Melon Patch Block

I am working on a new project…why do I do this?….I couldn’t wait to try out the idea.   The block is based on the melon patch block.

melon patch 2

It is a pretty neat pattern when the blocks are joined together

melon patch

I wanted to find a pattern to use the pile of shirts that I posted about yesterday

whole cloth progress 002

I think the pattern would be great done scrappy ( all blocks different)  so I made a pattern

melon patch 007 melon patch 006

the corner piece I glued to cardboard and cut out to make a template.  The melon piece I will make photocopies of and use them to do some piecing.

I wanted the quilt to be extra scrappy so I am making each melon with 2 different fabrics by paper piecing them.  I cut out the melon paper and sewed on scraps of the 2 fabrics.  I used a small stitch length so the paper becomes perforated and easy to remove.  Here is the piece before trimming

melon patch 001

and the back

melon patch 002


melon patch 003

remove the paper

melon patch 004


melon patch 005

now add the corner pieces

First mark the center of each piece…here I have that marked in pink chalk.

melon patch 008

pin them at the center point and then pin out to the edges

melon patch 009

sew together with 1/4 inch seam

melon patch 010

then press it open and repeat for the other side.

melon patch 011

Since they are larger pieces the curves are easy to sew by machine.  the fabric is different to sew.  Since it is cut from used shirts it is very soft and not at all like new fabric, the plaids are flannel.

melon patch 012

that is 2 done…118 to go.

Happy Quilting


21 thoughts on “Melon Patch Block

  1. antarabesque says:

    Another great idea! The perfect way to use up those shirts. I like that you are using alternating fabric for the ‘eye’ shaped pieces. Was that also to facilitate more usable fabric from each of the shirts? It’s going to look fabulous, and saturated with memory.

  2. audrey says:

    That looks great! Good way to repurpose your shirts.:)

  3. Annette says:

    Yesterday I cut 90 off-white fleece blocks to do an appliqué version of melon patch using flannel on top. After seeing your start, I may restart that project some day with different backgrounds. I think I will now use the fleece blocks that I cut to put flannel snowflakes on instead and use a button hole stitch by hand. I love hand work. I am glad I saw your start before I got too far.

  4. DAVID LAMB says:

    Dude, It’s going to be a long journey so keep your focus and stay out of quilt shops or other ideas will crowd it out and take priority. Rock on and good courage, David

    Sent from my iPhone

    • timquilts says:

      Its a loosing battle….but once I get a start and see how it is going to work I usually dont have to keep going till its done….and then I can get back to other projects….

  5. Sara says:

    Awesome beginning, but you know Sally is waiting……

  6. Sanae says:

    Your new project looks great, and I can not wait to see update pictures!

  7. Phyllis O'Connor says:


  8. Phyllis O'Connor says:

    Tim, Do you follow Wanda Hanson at ? She is making this block in a similar way, in flannel. Both yours & hers look great (and tempting).

  9. Cathi says:

    I love these! Such a great way to repurpose your shirts and end up with a one-of-a-kind quilt that will be such fun to look at and pick out the different shirts you’ve used in it!

  10. brigite says:

    I Love it. Thanks for the step by step tuto.


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