Dick & Jane Quilt Finished

I finished the Dick and Jane quilt today.  It is washed and out of the dryer.  I like the crinkled look that the shrinkage of the batting gives a quilt.  To me a quilt is not finished until it is washed.  I also tend to get quilts pretty dirty when I am working on them…they get dragged around a lot in the hoop.  So here are some pictures of the finished quilt. (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


16 thoughts on “Dick & Jane Quilt Finished

  1. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Awesome job, as usual! You must never sleep. I can’t believe all the quilting you get done. You are an inspiration. Please give Teddy a hug for me.

  2. Cathi says:

    It is wonderful! What a happy quilt — made me smile the second I looked at the pictures. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly you got this done!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Cathi!
      It surprised me how fast it went as well! but machine piecing the whole thing only took a few hours, and the quilting is pretty simple…I think I might need to make more crib quilts because it makes me feel so productive!

  3. Sara says:

    Bravo! One down, 600 to go! Progress!

  4. The Frugal Quilter says:

    Yes, that is my favorite part also!~ The puckering/ antiquing effect.
    Great work and so FAST!~

  5. Kristen says:

    Looks great, Tim. How did Teddy like the Westminster Dog Show?

  6. Ken true says:

    Hello Tim,
    I agree about the washed quilt philosophy. I have several antique ( circa 1860 – 80’s ) quilts which have never been washed. They’re bleeders in the reds and I have tested all colors . Do you know of a conservator who can properly wash them… Or can you offer any advice ? Thanks for you quilt postings and descriptions.

    • timquilts says:

      The bleeding reds are always the problem in the antiques. I myself use synthrapol in the wash. http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/2127-AA.shtml…but there is no way to guarantee that all the red wont wash out. the synthropol will keep the dye from migrating into t he other fabrics, but it wont keep the dye from washing out. I am sure there are places to get them professionally cleaned, but I have not tried to find any myself.

  7. Salley says:

    Great to see DIck and Jane and Sally and Tim and Spot finished. Love the crinkly look (a bit like this salley)

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