I don’t have a quilt specific to Easter.  I have over 200 vintage quilt tops and none really fit the Easter category.   One of the patterns that is often thought of as Easter related is called “Crown of Thorns”.  The problem is that more than one pattern has that name.

crown of thorns

Well It doesn’t matter because I don’t have any quilts or quilt tops in any of these patterns.

Another pattern for Easter is called Hozannah or Palm leaf



It is on my to do some day list but I don’t have one yet.

I do have something that I bought a year or two ago, that I find very inspiring.  A Pysanka – Ukrainian Easter Egg.  The beautiful design would make a great quilt pattern! here is the information that the artist included with the egg.

Easter-2013 015

Easter-2013 014

and here is the egg

Easter-2013 011 Easter-2013 012

It amazes me to see that detail all done with wax and dye.

Easter eggs always remind me of tulips.  Here in Michigan I am a long way from Having Tulips in the garden but I have a vase full of cut tulips.

Easter-2013 004

Cut tulips are so fun to watch.  Tulips are one of the few flowers that continue to grow after they have been cut.  sometimes they will grow as much as 4 inches after they are cut.   They also bend and move a lot.   Tulips are not the thing to use in a very formal design because they don’t stay put!….they bend and grow and in different directions throughout the day.   They will all bend toward the light, but they will also bend in reaction to gravity.  Tulips display geotropism: The directional growth of an organism in response to gravity. Roots display positive geotropism when they grow downwards, while shoots display negative geotropism when they grow upwards. Also called gravitropism.  When tulips grow they naturally grow upright.   When they are cut for commercial sale usually 10 stems are banded together in a bunch.  The bunch is then wrapped in a plastic sleeve and 20 bunches are placed in a box..the bunches are now lying flat,  and are shipped to the flower markets. They might be in the box for several days before they are opened.  All this time they are lying on their sides, they don’t like that, they want to be upright and they try to bend up even in the box, when the boxes  are opened and the tulips placed upright in water the stems often look like they are curving to one side (in the box that side was the upright position).  so when they go into a vase at first they might look like this.


the initial outward curve of the stems was the stems attempt to bend upright, and once in the upright position they are curved.   in a day or two they will bend back upright.


but they might also be bending at the same time toward a light source like mine are doing today.

tulip-light 001

It is a lot of fun to watch them grow and bend and change. Here are some more pictures, because I can never just take one! (click to enlarge)

Happy Easter


36 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I love the egg. I can see beautiful quilting and applique designs coming from the pattern on it. The tulips in my garden are just starting to poke thru the soil. I can’t wait for spring to arrive in earnest.

  2. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Beautiful tulips and color. But I was hoping to see Teddy?? Will you be hiding a little doggy Easter basket for him?

    • timquilts says:

      LOL….he will not be getting an Easter basket…because he would chew it up…he doesn’t chew on anything that isn’t his…but if I give him a basket it becomes his and therefore fair game for chewing up. so his treats will be basketless…and then he will hide them himself….he spends lots of time hiding his toys and then re hiding them and checking on them to be sure they are still there, and then hiding them again…..but he always seems to put them in places that arent well hidden at all….like in the hall in front of the bathroom door….or under the ironing board..anywhere I might step on them

  3. Babara says:

    Thanks for the tulip information. Often with store bought tulips, I have a situation where they never open, just remain in bud form. So I passed on them today even though they were beautiful. Any suggestions?

    • timquilts says:

      hmmmm…that has not happened to me before….a few things might do it ….tulips are picky about the water they are in, the do not live in softened water, so if you have a water softener you would need to find a a source of un-softened water for the tulips. Tulips don’t need flower food so it the store gives you one of those packets of food to mix i the water save it for a different kind of flower, re-cut the stems with a sharp knife and change the water in the vase every few days…
      hope that helps

  4. Sue says:

    Lovely post, Tim! I one day would like to make a Crown of Thorns quilt, especially since to me, Easter is about the Resurrection of Christ. I love that pattern. I loved the quilt of the Hozannah/Palm Leaf. That one is quite stunning.

    Thank you for all the tulip information. I just love tulips growing in the garden. The make me smile 🙂

  5. Kitty Hettinger, Holt, MI says:

    I really enjoyed your comments about tulips. I hope you do this often. Beautiful egg too.

  6. audrey says:

    Great Easter egg and I love the tulips. Some day I really want to make it over to the Tulip Festival on the other side of the mountains from where I live. The pictures alone are breathtaking!

    • timquilts says:

      I have never been to a tulip festival either but the look of flower beds packed full of tulips is so very impressive! I can never grow that many in my little garden

  7. The Frugal Quilter says:

    Oh my goodness!~ i always learn so much from your posts. I have noticed this about Tulips, but I didn’t know the particulars. I love your egg. I have an egg I bought in Paris and treasure it. It is painted using the wax…
    You will do an Easter quilt. I think those 30’s, 40’s, 50’s that are in pastels with the flowers are very Spring and Easter looking.
    But, your ideas are so classical and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you make one day.
    Happy Easter!~

  8. njquilter24 says:

    Happy Easter to you….love that egg! did you see on THE CHEW they made dyed eggs using silk ties I was in awe! the patterns were incredible…http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/blogs/Craft-Corner/Egg-Dyes-Clinton-Craft-Corner

  9. Regan Martin says:

    What a great post! I never knew that about tulips! Thanks for the info! And on the egg…..about 10 years ago, my neighbor asked me to be the helper in the 5/6 grade class, where she was teaching them to wax/dye Ukranian eggs! It was so much fun, and the technique is not as hard as it looks. Of course, your egg is a masterpiece, where ours were a lot more ‘humble’! I came away with my own egg…..with very quilty designs. I keep it in my china cabinet, and haven’t thought of it for years until just now! Thanks!

    • timquilts says:

      wonderful!….how fun to be able to make one of them yourself!…and great that it was shared with kids….some day I will have to try to do it myself
      Happy Easter!

  10. jody brock says:

    Thanks for your post and all the info about tulips. A friend once told me to put a copper penny in the water of a vase of tulips and it would make them stand up tall. It worked, do you think it had anything to do with the penny or were they going to stand up anyway? (It was fun to think that it did!) Teddy is just the cutest!

    • timquilts says:

      the penny, unfortunately, just sat in the water, the tulips do the work on their own thanks to gravity. but the good news is you get a clean penny
      Teddy says thank you!

  11. Kristen says:

    I’m around Russian and Poles all day and today I stopped by the Polish butchers’ — so I’ve been seeing a lot of pysanky recently. You are so right that the patterns are very quilty — I had never made the connection before, but it is so obvious and brilliant. Would take some master piecing, but…well, that’s not an issue for you.

    • Kristen says:

      Oh, and I do so love the Palm pattern — especially your example (from the Quilt Index, yes?). And arrangements of those blocks can make such strikingly different, as well as just striking, quilts. Remember the one in the Red & White show?

    • timquilts says:

      I am not nearly as good at piecing as I am at quilting….but some day I would like to give it a try…I just need a realllllly big piece of paper to draw a pattern

      • Kristen says:

        Hey, I think you would master it in a short time — just a matter of application. I mean, considering all the less gifted piecer projects we saw at the AQS… But I do understand how the allure of your vintage/antique tops keeps you away from it.

  12. Stella says:

    A number of years ago I would meet weekly with a group of ladies and we would do Pysanky. It was so ooooo much fun to come up with our own designs,but we did the traditional designs following patterns.
    lot of work and patience!

    • timquilts says:

      I am envious…I would love to learn the technique!…. it is a traditional art form that needs to be preserved like hand quilting, I would hate to see either become a lost art

  13. antarabesque says:

    The Ukrainian/Polish Easter eggs would make awesome quilts, I hadn’t made the link either. I think I will though, copying patterns from my mother-in-law’s collection.

  14. Such a lovely combination of beautiful photos in this post, Tim!


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