Teddy Is a Celebrity

I have been meaning to post this since September, and Teddy has been reminding me about it.  Teddy and his quilt were in Issue #3 of Quilters’ Digest.


Quilters’ Digest is a full-color newspaper which is dedicated to informing, entertaining and inspiring quilting hobbyists.

Each issue features:
• information on new books, tools and fabric
• quick tips & hints and Q&A’s
• columns by industry professionals
• photos of our readers’ projects
• quilting hints from our readers
• photos and information about a readers workshop
• other information that makes quilting easier, more fun and more rewarding

Quilters’ Digest is published four times a year (February, May, September and November). Issue #5 is NOW available. Quilters’ Digest is only available through retail quilting supply stores.

Here are the stores where the Quilters’ Digest is available

Back Issues here

Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “Teddy Is a Celebrity

  1. Sara says:

    Bark out loud! I just hope Teddy can stay grounded with this news!

  2. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Thanks for the info. I will be seeking out an issue from the Marshall House. I had no idea this publication existed. Again, one cannot hug too much – hug to Teddy:-)

  3. Kristen says:

    Two paws up! I only hope that Teddy takes a moment to give appropriate credit to Team Teddy.

    • timquilts says:

      LOL….Teddy is just his normal self….he is the ruler of his domain…but he allows me to do some quilting in his house

      • Kristen says:

        It’s very big of him to allow his entourage to quilt so that he can inspect and then stand in the foreground of all photos.

  4. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Please tell Teddy that he is a ‘CUTIE PATUTIE’. I like to see his antics.

  5. antarabesque says:

    Way to go Teddy! I hope your ‘dad’ can manage two outstanding individuals in the same house ;)!

  6. […] Do you remember the post about Teddy being a celebrity? (see it here) […]


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