Now I can get to the real quilting

I finished up the quilting today on the whole cloth quilt.  when I say finished I mean that I finished the quilting that is marked, Now I can go back and start over with the additional quilting I want to add.

The grid will be quilted to a 1/4 inch grid ( I did the center)


The spaces between the feathers in the center will be stippled like this.


There is a lot more quilting to go!!  The one big thing I decided from this quilt is that I will never do another whole clot quilt with a seam….I will buy extra wide fabric….because all I see is the seam….and that drive me nuts!!

be that as it may I still love it .  Here are a bunch of pictures. (click to enlarge)

Happy quilting


26 thoughts on “Now I can get to the real quilting

  1. rose says:

    Wow! Truly gorgeous!

  2. Regan Martin says:

    It’s stunning already! And will be a masterpiece when you’ve finished your detail work! Congrats!

    • timquilts says:

      thanks….I am anxious to finish it….but the detail stuff is going to take a long time, but the bonus is that I dont have any more basing pins in it and I wont have to worry about keeping it flat anymore

  3. Lisa Mikel says:

    It is absolutely beautiful. I continue to be amazed by your talent for hand quilting. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  4. Sara says:


  5. antarabesque says:

    I’m awestruck, beautiful!

  6. Sue Matlock says:

    Beautiful. I understand about the seam, live and learn, but it is/will be gorgeous.

  7. Carolyn Black says:

    It’s just beautiful. I know you’ll never be happy about the seam, but like they say, don’t point out your mistakes, most people will never notice it.

    • timquilts says:

      HAHAHA….good advice
      This quilt is made from a vintage quilt top that I bought….someone had done the marking on it years ago and never got to the quilting….so I plan to blame the seam on someone else!….LOL

  8. I have to echo a comment on a previous post – do you ever sleep! You make me feel positively lazy!! Beautiful hand quilting.

    • timquilts says:

      welllll…..I started this one on Nov 3….so thats 2 months of work so far….or about 240 hours and likely at least that much more to go… its not really very fast for me

  9. There are not even words for how amazing your quilting is! I can’t imagine how you do that tiny stipple – well, I can’t imagine how you do all of it…

  10. Siobhan says:

    Beautiful!!! Congrats on an almost finish…I am still in awe of how fast you quilt!

  11. Cathi says:

    There really is only one word for this — stunning! What a masterpiece this is.

  12. audrey says:

    What a crazy amount of work on this quilt–BEAUTIFUL!


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