Coffee Cups Quilt

The coffee Cups Quilt arrived today.  It is in pretty good shape, and a decent size (67″ x 92″).  I will need to wash it and take off the backing, and give it a really good pressing to get it ready to hand quilt, but the fabrics are all in good shape.  It is a tied quilt.  Each coffee cup has a single red tie in the center to keep the backing in place.  I will need to cut the ties to get the backing off and get it pressed.  I will wash it before I take it apart.  Washing it with the backing attached will keep it from becoming frayed at the seams.

Here are a bunch of pictures (click to enlarge)

I drew up a pattern .  you will need to print out the pattern and then trace each piece, and add 1/4″ seam allowance to the edges of each piece to make templates.


Update 1/26/12 I realized that I made a mistake in the pattern….use this pattern…. coffee-cups-pattern-corrected  the red line on piece E is the correct line to follow. Or you could omit the small triangle pieces at the base of piece C entirely and they would be coffee mugs.

The pattern would make a great table runner, or wall hanging for the kitchen.

Happy Quilting


27 thoughts on “Coffee Cups Quilt

  1. Carla Bynum says:

    i!!! Love it!!! Thanks for the cup pattern!!! I will give it a try!!! I am new to quilting and using a sewing machine!!! In my old age just now getting in to quilting!!! But it is so fun!!! hugs carla

    never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon


  2. Sara says:

    Nice quilt and thanks for the pattern!

  3. Kristen says:

    This is a good one — what’s your estimate on the fabric age/s now? Still ’50-’60s? Fabrics of that era repro of an earlier era? I ask because of those two dark prints and that pink print — the latter doesn’t look like a true double pink but possibly a repro of that…? I like the sashing. It all looks good.

    • timquilts says:

      I feel like it is 50″s, there are a few double pinks in there but they have never really gone out of print , but there are others in there that look like 50″s to me…or even late 40’s…I must admit that the era is harder for me to date than 1850 is…but it is a fun bright quilt…I can see it hanging on a wall in a coffee shop

  4. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Did you get Teddy’s approval prior to purchasing this quilt? I look forward to seeing it after your work your magic on it.

    • timquilts says:

      fortunately Teddy has no interest in looking at the computer so he can’t monitor eBay purchases…he also has never even looked at the Television screen…even when I point out that there is another dog on…even when It is Eddy from Fraiser who reminds me so much of him, only interested in “real” things….he is wise!

  5. Gerrie says:

    Hi Tim. I really like the fabrics in this one! I am just curious… when you take the backing off, will you reuse it?

    • timquilts says:

      I will reuse it….it might not be on this quilt because it is so much easier to quilt when you have a backing fabric that is about 4 inches larger than the finished quilt around all edges, but I will use it for something

  6. tamara says:

    Hi, this pattern just made me thinking about making such quilt for me-it makes you happy to look at all those neat cups in a a row,it makes you feel everything is OK and you smell a cup of coffee……….

  7. jody brock says:

    Hi Tim It’s so nice of you to give out this pattern. It’s a cool quilt, and it’s going to be over the top when you quilt it. Thanks for your blog, it’s inspiring and I’ve learned so much from it. I think Teddy is cool too!

  8. adaisygarden says:

    I must say I missed Teddy! Don’t want it to go to his head but it always makes me smile when he appears in one of the photos 🙂 How kind of you to share the pattern! Thanks so much, and I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun with this quilt!

    • timquilts says:

      teddy was not feeling like having his picture taken….he had is heartworm pill and it always makes him sleepy for a day…Im sure he will want to pose for the next one

  9. Beth Walberg says:

    The coffee cup and saucer quilt is terrific! Definitely grounds for quilting.

  10. Colleen says:

    This one I am really drawn too. Going to have to print the pattern and see about making one myself. Boy you sure find some neat treasures out there. Thanks for sharing


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