I have ADQD

I have Attention Deficit Quilting Disorder (ADQD).  I had the vintage fan blocks out the other day and took a few pictures and I couldn’t stop thinking about them…Teddy is looking at me like I am crazy.

3-5-13 030

Perhaps I will just press them…

fan blocks 001

but they look so incomplete…perhaps I should make a pattern for the missing piece


I know I will need to make about 40 and I have the fabric so I might as well cut them now…


I cut them all and I didn’t check to make sure they fit….I better pin a few just to be sure…

fan blocks 002

they look like they will be fine but I better sew a few just to be sure…

fan blocks 003

OK so I did 4…Now I can’t help it, I have to sew them together…

fan blocks 004

not bad…they finish at 20″ square so they will make up into a good sized full quilt.  Now I am pretty sure that I wont be able to do any other quilting until I get some more of these done and get the sashing set…that is unless another quilty object distracts me!

Happy Quilting


28 thoughts on “I have ADQD

  1. Sara says:

    It is a sickness, but what great results come of this type of sickness! LOVE those blocks! Keep going, I want to see the end of this one!

  2. Gerrie says:

    Hahaha! Yes, I would say you have the disorder! Can’t wait to see it come together.

  3. Cathi says:

    You may have ADQD, but look at the gorgeous quilts you make as a result! You still get way more done than most, imo.
    This one is going to be really fun to watch come together!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Cathi….I guess it makes life more interesting to have variety….and so I quilt with lots of variety!….but they do eventually get finished….but what happens is a have a long period of not finishing anything and then a period where I finish one every few weeks

  4. Claudette Booker says:

    Yep, my ADQD kicked in last week and I am obsessed with getting a Dear Jane quilt started. I have traced the patterns and cut out the print fabrics for Row A and am currently tracing Row B while I wait for my local quilt shop to get in a bolt of the fabric I want to use for my background. We won’t discuss the other projects that just got pushed to the back while I go full force on DJ.

  5. Sharon Cratsenburg says:

    Having a variety of projects doesn’t let you get bored. Your work is wonderful. I have a top my aunt gave me of dresdan plates sewn on a sheet. I’ve taken them off and want to put them into a quilt. Any suggestions?

    • timquilts says:

      I think it was a good idea to get them off of a sheet (to hard to quilt) I think I would applique them to muslin squares and then add a coordinating sashing with a reproduction fabric to coordinate

  6. Kathleen Campbell says:

    You are FUNNY today and I understand! Enjoy!

  7. audrey says:

    Ain’t it fun? lol I really, really like these fan blocks. I can see why they’re irresistible.

  8. ginny says:

    You are soooo funny!!! Of course you couldnt put them down once you got started!!!! We call that “Out the back door”…There is a story behind that name, i will tell you one day….Your Buddy in ADQD!!! Ginny

  9. I think we all have ADQD! It;s just too much fun starting something new….

  10. terryknott says:

    OK. . .you got me. . .I just laughed and chuckled over every word and every photo of your post today. Gosh. . .I’m right there with you!! Although, I don’t hand quilt and I don’t finish nearly as many projects as you. . .BUT, I get into each and every one of my projects with a I’ll just try one. . . .hours later I figure I’d better get to bed before the sun beats me up!!!! 🙂 Love reading your blog posts!

  11. jamee says:

    yup, thats how the cookie crumbles!

  12. njquilter24 says:

    YUP I agree you have ventured into the quiltmaking world…happens to the all of us! I just saw a little quilt on a blog I might have to whip up today, no it wasn’t in the plan I should be appliquéing but when inspiration hits go with it! Your blocks look wonderful and I can’t wait for them to be a top and hand quilted they will be perfect!


  13. […] I just have to work until it is done.  I started playing with these vintage fan blocks on […]

  14. SO glad I’m not the only one who suffers from this disorder! Thanks for the laugh, Tim.

  15. PS Meant to say – they look great!!


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