Lansing Quilt Block

Yesterday while working on cabinet building I cut my finger.  Nothing serious, just a small cut on the index finger of my left hand, but It keeps starting to bleed when I hand quilt.  I really don’t want to bleed on a white whole cloth quilt so I decided to go back to hand piecing another project for a while.

I wrote about this one a while back.  The block is called ‘Lansing’, and was published in Hearth and Home.


I have an antique block that is the same pattern, but the circle in the center is done in one piece.

lansing block piecing 007

from a piecing perspective it is much easier to do that circle in 1/4’s , here is the one block I made


here is 1/4 of the block from the back

lansing block piecing 006

Now I am doing some cutting of the pieces for more blocks.

lansing block piecing 002 lansing block piecing 004

I  copied the block several times and made  a picture of what it will look like when the blocks are joined


of course in real life the blocks will line up correctly, but you get the idea of what it will look like

I have lots of cutting to do so I will be busy with that for a while, or until I cant take it anymore and have to start hand quilting again.

Happy Quilting


PS  I understand that there is some kind of sporting event on TV tonight …I wonder if anyone will watch it since Sunday Night is Downton Abbey night.

32 thoughts on “Lansing Quilt Block

  1. Sara says:

    Nice block! Hmmmmmm……..Super Bowl commercials vs. DA??? I ordered Season 3 of DA so I’m safe!

    • timquilts says:

      I have season one and 2 but I have to watch each episode as soon as it is on!….the local station re-runs the previous episode before the new one and I watch that one as well….just to be sure I didn’t miss anything

  2. Laura Gottlieb says:

    Lord, Tim, I think you need to buy yourself a new mat!! I kept thinking that my rotary cutting blade was dull until I got a new mat…which made all the difference in the world! As for me, hubby is out of town, so there’s no competition. Downton Abbey it is!

  3. Mary Britton says:

    Am I missing something? I don’t watch Downton Abby, so I guess it will be hubby’s night for TV and the Superbowl. What is DA about?

  4. Mary Margaret says:

    I’ll be with the Crowley family, of course.

  5. Have you tried liquid bandage (New-Skin) on your cut? I keep a bottle in my sewing basket–seems like cuts heal a lot faster when I use it.
    No Super Bowl for me–it’s DA all the way!

  6. Sharon Cratsenburg says:

    Tim, Do you hand piece your block or use the machine?

  7. The Frugal Quilter says:

    I have a TV and a DVR with DirecWay in my sewing room, so I’m COVERED!~ lol I will get my Downton Abbey!~ 🙂
    Hubby has been in front of the TV all day, waiting…

    Pretty block
    Hope your finger heals soon. That is a hard thing to get use to. I am always cutting or bruising myself. I think i have a high tolerance to pain, so I just keep on going and then the next day notice things.

    • timquilts says:

      enjoy DA…and I hope your husband enjoys the super bowl!
      Im sure my finger will be fine in a day or so….I just dont want to risk blood on the quilt…too many hours in it to end up with a stain

  8. Ann Hancock says:

    It’s Downton Abbey for me, of course- and I always watch the previous week again too, since there are always a few subtle things that I miss on the first run through. Poor Sybil!!!

  9. I plan on having the game on tonight, and will quilt while they play. I will be watching the commercials. I have never turned on Downtown Abbey. I have enough shows that I am hooked on, and don’t need to tempt myself with another.

    • timquilts says:

      LOL….I have never watched an entire NFL game….I sometimes watch Michigan State football,but not often…Just like each quilter has different ways of quilting we also have different TV viewing….Enjoy!

  10. Babara says:

    That same thought crossed my mind…it’s Downton Abby and some stitching (knitting tonight) for me!

  11. Byrd says:

    Well, I haven’t stopped weeping after last week’s episode of DA and I can’t of anywhere else I’d rather be tonight, quilt needle in hand. However, the rest of my family will be routing for the 49ers! To each his own! Take care of that finger . . . Byrd

  12. audrey says:

    Thanks for showing the back of your hand pieced block. I keep looking at mine and wondering how little the stitching needs to be and if it matters when I have slightly irregular lengths. Course the front is the important part and it looks fine, but still I wonder.:) Love your Lansing Blocks. The colors are wonderful!

    • timquilts says:

      Mine are never perfect!…some irregularity doesnt bother me at all in the piecing…but perhaps that is because I just see the piecing as a necessary exercise to get to the hand quilting

  13. Gorgeous block and I love your fabrics. Looks so much easier with the full circle appliquéd on – good thinking!!

    • timquilts says:

      the original with the full circle was all pieced….no applique at all… the published pattern had the circle in 4 parts, and it is easier to piece that way, so that is what I am doing…all pieced in 4 parts, no applique….anything with applique would take me 10 times longer …curved piecing is not hard, but I find applique to be very slow and difficult

  14. karen says:

    I’ve been recording Downton Abbey so I can watch it all in one week 🙂 I do believe it is on at both 9 PM and then again later but I need to check the time for sure and if I need to kick Mike to the small tv in the computer room as I can only record on the tv in the living room!

  15. Siobhan says:

    I watched the superbowl an recorded DA so I can watch it in peace and quiet tomorrow….I make a plate of scones, add some butter and jam with a large pot of tea. Great way to spend an hour on a Monday morning!

  16. LoriD says:

    What a fantastic block! I love the colors you are working with too.
    Super bowl beats out the soap opera any day! lol


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