is an early 20th century top, machine pieced, with an interesting variety of fabrics.   It is not totally flat or square so that made it a bit of a challenge to load onto the frame.  The instructions don’t include how to work around irregularities but I think I have that worked out now. Almost all the quilting I do is vintage and antique tops and they are never square or totally  flat so this will be the case with most of the quilts that end up on the frame. you can see that it is not flat in the frame but it will not be a problem to “quilt out” the bumps.

Here are a few pictures of the top. (click to enlarge)

Since the top is very Free-form I decided to do quilting that is also Free-form.  I am doing a Baptist Fan/ elbow quilting, with no marking just quilting as I go by eye.  I only have a bit of it done but now that I started it wont be long before I get carried away and quilt like mad.  I just have to remember to keep working on a few of the others that are started as well!

Anyway here is the start. (click pictures to enlarge)

I will post again about the progress, and the batting, and the thread, and the needles, etc soon, but for now back to work.

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Quilting Frame learning

  1. ann says:

    So enjoy when you describe why you choose one motif over an other and when you mention which batt. Informative website. Always a delight to visit your frequent postings.

  2. Carolyn Black says:

    Do you ever sleep?

  3. Hi Tim, I’ve just discovered your blog. Your work is truly amazing and your whole cloth quilt is just stunning!! I’m signing up so I can see more! Cheers, Meredithe

  4. Hi Tim, Meredithe (Pomegranate and Chintz) sent me the link to your blog and said I HAD to check it out, and to make sure that I scrolled down through your older posts. At first I thought it was because of your rather long list of projects (I’ve just posted a long list of my own), but then I saw your post about pomegranates, and all was explained!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, and will be back! Regards, Anne
    ps, your wholecloth quilt is exquisite!!


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