Quilt Storage

First a few updates.

I recently found this quilt backing  on eBay.  I don’t know anything about the company that produced this but it is a nice quality fabric, and  might even use it for a whole cloth quilt top, rather than a backing.

2-7-13 002 2-7-13 001

I said I would post a picture of the flowers from class last night so here it is.

2013_0206horizontal20001 2013_0206horizontal20002

Here are some update pictures of the hand quilted whole cloth quilt…. (click to enlarge)

And now for storage.  One of the easiest ways to store quilts is to put them on a bed.  If you have a spare bed it is perfect.  Here is my “quilt storage bed”

2-7-13 010

and here are some of the quilts that are stored on the bed (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


13 thoughts on “Quilt Storage

  1. Sara says:

    You are right about the bed storage idea, one of our spare beds has 62 quilts o it. Plus a sheet on top of the top one because a certain cat sees that pile of quilts as heaven and can’t resist sleeping on them.

  2. Joana says:

    Love your quilt storage bed–just one goodie after another! I now have two beds that are almost always free, so I have room to do that–right now, they are folded or hanging over a quilt rack. I read something about using pool noodles to roll quilts on (a Georgia quilt show was giving guidelines on how these would be accepted). Interesting, but where would you keep the noodles?

  3. Pam Gardner says:

    good storage and I have done it but it makes me sad to cover them up-sometimes I wonder why I have so many? I try to rotate- leaving them out to look at……but time slips by and they don’t get seen often enough

  4. Now I’m feeling deprived, as I only have three quilts on the guest bed! One tip I was given years ago is that when you fold quilts, fold them right side out, so that you don’t get sharp creases on the right side of the quilt.

  5. Now you need to put a pea under them and find a princess and see if she notices!! Lovely quilts Tim.

  6. A beautiful eclectic array of quilts, Tim. Thanks for the viewing! I like to “store” my quilts that way too. Woe betide when someone comes to stay in the summer!


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