Rain Rain Rain

At least it isn’t snow! But it is dark and dreary.  I have not spent a lot of time quilting.  I have been re-writing my notes for tomorrows class.  I will be teaching the principles of floral design and I am always looking for the best way to describe them.

Last week we did a simple Triangle Design in a complimentary color harmony.

2013_0123class-1-23-130005 2013_0123class-1-23-130004

This week we will be making centerpieces.

I did some quilting on the frame with the larger needle.  Here is the #9 Bohin next to the #10 Roxanne that bends and the #11 john James that I use for whole cloth quilting.

progress 1-29-12 003

The # 9 feels like a nail compared to the #11, but it is working fine.  For size comparison the #11 is about 7/8″ long and the #9 is 1 1/8″

progress 1-29-12 002

I thought you might like to see the thumble I use (thimble for the thumb).  I used a copper pipe cap, bent it into a slightly flatter shape (more oval) and lined it with faux suede.  I glue a scrap of fabric to the top to keep the needle from slipping and I replace it or add a new layer every day.

progress 1-29-12 005 progress 1-29-12 006

Teddy Hates the rain!  he refuses to go outside and is in danger of exploding but has gotten used to sitting in a different chair to watch me quilt.

progress 1-29-12 004

do you remember this commercial?  I always think of it when it rains

Happy Quilting


11 thoughts on “Rain Rain Rain

  1. karen says:

    I would rather have snow than rain in the winter time – we are getting rain today and a nice balmy 65 degrees! that of course means severe storms later today I can hear thunder off a ways already.

  2. Cathi says:

    I think we’re having the same weather — we’ve had so much rain that all the snow is now gone, but it’s a very grey, dreary day and the fog is getting thicker by the minute! Great day to be indoors quilting!

  3. Ann Hancock says:

    Our dogs hate the rain too, only if it gets too bad, they don’t explode, they sneak off in a corner somewhere and ….! So I have to put on my raincoat and rubber boots and walk them until they do their bizness.

    What a cute ad, I don’t remember it but I’m glad you shared it. This rain is very dreary- I’m wishing for snow to come back (sorry). The dogs LOVE snow!

  4. antarabesque says:

    Our dogs felt the same way about rain when we lived in the lower Mainland (aka Vancouver). One January it rained 29 days in a row. The dogs would go to the door, all excited for a walk, take one look out the door and then go back to couch. It was depressing. At least Teddy has something to distract him :).

  5. njquilter24 says:

    very clever thimble! took me a while to find the right needle to use for applique and hand quilting that didn’t bend for me. I think it has to do with how we all use different pressures to applique and quilt.


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