Trapunto Video

As Promised here is a video of how I a doing the trapunto on the whole cloth quilt.  I am using Bulky 5 (at least that is what the packaging says ) Roving Yarn and a very large needle.  They sell Trapunto needles but they basically are just really big needles so I am using one I bought in the Upholstery section of the store…they use them for tufting buttons.

I think you can see in the video what I am doing.  The needle goes in from the back and you want it to be between the backing fabric and the batting (this makes the front side smoother)  I go in one side of the area to be stuffed and out the other, cut off the yarn…and then pull the tails in , sometimes it is harder than others but the needle works to get the tails inside the layers.  as I add more yarn I try to align the yarns and push them into place with my thumb. Keep going until the area is filled.  there will be some visible little holes in the backing fabric…these will close up once the quilt is washed.

Here is the video.

Happy Quilting


84 thoughts on “Trapunto Video

  1. Judy says:

    Thanks Tim, is that a special needle you are using and what is the wool called?. The Melbourne quilt expo is on here soon I’ll see if I can find the necessaries.

    • timquilts says:

      I am using Bulky 5 (at least that is what the packaging says ) Roving Yarn and a very large needle. They sell Trapunto needles but they basically are just really big needles so I am using one I bought in the Upholstery section of the store…they use them for tufting buttons.

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks Tim, btw, tell Teddy he did a great job with the camera.

  3. Cathi says:

    Great video. It really does take the mystery out of trapunto. Teddy is a fabulous cameraman!

      • rose m.appel says:

        wonderful demo,I love that you doubled the yarn. Im doing a quilt now and been using just the one strand. A lightbulb just went off,lol why I didnt think of it ? very nice. Im using a 20 tapestry needle and the roving yarn from martha steward , all wool .I hand quilted the quilt using a wool batting so wanted same materials so it will wash and handle the same .
        thank you again ..

      • timquilts says:

        thanks for watching!…..glad you liked it and I hope your project works out….sounds like it will be beautiful!!

  4. quiltsalott says:

    What an excellent video, it’s so much easier to understand when it’s visual. I’m doing one the same way but I do like the trapunto needle because it has a blunt end like a tapestry needle and so won’t pierce the fabric threads. I’m pleasantly surprised by how the batik works on the back.
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing something I do, after cutting the thread at the top, I give a little gentle stretch with my fingers at the top and bottom of the feather at the same time and the yarn often just pops in. Sometimes I also scoop it in with the needle from the bottom hole and that sweeping motion really helps scoop the yarn back in.
    Thanks again for such a wonderful video.

    • timquilts says:

      I do the same….but as is usual things done always work as well on video….but I do find that most often I can pull on both ends of the feather and the ends pop in…I didnt know that the trapunto needle has a blunt end…I might need to get one to try! thanks for that info…the only trapunto needle I have seen is in a picture so I assumed they were the same…..I am always so impressed with your work!!

  5. Annette in NC, USA says:

    excellent video, makes me want to do another whole cloth and this time with trapunto. Thanks!

  6. Regan Martin says:

    Awesome video, Tim! I think I could give this a try now! And you and Teddy were so quiet during the filming…..I kept waiting for some commentary…..from either of you! lol

  7. David says:

    Very nice work! Much attention to detail! Thx for sharing

  8. Great video!~ I would not have known this, otherwise. Thank you, I’m curious, and you might have mentioned… I’ve been on retreat and behind… The stuffing “yarn”. Where do you get this and what is it called? Or is it something you have “made” from a batting?

    • timquilts says:

      I am using Bulky 5 (at least that is what the packaging says ) Roving Yarn from JoAnne fabrics…..I should take a picture of the package and post that next time

  9. njquilter24 says:

    thanks for this video it was fun and informative to watch.
    I am such a visual learner so thank you , someday I may just want to attempt this!

  10. cmosey says:

    Excellent job, Tim! Now I just need to go find a needle and the yarn and give it a try. On to more videos now that you’ve gotten your feet wet!

  11. rafael's mum says:

    Thanks for the video Tim, so helpful to see it being done. I haven’t done a wholecloth yet but have been interested for a while. Give Teddy regards from my personal quilt inspector Rafael. Don’t they do a wonderful job?

  12. Sharon Snow says:

    Does it bunch up after washing or not?

    • timquilts says:

      I washed my small sample quilt and there was no problem with it bunching up…..This is the first full sized quilt I am doing with this method so I don’t know for sure how it will wash up, time will tell….but I am afraid that it will be quilt a while before I get to that point…I still have lots of hand quilting to do and so much more stuffing before I get to the end!…..

  13. Chris W -Knoxville says:

    You are going into the backing and staying under the inside batting….correct? So the stuffing is between the batting and the back side of the quilt. Does the batting inside hold back on the trapunto effect on the front of the quilt? Are you using the same hole at the start of each insertion of yarn?

    • timquilts says:

      The needle goes into the backing but not through the batting…this way front the front side there is a top layer…followed by the batting…then the yarn…then the batting…..having the batting on top of the yarn on the front side makes for a smoother finish on the front (hope that makes sense) I do use the same insertion point a few times…but I do a few different spots as needed to get the entire area filled

  14. STEPHANIE says:

    That was so interesting – especially about where the yarn is put between the layers. There is nothing quite like actually seeing something being done. Thank you.
    (I was also wondering whether the quilt inspector would join in.)

  15. STEPHANIE says:

    p.s. Please could you put a link to the video like you have for the hand quilting? I shall definitely want to refer to this again (and I’m sure others will too) and it can be quite tricky to go back thro the blog historically – if you see what I mean.

  16. This feels like a foolish question, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. If you are working with a colored fabric would you still use a white yarn for the trapunto work, or would you try to match the yarn color to the fabric color? Thanks.

    • timquilts says:

      Good question….I think I would try to match the yarn to the fabric…..but on the next one I think I am going to use dark yarn and white fabric….that way the dark will shadow through….hopefully it will look cool…..I think I will do a small test first……but normally you would want to match it

  17. Hilda says:

    Hi Tim,
    This is a great demo – thanks for making the video. Just letting you know that I have put a link to this on my blogpost at – just mentioning your video as a great resource for hand trapunto. Love your work and am so sorry that arthritis now prevents me hand quilting.
    All the best

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks! Your lily quilt is looking great….I hope that the trapunto work for you! sorry that you can’t hand quilt anymore but glad that has not sopped you from quilting 🙂

  18. Karen says:

    This is a wonderful video. It is very clear what needs to be done. Thanks for making this and sharing. I feel a need to try this. I believe that tapestry needles ( i think they are called) have blunt ends as well. I use these for needlepoint and sewing up my knitting projects.

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  20. […] I finished all the hand quilting  on the whole cloth quilt.  I am now ready to add the binding and do all the trapunto (see this for trapunto demo: […]

  21. Nicole says:

    Such an education – thank you! How much yarn do you anticipate using by the time you are done the quilt? (which is a queen? double?)

  22. Judy Fletcher says:

    Thanks for the trapunto demo. Love the look of trapunto, but haven’t attempted it yet. You made it look doable. I’m anxious to give this a try. I admire your work..

  23. […] Last night I added the last of the trapunto.  To see how I do trapunto see here ( […]

  24. Shanon Yawkey says:

    Beautiful work, and a very helpful video. I’ve done one miniature whole cloth and one lap size whole cloth. I’d like to try one with trapunto next.

  25. Judy says:

    Tim that was a mammoth effort, and it’s beautiful. I did a small Boutis project using the same technique but without the batting , and got fed up with it quickly, would rather be quilting than stuffing from the back!!
    Have you seen the way Cynthia Kendal did hers? The photos are self explanatory and are on her FB page, it’s my intention to try that one day . It’s a method many machine quilters use but she has adapted it to do by hand…….☺️

  26. Robin says:

    Great video and wonderful results. It looks like you are doing a medical procedure!

  27. Paula says:

    Have you tried layering cotton or wool batting and basting to the top, then cutting away the excess before you quilt? I find this technique takes a lot less time than filling with a needle and roving. I do use needle and roving for smaller areas.

    • timquilts says:

      that method doesn’t fill it nearly as much as what I do….I want it to be very full….it would take 9 layers of batting to get anywhere near as full , and it just cant give the same look

  28. Great video, Tim! And, now that you know there’s sound, please do describe what your doing next time. I have one question: what sort of backing fabric do you use? It looks like a batik, but don’t they tend to be high thread count fabric? Marvelous quilt!

  29. […] I am in love with the quilt and am so sorry it took me SO LONG to finish it.   My thanks to Tim Latimer whose beautiful hand quilting and exquisite trapunto inspired me to complete this.  Please visit […]

  30. Thanks for sharing this video; I stopped by because I saw your 321 Quilt at the Lancaster AQS show and loved it!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks!…glad you liked it…and really glad you liked the 321 Quilt!! that was so much fun to make, because of the freedom to just do it…no pattern to follow…

  31. […] If you want to see how I did the Trapunto I did a short Video here  […]

  32. susan says:

    Oh my gosh Tim!!!!! I am on FB checking posts on CHQ.
    Decided to look for whole quilt patterns on Google – did a search and on the right side was you Reindeer quilt!!!!
    Another indication that you have hit the big time….Love Love Love this.

  33. Sandy Ruffino says:

    Interesting, I never would have thought of doing it this way. Where do you buy the roving yarn?

  34. Lynette says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am working on a Quintuple Irish Chain and putting a Celtic Trinity Knot in the blank space that is just not popping.

  35. Janice says:

    Thanks for posting this great demo! I was wondering: does the wool roving shrink up at all when the quilt is washed?

  36. jenny says:

    Very clever ! I doubt many women know how this look used to be achieved !

  37. jenny says:

    I can see you are a very content person and this is quite a art that is of a person who finds pleasure and peace among ones self and creating a master piece !

  38. Cathy says:

    Thank you for the demo. It’s very helpful. Your an amazing quilter.

  39. missouristar says:

    Tim – woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep pondering how to add trapunto to a quilt I’m working on. I remembered seeing your finished quilt and searched for this video. Thank you so much for posting it! It takes a lot of the mystery out of the process and I can’t wait to try it on my quilt!

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